Your resale rights

You have full master reseller rights to resell this product from your website, or in any other matter you choose providing the retail price is at least US$24.95. ($27.95 is the suggested selling price, we've been selling at this price with great success.)
You may not give away the software away, re-package it with other offers, or offer it as a free bonus or giveaway with other items.
This product MUST be sold as a stand alone product only.
How to edit the website, and start making sales

All of the files needed should now in your C:\ezineblaster\website directory.

If you're a webmaster and are familiar with editing HTML, and uploading to your Web host--just unzip the eZineBlaster package, edit the index page with your company name, email address, and change the pay link to your online credit card processor. Upload the index page and all the files into the same directory.
You're ready for sales!
If you're a newbie
the instructions and training required to edit HTML, Create hyperlinks, and set up an online billing system goes far beyond the scope of this document.
To resell this product, You will need to do one of the following:

A) learn the basics of how to edit a web page and upload to your Web host
B) hire a webmaster to do this for you
hire us to set you up for a nominal fee (most publishers don't even offer this option, WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED, we will help you.)
Implementing a billing system
To fulfill your orders you will need a billing system. and are the fastest, cheapest way to start accepting credit cards online. We actually prefer as there is NO Charge to start accepting credit cards.
Goto or
Once you have an account, you can read thru the instructions on their site on how to set up for credit cards.
To help simplify the process with clickbank, we've arranged for this free guide to help you...
Working with ClickBank



If you need help setting up your website or billing system, we can help you. We offer these services for a nominal fee, click here for more...

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