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Here Is How You Can Guarantee a Stampede
of Customers Will Be Putting Their Hard Earned
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"Discover The Amazing Money Making Secrets Of A Crazy Undercover Internet Marketing Guru And How He Will Take You By The Hand And Show You How You Can Easily Turn One Simple Idea Into A Cash Generating Wealth Machine?"

In A Few Minutes , You Can Start Generating Amazing Streams Of Income Day After Day, Month After Month, And Year After Year.  Income Streams So Powerful You Won't Be Able To Prevent People From Buying Your Products And Services Even If You Stopped Advertising Them All Together!

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!- Now With 27
Audio Series Course
+ PDF File -!

Allen Says' "Secret Tactics" for creating wealth - Revealed for the first time in his amazing new easy to follow course were he will take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through the amazing process of creating massive sales and profits by duplicating the outstanding results of the most successful Internet marketers that are using these strategies everyday to create long term, 24/7 income streams for years on total autopilot!

"This isn't some fluff and hype filled e-book loaded with tiny nuggets of information like most Internet Marketing "How-To" products you run across seemingly on a daily basis. This is a no-nonsense first class material.

"Allen Says is a highly successful and internationally famous Internet marketing "insider" has laid it all on the table with this outstanding course.

"In this must have course Allen has stripped away the half truths shared by most of his competitors and reveals to you the most secretive and powerful strategies that he has been harboring for well over a decade and used himself on a daily basis to build a mega-successful online business."

"Private Posts by Allen Says is one product where I can offer a 100% money back guarantee with the full confidence that NOT a single buyer will ask for a refund after reading this and hearing the 27-Part Audio Course. Period.

S. Kumar

"Generating $8,700 Per Month"

"Allen, I purchased Instant Guru Blog Private Posts Volume I simply for the low price. After I read the first 2 articles, I was hooked.

Then, reading Instant Guru Blog Private Posts Volume I from cover to cover 3 times now, I’m convinced that this is the single best marketing resource I’ve read. I say this because just 1 strategy from your book is well on its way to generating $10,000 per month (currently at $8700). I plan on launching another site based on this strategy within 2 weeks.

Thank you for your honesty and insight -- it’s refreshing in today's world."

Keith Baxter



Be sure of one thing !

This is definitely something you have not been privileged enough to get your hands on before. This will let you crawl inside the head of one of the most successful marketers to ever sell on the Internet and understand how he creates and develops amazing and in demand products that sell like crazy!

You are about to discover how the most successful marketers on the Internet barely lift a finger to generate their best selling products and services that keeps the cash flowing into their pocket books month after month, year after year and how they are doing almost completely on autopilot!

These successful people are doing it everyday and they are really barely doing anything at all. Everything is being done by other people and yet they continually create one great product after another without even breaking a sweat.

Who's Allen Says?

He is not only one of the greatest marketing minds to ever set foot on earth, but he's also the creator and owner of some of the most successful websites that sell on the Internet including web hosting at, the world famous Internet marketing, a complete ad tracking system, and hundreds of other sites that have introduced and assisted hundreds of thousands of normal everyday people like me and you create and build successful Internet based businesses.

He has also been the subject of many of the most sought after books on Internet Marketing ever written including the International Best Seller "Money and Power" by Bryan Kumar .

His marketing strategies and techniques are not only some of the most unique and success creating on the planet but, they have changed peoples lives beyond lining their pockets with money. (Click here to find out what just a handful of them say about Allen Says).

As the proud owner of Private Posts: Volume I, you will have the opportunity to follow his simple step-by-step instructions that come complete with real world examples, that will allow you to generate more product and service sales and profits then ever before no matter what experience level is.

You will learn to...
  • Quickly and easily target products and services that are in demand and will make you the most money.  You will also be able identify products and services that no one will want even if you paid them to take it off your hands so you can avoid them.  This strategy is filled with ruthless facts that alone could make you a millionaire!
  • How to make people take action and buy now. This amazing strategy will "never" stop working no matter how many people may use it.
  • How to stand out and make waves on the Internet. Every product and service you release after learning this technique will create such a huge "buzz" people will think you just invented electricity!

