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"Success leaves clues, and anyone involved in marketing
online will walk away with a new perspective..."

"Louis, I don't know how you do it! You masterfully interviewed five top internet marketers and got them to share preciously valuable and specific details on how they attained their successes. Truly inspiring insider information.

Success leaves clues, and anyone involved in marketing online will walk away with a new perspective... as well as new ideas they can implement immediately.

I have to admit, I would have been very pleased with just one interview, but as usual, you've outdone yourself with five!

A must-have for my library. Bravo!"

- Mark Idzik


From: Louis Allport
Friday, 8:14 pm

Dear Internet Friend,

This one simple fact can make you a fortune:

Information sells.

Okay, okay ... I know it's been said many times before. But it really is that important.

And here's the best bit -- by selling information online your profit margins go WAY up.

But do you really know how to make money online selling information? There's so much advice out there telling you how to do this ... and a lot of it is just plain wrong!

Listen to the wrong people and you'll never have a profitable business (and probably lose hundreds of dollars finding that out).

But listen to the right people, apply their advice, and watch your bank balance skyrocket ...

Who's Telling The Truth Online?

Here's the skinny ...

I recently spent six hours grilling five marketers who sell information online (and make very high monthly profits) about exactly how they do it.

And here's the best bit -- they answered ALL my questions in gruesome detail!

And here's why you should listen to what they have to say -- Two reasons...

One -- I've followed their advice, and if it was BS I would have lost hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars by now. I haven't. In fact their advice has helped me to consistently grow my online information business.

Two -- You'll recognize at least one or two of these names I'm sure of it. And then you'll know why you should be listening to them. (The fact that you know the names proves their marketing power.)

Devour Every Word ...

And I'm making the transcripts for these six hours of marketing consultancy available to you.

Why would I do that when it creates more competition for me?

Well actually it doesn't ... the net is so huge (and growing every day) there's plenty of room for all of us to have successful businesses...

Introducing Your Marketing Mentors ...

Adam Katz is a former professional dog-trainer who took this very niche knowledge and turned it a into highly profitable online info-business.

Ben Prater is a software developer who put his software building wealth-cycle into an ebook and in his first month made $18,000 in PROFIT selling it!

Joe Vitale ... I'm guessing you recognize that name. But in case you don't Joe is a marketing consultant, copywriter, and author who has sold as many as 800 eBooks in one day! Yes -- you read that right. How's that for daily income?

Ron Ruiz is a former aerial photographer who turned his knowledge in the business into an information product that sells for over $400 and brings in $6,000 a month from a one page web site!

Yanik Silver is another name I'm sure you already know. With just one ebook, Yanik has pulled in over $250,000 in two years! And that was only his very first product...

Spend six hours with these marketing wizards and discover ...

  • It doesn't matter where you're starting from ... if you're determined you can build a hugely profitable information business online quickly. Don't believe me? Well, Yanik made $1,500 in only his first month online (and he didn't know anything about HTML when he started).

  • Discover how to turn your hobby into a goldmine.

  • There's only about two or three marketing 'gurus' these info-publishers all recommend. Discover who they are ... and if you're serious about your business you'll devour every word they publish.

  • One simple change to his sales letter boosted Adam's sales by 25%. And no -- he didn't touch the headline! Apply this tactic to boost your profits too ...

  • Know when to roll your info-product out BIG? Discover the tell-tale signs ...

  • There is one characteristic that all online successes have. Discover what it is ... and if you don't already have it -- develop it! (it's not hard)

  • How to raise the price of your product without slowing down sales. The story of how Adam raised his price and immediately boosted his income by 400% will really amaze you!

  • How to reduce your refunds to less than one percent ... when 5% is normal!

  • Why NOT guaranteeing your customers satisfaction 100% can actually increase your sales. I know -- it sounds crazy, but changing his guarantee increased sales for Adam ... and it can do the same for you too! (If you know how to do it the right way.)

  • Discover why the "Thud Factor" is so important.

  • Solving your customer's worries can make you a fortune. Discover the guaranteed way to find out exactly what's bothering them.

  • The free way to test info-product ideas ... without even writing a word!

  • There's one type of customer you really should have NO interest in. Know who it is?

  • One question you must be able to answer with a "Yes" before you even spend a second creating a product.

  • Discover how Adam turns $15 in $400 every month ... 99% on auto-pilot. How's that for residual income?

  • How to create high value products in just a few days ... that your customers will LOVE.

  • How running a forum can boost your sales ... and the kind of posters you really have to watch out for!

  • How to cheaply advertise your web site offline ... and make a lot more money. This will surprise you...

  • How to easily spot a market with a huge profit potential before your competitors do!

  • What Microsoft's multi-billion dollar wealth cycle can teach you about making money.

  • How Ben developed a best-selling product and had it on the market in less than two months.

