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Here are the files you may download now:

1) eZineBlaster.exe - this is the Free Ad System Software
All of bonus eBooks can be downloaded from within the sofwtare

2) Website.exe - this file contains the complete "turn key" website, graphics, and instructions. This is a self extracting ZIP file.

How to open the self extracting ZIP file

1) After you download the file "Website.exe", go to the directory where you saved this file.

2) Double click on the file "Website.exe" (If you forgot where you saved this file, click your windows START button, then choose "Find" to locate the file Website.exe on your computer)

3) The following box will appear:

4) Click on UnZip, the following box will appear:

5) Click "OK" on the small window, then click CLOSE on the larger window.

All of the files needed are now in your C:\ezineblaster\website directory.

Go to the "C:\ezineblaster\website" directory on your hard drive, and double click on the file :

"Custom_version_instructions.html" <<< or click this link to launch it now.

Follow the steps listed there to upload the website to your server.