    It doesn't matter if everybody and their mother is offering the same product or service. Your products and services will stand out above the competition and leave them scrambling to find your angle as you easily steal their sales ,their profits, and their most devoted long term customers.
  • How to leverage the time and money of others to guarantee you make money -- and lot's of it!  Once you apply this marketing method to your business you will never turn back as it is proven to be one hundred times more profitable then any other strategy in existence!
  • Take advantage of the most underused and powerful tactic of all.  You will learn one of Allen's Secret Weapons that always outperforms any other type of sales copy he has written.

    Learn how Allen writes as little as 3 paragraphs of text that results in hundreds of sales to happen immediately!
  • Come up with millionaire ideas, literally one after the other.
  • Take advantage of a little known secret among the Internet marketing Elite that will allow your Internet business to continue to grow and make you rich for years to come.
  • Use Allen's forum to triple the selling power of your sales letters!
  • Listen to all of the above 27 techniques in Neat, Crispy, Seductive Audio Series as a special bonus!

... And much more!

Within minutes of reading Allen's manual and listening to the audio series, ou will be shown exactly how to take his explosive strategies and put them into place on your OWN site.  This manual is jam packed with case studies of regular everyday folks like you and me who are using the techniques he is outlining in the course as you read this, absolutely nothing is left to the imagination!

You are about to learn the exact strategies used to do this, so keep reading!


From: S. Kumar

Re: The Most Useful Manual That I Have Read Recently...


Infuse Time Tested Ways To Improve Your Online Sales -  Today!


Dear Marketer ,

Imagine yourself running a successful Internet business.  A business where no matter what products or services you decided to sell, your customers would seek them out and buy within minutes of you releasing them to the public.

A business where online marketers just like you would be begging you for the opportunity to market your products and services for you.

A business where you would be making $30,000... $50,000... even $100,000 or more each year!

If you were in fact running a successful Internet business, would it change your life in any significant way?

Just imagine for a moment that doing just that was in fact possible.

Imagine that some crazy Internet marketing guru invented an enormous list of failure proof strategies that have continually generated mass wealth for the people using them and have been proven to work by not only himself, but also by hundreds of others that he has granted limited access to the information.

If you have always imagined yourself running a business like I have just described...

...  Then this may be the most important letter you have ever read.

Because on the following web page, I'm going to show you how ANYONE can have a wildly profitable Internet business -- even if today was the first time you have ever sat in front of a computer screen!

And this isn't for just the new kid on the block!

It is Allen Says of the Warrior Group talking! He is usually withdrawn and secretive. But when he talks, 99.99% of the people who has any online business worth calling its name sit up and listens!

If you are already a seasoned Internet marketer I will show you how you can increase your sales and profits from 200% to even as much as 1000%  -- by following Allen's simple and proven system to selling anything on the Internet.

You're About To Realize , Like Thousands of Others, The True Power That Allen Says' Type of Marketing Has To Offer You, Regardless of Your Current Situation!

"I've Listed So Many Things That I MUST Do Before I Read Any More of Your Idea Packed Pages..."
"Hi Allen, I have NEVER done this before; but if I don't write to you now I just won't have the time to congratulate you on your "Private Posts" idea.

You see I only got as far as page 2 of the Private Posts... I found myself furiously scribbling action points on my "To Do" lists. I've listed so many things that I MUST do before I read any more of your idea packed pages or I'll simply explode!

I'd like to give you something back: Put up the price! So many ideas and actions and so little time... I must get on."

Thanks Allen.

John Taylor


You are uniquely positioned to learn the newest insider discoveries currently only known by top Internet marketers!  Information that will show you how to...

How to unearth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars hidden right in front of you nose!

Create the income you'll always need to live comfortably for the rest of your life!

Learn how to profit from Internet marketing without having to create a single unique product. Forget pay per click, banner ads and Google Adwords; you're about to discover the real Internet marketing secrets that have been reserved for the ultra-successful - until now!

Forget worrying endlessly about the current economy - you're about to learn how to profit regardless of the current economic conditions.