  • Why 'perfection' can lose you money.

  • This little-used marketing tactic created so much excitement about his product, it made Ben $18,000 in profit his very first month! Why more people aren't doing this I'll never know ...

  • The easiest way to automate your affiliate program.

  • How to find, approach and work with joint venture partners that can make you thousands in sales and turn you into an internet megastar almost overnight!

  • This simple technique pretty much made Ben's affiliates forget about all their other programs and start promoting his like crazy!

  • How to automate your sales and marketing.

  • How Ben easily recruits and manages an affiliate force that make him thousands every single month.

  • The easiest way to learn copywriting.

  • How to automatically get powerful testimonials for your web site

  • Shatter your comfort zone for massive profits.

  • How Joe sold an eBook that was less than 15 pages long ... for $195!

  • How to build up a content site, flood it with traffic, and turn it into an info-product goldmine ...

  • How Joe sold 800 copies of an ebook in one day (without lifting a finger).

  • Three proven steps to a wildly popular (and profitable) ezine. Hardly anyone is doing this ... storm ahead of your competition!

  • If you're going to copy anyone, copy a multimillionaire. Joe reveals exactly how Mark Joyner tests sales letters for maximum profits.

  • Two tactics to creating best-selling product ideas.

  • How to get a tidal wave of free publicity for your product or web site.

  • Discover the 'magic number' of ezine subscribers it's said you can retire on.

  • Read about the membership site that charges $5,000 per year for access

  • Even if it starts to be a success, one type of web site can waste you time and money. Ron reveals what it is.

  • How to create a best-selling product with someone you never meet!

  • How to put together offline joint ventures for BIG profits online.

  • Listen to how one company successfully sells an info-product for $10,000!

  • Discover the rarely-spoken truths about membership sites.

  • Are you one of the many web site owners leaving massive profits on the table? Discover how to cash in easily on income which is right under your nose...

  • Listen how Yanik made $1,500 his first month online.

  • Use this marketing secret to position your info-product to make many more sales. Simple. Proven. And overlooked by most.

  • How Yanik sells over 400 copies of just one info-product every single month.

  • Where you should submit articles for big profits

  • With an affiliate force of 8,000+ Yanik really knows what he's talking about ... listen to how he's building his affiliate program to one of the top five on the net! Following his lead could be worth a fortune to you ...

The Reviews Are In ...

Just before releasing this eBook, I sent out review copies to online marketers I knew for honest feedback. Well, I'm happy to say what came back was very positive. Have a read:

"Hi Louis ... You never cease to amaze me. I hope people realize that this is no typical ebook. In fact it's 5 ebooks in one. And the guys in this book are some of the biggest names in the industry - Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver, Ben Prater, Adam Katz & Ron Ruiz.

Well... I've said it before Louis and I have to say it again, you certainly know how to over-deliver."

- Allan Wilson

"Louis ... Thank you for a look inside the minds of some of today's top internet marketers.

It's like having them sitting at the same table "coaching" me in my on line business. Just one of the ideas has created a breakthrough in my business that was right in front of me but I hadn't seen before."

- George Chapin

"I would like to say that this is the best Info Product that I've been able to
find on the web. It has many of the “Secrets” necessary to be successful
in the Info Product business. The people are knowledgeable and helpful in
every way imaginable.

I have bought and studied Info-Products by some of the biggest names online since I started looking for an internet business but I have to say that this is the best!

They take you every step of the way through the process of starting a successful Info Product business, marketing your Info Products, choosing the best guarantee, running a successful ezine, why and how to run a forum, etc…

So, if you want to be successful from an Info Product business and willing to
invest your time to learn from this 50,000+ words eBook, you should give this
eBook serious consideration."

- Brian Nguyen

"Joe's 3 strategies for publishing a successful newsletter are so simple, yet so powerful. I'm putting them to use right away.

And Ron's discussion on membership sites just blew my mind. Imagine charging $5,000 -- per member! I read it over and over again. Powerful stuff."

- Jerry Yeo

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S Kumar & Louis Allport

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The full six-hours of marketing transcripts with Adam Katz, Ben Prater, Joe Vitale, Ron Ruiz & Yanik Silver ... who all run extremely profitable internet-publishing businesses ... and show you how you can too!

And you also get full reprint rights to everything here, so you can start profiting immediately!

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P.P.S. I sent a review copy of this eBook to Jim Cockrum ... and this is how he replied:

"Louis - Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I am enjoying Info-Product Marketing Secrets Exposed!

The way you got Yanik and Joe to open up about their businesses was priceless... I really enjoyed reading the interviews. Joe's ideas on newsletter subscribers is worth the price of the book... I can't wait to read the rest of it after I finish this note!

No matter how much success I have I'll always make time to check out your latest work. I get great ideas every time!"


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