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Step 1:

In order to read the e-books and watch the videos, you're going to need two free programs. Most people already have these programs on their computers...but if you don't have them don't worry. They're free!

Program #1: WinZip. WinZip allows you to download files that are in .zip format. Almost everyone who has ever downloaded anything has downloaded a .zip file at one time or another. If you don't have WinZip (or any other unzipping utility) you can get it free here: Be sure to download the free evaluation version.

Program #2: Windows Media Player. All of your videos are in .wmf format which requires some type of Windows media player on your computer. I think you'll get the best results from the free Windows Media Player available from Microsoft. You can sign-up for it and download it at Microsoft's web site:

(note: if your computer doesn't support Windows Media Player, you can use Real Player located at

Step 2:

Only after you have downloaded these two programs should you proceed.

Once you've downloaded and installed WinZip and Windows Media Player, it's time to download your videos.

You need to watch your videos FIRST ...and only then should you download the rest of your programs.

Here's why: When you're downloading your web sites, you'll most likely have questions such as, "How do I edit my web sites so they display my contact information?", "How do I set up my ordering system?", and "How do I publish my web pages to the Internet?".

Your videos will answer all of these questions and show you how to get set up as quickly and easily as possible...without any hassles!

So, unless you're an experienced web master and computer user, please go to the video section and download them before doing anything else.

Click here for the video section now.

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