And more. And still more...

At this point, you're probably thinking, "OK, OK; what the heck is this marketing course that's making people wealthy beyond their wildest dreams?" Well, here it is...

Introducing One of the Internet's Most Closely Guarded Secrets...

It's called Cut Throat Tactics On The Fast Track to Wealth, Private Posts: Volume I by Allen Says.

Basically Allen has created amazing marketing strategies that allow you to grab your share of the billions of dollars in unspent money that Internet sellers leave in the pockets of their prospects and customers every day, month, and year.

According to recent statistics, businesses in the United States a lone are only tapping into about 14% of the expendable income of current Internet users!

What Exactly Does All This Mean To You ?

Simple.  Internet users are practically begging people like you and me to take this expendable income off of their hands right now!  Not only that, but by utilizing Allen's strategies you are absolutely guaranteeing a return on your investment!  You read that right - I guarantee you will make a profit. Period.

The beauty of his system is that you are not actually going to be doing a lot of work - what you will be doing is capitalizing on the work others have already done for you. 

"That means you will never have to deal with new product brain storming, market testing or anything else associated with making your own products that you know will make a profit.

All these things have already been done for you and Allen is going to show you how to plug-in to the system with your own product that will sell hot cakes!

"I Am Gob Smacked."

I have only been through 30 pages of your 'Private Posts Volume 1' and I am gob smacked.

Your down to earth style of writing has always impressed me and you have this knack for giving volumes of value in so few words.

Each Private Post is only a few paragraphs BUT in each post, you expose valuable and thought provoking ideas and concepts that are a must read for any serious Internet Marketer.

Congratulations Allen for a job well done.

Terry Jones

"OK, ...If This Is So Great...Why Haven't I Heard of This Before?"

Very simple -

There really isn't any incentive to show you these secrets. Think about it; the only good coming out of sharing these secrets with you is that you are going to make money.

And that money is coming out of the pool that top marketers have not been able to siphon all of the money out of yet, so why would they bother showing you?

The successful marketers have already been doing this for years; now it's your turn to get started and get your fair share!

The key is recognizing an opportunity as big as this one is instantly, and then acting on it even quicker!

Here are some more examples of the secrets you're about to uncover...

How to become a master of seduction with your sales letters.  You will learn how to draw in the masses by creating amazing sales letters that convey your message so powerfully the reader won't be able to keep their credit card from flying out of their wallet.

How to become the "Authority" on any subject.  Sit back and enjoy as people from all over the world seek you out for recommendations on products and services in your niche markets.

The Self-Perpetuating Income Formula.  You will never be the victim of slowing down sales and profits.  All of your products and services will continue to grow on their own even long after your focus shifts to new and exciting projects.

And much, much more.

"Now You Can Enter The Insider's Club of Internet Marketing And Never Again Find Yourself Worrying About Paying Your Bills On-Time Because You Will Always Know That Your Income Will Be Multiplying Every Day, Month, And Year!"

Also, forget about those expensive, weekend seminars that teach you absolutely nothing while banging out heavy sales pitches to buy their products that include false promises about how they will explode your sales and profits.

"...  This is Gold."

Hi Allen,  Anyone who wants to tap into the money-making pulse of the Internet has only got to listen to what you have to say...

Your ability to encompass an entire library of new marketing wisdom in just a single sentence is truly phenomenal, and I'm not saying this as hype.

I've learned a lot from you and "Private Posts Vol I" has again blazed new trails with the powerful information it reveals!

Just applying the teachings in 'Tabloids And Affiliate Programs' or 'Master Of Seduction' for instance can kick start fortunes for those who ACT...this is gold.


Ewen Chia


Forget about buying some hot new traffic generation software that doesn't have a chance in hell ever to make any money...  except to the slick marketer it!  You've heard all this B.S. before and you know as well as I do that's not the way it least in the real world!

Allen Says' Private Posts: Volume I is probably the least risky, highest return guaranteed investment the Internet has to offer - period.

Allen is going to reveal some of the most elite information only known before to his personal friends and top Internet marketers, right to you today!

