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Self-publish at Speed of Thought
by Wayne Perkins & Tom Hua (December 2001)
Best Selling Title from

Learn how to self-publish your thoughts and your eBooks with the best selling eBook author and self-publisher

This eBook will walk you step by step through writing your first eBook and then present free resources and marketing plans that will allow you to market your eBooks using the same free resources that helped the author publish 3 eBook bestsellers and two print on demand best selling title at


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Your eBook Daily Marketing Plan! 
by Wayne Perkins & Tom Hua 
(December 2001)
Best Selling Title from

This is a detailed daily eBook Marketing Plan designed for a period of four weeks to help you to market your eBooks on-line.

Perform just 3 marketing activities per day and you will begin to see the best possible results within 60 days or less. 


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A Cheap And Easy Guide to Self-publishing eBooks 
by Wayne Perkins & Tom Hua (December 2000)
Best Selling Title from

This eBook is a complete guide that teaches step by step instruction on how to publish your eBooks.

It includes where to find the most up-to date marketing information, how to sell eBooks without "talking and selling" anyone.

This eBook includes many marketing techniques that require no marketing budget.

It also teaches you how to negotiate eBook publishing contracts from your computer at home.


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eBay Marketing 2001
by (September 2001)
The Latest eBay Marketing Course

Receiving over 1.5 billion page views per month, eBay is the ULTIMATE venue for selling virtually any goods and making huge profits with almost no effort. eBbay Marketing 2001 provides easy to understand and detailed instructions for maximizing your profits with selling strategies that are PROVEN WINNERS.

This information will make you 1000's on eBay. Although this book was based on eBay auctions, the overall information will work for ALL online auctions. The Author is going to pass on the SECRET SELLING TECHNIQUES that he uses each and every day to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars selling his products on internet auctions.


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Classified Ad Secrets 2001
by (September 2001)
The Latest Classifieds eBook

Classifieds are the best dollar-for-dollar return in advertising!  However writing successful classified ads is an ART and should not be taken lightly.  This latest eBook  will show you the secrets to writing and making money with "order-pulling" classified ad. It also comes with ...
Free Bonus # 1
- A complete State-By-State list of classified ad sources where you can advertise your ad all over North America at very low prices.
Free Bonus # 2 - Classified Ad Blaster - Using free software and our easy-to-use interface you can submit your classified ad to hundreds of online ad sites in minutes. Our Classified Ad Blaster is the fastest way to post your classified ad online.


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Credit Secrets 2001  
by (February 2001)
The Latest Credit eBook

This E-Book is JAM PACKED with EXCELLENT information that would be useful to anyone - not just those with bad credit!  These are the very same CREDIT SECRETS that CELEBRITIES use!  It's LEGAL and best of all, the process is FREE! Plus what's EVEN BETTER are the techniques to improve your credit rating WITHOUT losing any good credit items that you may have the way you would by opening an entirely new file. EITHER come out a WINNER in the credit game!


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Wholesale Sources 2001  
by (February 2001)
The Latest Wholesale sources eBook

This is the Most Useful Wholesale Source Guide Ever Put Together... Save up to 90% on over 1,000,000 top quality brand-name products. You will have access to thousands of wholesale sources internationally where you can find Computers, Jewelry, Electronics, Household Goods, Sporting Goods, Clothing ... ...

Get low wholesale prices directly from Wholesalers, Distributors, Vendors, and Liquidators.  Eliminate the middleman! This guide is perfect for entrepreneurs that do business on the Internet, mail order, flea markets, or simply want to buy products for themselves at wholesale prices.


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The Ultimate eLibrary  

Here you will find 5,000+ Free eBooks, Reports, Software, Free Services, Free Web Space, Free Games, Free Screen Savers, Free eCards, Free Chat Rooms ... and many other useful resources.

There are so many info products you will be able to download. Some of the download files will generate hundreds of files and reports. We advise you that you choose what you need then download and try them as you go.


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The Internet Marketers Secret Guide  

Tired of reading eBooks full of resell links?

In this down to earth eBook, there is No Reseller Links. No paid endorsements but Only the Best Resources! Based on the years of research on the Internet, only the quality resources have been hand picked and included in this eBook. Now you can use exactly what the experts are currently using to market your business on line without wasting your valuable time to find them. 


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eBook Cover Templates
by Quentin Brown & Tom Hua

More than 120 eBook cover and Software box templates ready for you to add wording and graphics. Now you can create images for your information products in just minutes. Use the images for your self or sell them to the others, even just to sell the Templates. Whatever you choose to do. You keep every cent you make.


  How to write Killer Ads!

If you're going to be advertising, you better know how to write a killer ad!

This eBook reveals the key factors in creating ads that pull in the orders!

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How to Publish your own ezine. Follow this step by step formula for creating your own mailing lists and ezine.

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This book details the 7 major secrets on getting traffic to your website. A Great Read!
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Writing "good sales letters" is key to online success. Follow these practical steps, and you'll soon be writing sales copy like a pro!

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Believe it or not, Advertising is a science, this book explores the science of advertising and the time tested proven methods used by 100's of successful marketers.


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This book will enlighten you with little known techniques that REALLY bring in sales. You'll be amazed at the results by implementing these simple techniques.


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This software teaches you how to write a classified ad, along with expert advise in using composition, and ad tactics.

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