You're probably thinking this sounds good and all, but it's going to cost thousands of dollars, like all other programs of this caliber usually cost.

Considering the powerhouse marketing techniques and insider "for-your-eyes-only" data revealed about product creation, sales copy creation, and advertising, a price that high would be more than fair.

Take a look around and see how much other products like this are going for; you won't be able to find one under $197 and in those they won't even reveal half of the information Allen is giving you in this course!

For this one-time test, I'm going to give away all of this information for . . .

Only $197! $149!

A 100% Risk-Free $27!

Does that sound like a lot of money to pay for this stuff?

You should know that even if you could find out all of this information on your own, it would take you thousands of hours and most certainly would cost you a small fortune - that's assuming that anyone would even share these secrets with you - which would be impossible because some of these secrets were only known previously be Allen Says' himself!

"Now Wait a Minute," You Might Be Thinking Right Now. "Why In The World Would You Be Offering To Give Me All of Allen's Expertise, Insider Secrets And Cutting-Edge Internet Marketing Strategies That Others Pay Hundreds For, For Only $27?" "

Because – I want recognition!  It's that simple. Allen has already helped thousands of everyday people like you and me earn hundreds of thousands of dollars...  which is amazing in itself, but this year he wants to create Millionaires!

Imagine what that would bring my business...  I'd have Internet marketers beating down the door!  In other words, I help you make money…  you help me get the word out…  it's that simple!

Not only that, but I’m going to offer you a…

"This Information Will Double Even Triple My Sales!"

"The information you reveal in just these two chapters "How to make people take action", and "How to standout and make waves on the Internet" will help any online marketer make money.

I am going to use these tactics in an upcoming project and I believe this information alone will double even triple my sales.

Thank you for offering this powerful information.

Gary Killops

100% Better Than Risk-Free,   No-Questions-Asked Guarantee!

If for any reason during the first 90 days after your purchase you decide that you just don't like this product,  I will refund 100% of your money.

Listen - I'm not interested in taking you up as a customer if you're not 100% thrilled and excited to learn what this course is teaching.

If I can't help you make a better life for yourself, then I don't deserve to have you as a customer!

I will treat you the way I wish people would have treated me in the beginning - with gracious trust and the benefit of the doubt.

You do not need to give me a reason for returning the material; your word is good enough for me.

The worst thing that can happen is that you will get access to one of the most cutting-edge Internet marketing products offered to the general public on the planet at no charge.

The best thing is that you will end up taking one idea and turn it into a fortune, and buy me a new Ferrari!  (Just kidding, you don't have to buy me a car.)

All of this for an amazingly low price of $27!

I am sure you will agree with me when I say that this is without a doubt the most powerful investment for any price that you will make for your business this year!

But don't take my word for it just look at what some of our customers are saying...

"A Plethora Of Money Making Ideas and Insights"

"I just want to compliment you on your brilliant work

I received a plethora of money making ideas and insights from reading your ebook 'Guru Blog Private Posts Volume I'.

Although all of the ideas contained in the e-book are capable of making you large sums of money, one in particular caught my attention.  I am in the process of taking this idea and look forward to generating a substantial income from it.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I've read volumes of money making books and strategies but none of them even come close to matching the information contained in Guru Blog Private Posts Volume I.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

— William Arguelles

"You Make Marketing Simple"

"Allen,  I loved your volume 1.  I have already put a couple of your ideas to use.

The best thing about the way you write is that you make marketing simple. You always find the easiest and quickest ways to do things. I'll let you know in the future how well I did with these ideas. But it will take me a while as you have given so much good advice."

— Roger Haeske

"We Are On Track To Pull In Around $22,000 The First Month."

“Gosh darn you Allen Says!

First of all, you write “Money And Power”, which I took one idea from and created a $30,000 a month business working after hours and weekends.

Now you write this Private Posts Volume I, which of course I devoured at one sitting.  Using a couple of ideas from it, I launched a website on April 5, 2005 and here it is only 16 days later, and we are on track to pull in around $22,000 the first month.

Plus we already have clients in Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, Portugal, Switzerland, and even the country of Brunei!

But the idea on page 2 will add about $152,000 a year to the bottom line, the one on page 4 about $123,000, page 5 and 6 about $53,000, page 8 about $28,000, pages 26 and 27 will add an estimated $342,000 a year to the bottom line, and I could go on and on.

How the heck am I supposed to sleep at night?"

— J. Daryl Thompson

"...  Will Have You Pumping Out Money Making Ideas Like Never Before.."

"I'm sure Allen will get loads of Testimonials.

I started reading tonight and finished in one session - not like many e-books that I have never got into.  It is 49 pages of great wisdom and I am sure to people who read and apply it will bring in floods of cash.

For example how would you like to learn a High Profit Business in 3 Days or Less or How to Appeal to the "Herd Mind" and get people to take action NOW and What about A simple 30 minute technique that will have you pumping out money making ideas like never before.."

— Paul Cowen

"I'll bet some so-called gurus are forming the lynching party right now."

"He's done it again!

In less than fifty pages, Allen Says delivers the golden nuggets he's collected from years of marketing experience.  I'll bet some so-called gurus are forming the lynching party right now.  The rest of us are furiously banging away at our computers to put these ideas to work.

Even a dumb Irish kid like me could add five figures to his income this year by implementing any one of the gems in his report."

— Paul Buckley

"I Am Blown Away By Your Knowledge And Foresight!"

"Hello Allen,  I just wanted to write and say how great your report on the Private Posts on Instant Guru Blog was, once again I am blown away by your knowledge and foresight!

We must ALL become effective self-marketers; and you simply guide us to where the gold is ;)  The information you provide is practical, useful, insightful and RIGHT ON THE MONEY!

I wish I had just an ounce of your mojo to bottle and sell:)  Anyway great read, your words are filled with practical and sound advice for achieving full potential in one's business."

Dennis Cheesman

"...  I Will Not Be Sleeping Much Tonight"

"Allen, I absolutely could not put your Private Posts Volume 1 down.  I knew I had already received 10 times what I paid for in the first 2 pages.

You really put into perspective just how easy it can be to generate massive amounts of wealth on the internet with great ease.  No Doubt I will not be sleeping much tonight.

I Can't wait for Volume 2... I’ll be your 1st customer when it’s ready!"

— Jeremy Burns

"I Must Admit That I Didn't Continue Reading After The First Couple of Pages Because I Knew I Stood In Danger of Being Overwhelmed ..."

"Hey Allen, I'm more than a little peeved, I haven't slept for over 24 hours & it's your fault.....

Somewhat over 24 hours ago I gained access to and started reading the private posts on InstantGuruBlog, since then the ideas contained in those posts have started sparks, building up to lightning flashes, in my mind as I started realizing the absolute magnitude of what I can do by translating those ideas into action.

I must admit that I didn't continue reading after the first couple of pages because I knew I stood in danger of being overwhelmed by the sheer diversity and brilliance of what I was reading.

I decided to select a couple of the posts and apply them and then come back for a couple more. That's what I'd advise anyone lucky enough to gain access to the private posts to do...  select a couple apply the ideas & then come back for more...  Otherwise they'll run the risk of slipping their rails or flying around in ever decreasing circles until, like the proverbial duck they shout "Hey who turned off the lights!"

Seriously Allen, for sheer brilliance, usability, innovative thinking and breadth of content your private posts on InstantGuruBlog take the cake...thanks for giving me the privilege of viewing them, even if it has kept me awake for 24 (and I don't know how many more) hours."

Michael Tracey

"You Have a Method of Teaching That Makes Me Glued To My Monitor..."

"Hi Allen,  I've learned from your tips ever since EXE e-books were the dominant publishing format for digital products. That was at least 4 years ago.

I read every single one of your post on your old Secret Wisdom Blog and I just couldn't get enough. I was severely disappointed when you stopped publishing on that Blog.

Now that you have Instant Guru Blog up and running I feel elated.  You have method of teaching that makes me glued to my monitor even if I'm struggling at 2:00 AM to keep my eyes open.

Thank you for all your wisdom and help with my business."

— Gary Huynh


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 I've always been a big believer in delivering more than I promise, so if you've purchased anything from me on the Internet before , you can be assured that I've got these extra bonus ebooks waiting for you after you make your purchase. These ebooks are in the same theme just like Private Posts by Allen Says and falls into sales techniques, sales copy writing and website conversion secrets that are complete truths. I'm sure you'll immensely benefit from all of them!.

Power Linker Software

The popularity of your site is an extremely crucial attribute the search engines are looking for when listing relevant sites in response to a search.

The more websites it finds with your URL embedded in them, the higher your site popularity is rated. This is not something that can be attained easily and for some about unattainable -- till now. With Power Linker, you can offer 100% reciprocal links and connect with others and be certain that it is viable and easy to maintain!.

Admittedly mutual links will have a direct impact on this. Let the power linker do the work for you.

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How To Gain And Retain More Customers
By James Yuille

Everyone is involved in gaining and maintaining customers and you have to sell something to somebody.

Any business without customers won't be able to put a single dollar in your pocket. It won't matter if you have an honors degree or the best products on the planet. No customers= no cash flow.

This plain talking manuals guides in simple terms how to avoid the basic pitfalls!

Bonus #2:

How To Gain And Retain More Customers
A Plain Language Guide

Value $27.00

Conceive and Believe
Everything you desire can be yours if you only believe
By Mal Keenan

With this report, you can become one of a very select group of people armed with the most powerful information imaginable for ensuring success in any aspect of your life.

By the time you finish reading, you'll discover that putting your nose to the grindstone and your shoulder to the wheel which is great for moving rocks at Stonehenge, is only part of the equation for achieving your dreams.

There's more to success than hard work…much more…and you're about to master the "missing link."

Bonus #3:

Value $29.97

The Greatest Money Making Secret In History
By Joe Vitale

What is the greatest money-making secret in history?

Joe Vitale share it with you in this 120-page masterpiece. When you purchase Private Posts, you will also receive immediate download instructions for this best seller ebook.

  • Learn the secret to activating the Law of Money-Making.
  • Discover the Greatest Back Door secret to wealth.
  • How to avoid the Great Trap.

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 One of's bestsellers!

Retail Price $27

14 Private Posts Idea Explosion
By Andrew Peacock

Here are 14 ideas on how to generate viral traffic to your site, inspired by the writing of Allen Says.

This is what the author Andrew Peacock says after reading the 'Private Posts by Allen Says'

"Reading through Allen Says' Private Posts', there are a few things buzzing round my head. Whilst browsing a site today, some of these things came together in an almighty *CRASH* into a strategy for a great new project."

14 strategies for you to create hidden traffic systems to your website.

Bonus #5:

14 Private Posts Idea Explosion

How to generate a network of people sending targeted traffic to your site …. for free … with a growing number of active users to your forum … whilst making your promotions even more effective … all nicely wrapped up with a self-perpetuating viral technique.

Value $27

101 Tips For Converting Website Browsers Into Buyers
By Jennifer Tripp

One of the most important pieces of information for any marketer to know about their website is the customer conversion rate. This is the number of visitors that take the action you want them to. For most sites this means making a purchase, but it could mean joining your mailing list, signing up for your forum or telling a friend about your site.

Here are 101 powerful strategies to improve your conversion rate!

Bonus #6:

101 Tips For Converting Website Browsers Into Buyers

Web Value $30

Allen Say's Private Posts - Audio Series

All the 27 techniques can be listened to as a well organized audio course in your spare time. The main advantage is that you can listen to one technique at a time, comprehend it and move on the next one as and when you wish.
Yes! The very same Private Posts Manual now in a seductive voice!

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Private Posts Audio Series

Web Value $97

Think about one of the greatest ironies in the world - you spend years in school.  You spend thousands of dollars on job training and college, but after all of that , you never learn how to become wealthy!

Why settle for just mediocrity?

Why spend any more of your money on a so-called 'Gurus' products that continue to tell you a bunch of half-truths and lies that will never allow you reach the level of success in your own business that you deserve?

You've already read my letter and what I have to offer.  Let's face it - you can't lose!

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