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profit pulling reports, free reports, reports, write and submit free reports, brand your website, free ebooks,

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How to create "Profit Pulling Reports

Dear eMarketer:

It all began about a year and a half ago with a free report entitled, "How to Sell 300% More of YOUR Product in 72 Hours Than You Did All Month." 

I was a complete unknown then.  I wrote the above mentioned report to promote my new membership site, the Profits Vault.  That single report has been downloaded over 20,000 times and has generated an estimated $100,000 in profits in less than 18 months.  

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Now, that may or may not impress you.  But, this will for sure.  I have put together a short, 35 page course detailing exactly how to do this yourself.  No, I can't guarantee your report will be downloaded 20,000 times and you'll earn $100,000 in profits, but I CAN show you *exactly* what I did in step-by-step detail... you can use the exact same system that I did in creating your own free reports.

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In Profit Pulling Reports, here is what you will discover...

    • An easy-to-follow, 15-step system for writing your own free report from start to finish!  You'll learn very specific, very precise information like how to write the very first sentence of your free report all the way to finalizing the very last paragraph, including 8 ready-made opening sentences that will immediately get readers interested in your content.

    • How ANYONE can write their own outrageously profitable free reports regardless of their education or experience.  You don't need any special writing skills and you don't need any expertise.  Heck, I'll even shown you one way to get your free reports written by someone else without spending a penny!

    • The winning formula that NEVER FAILS.  In fact, I can guarantee you will earn incredible profits if you follow this simple formula for creating free reports.  HINT:  It's a classic A + B = C formula that generated those 20,000 downloads and $100,000 in profits from the report I mentioned earlier.  

    • A fool-proof system for getting people to (a) request and access  your free report, (b) read and learn from your report, and (c) purchase the awaiting offers in your report!  Everything is explained in easy-to-understand language that both beginners and veterans can follow.

    • 3 simple ways to come up with the sizzling topic that everyone WANTS to read about.   Discover how to find out exactly what folks are interested in and have them begging to read what your report has to offer.

    • 4 super "idea generators" that will get you writing the perfect free report complete with REAL examples of reports generated from each idea.  HINT:  You'll find that 2 of these "idea generators" can be completed in as little as 5-10 minutes of work on your part!

    • Why you don't need to write an Encyclopedia set to earn income with your free reports, and how a 2-3 page "dynamite-style" report out-profits them all.  You'll also learn the 2 things that your free reports MUST do in order to pull in profits.

Like I said, you'll discover both how to WRITE you own *exclusive* free reports and (more importantly to you) how to PROFIT from your own free reports.  You'll learn it all.  Things like...

    • How to use your free report to get people interested and follow you wherever you lead -- do this right and you'll be like the Pied Piper of Hamelin with a long list of followers hanging on your heels.

    • How to use website links you have collected over your time online to become your next free report.  You'll be surprised at how many people would LOVE to know where the things you've located can be found.

    • A quick, 4-step system for getting someone else to write your report for you without spending a penny.  Learn how to provide some of the absolute best content available without doing a bit of research or writing.

    • How to use my own special "fill-in-the-blanks" style of writing that makes creating a masterpiece report as simple as writing a "things-to-do" list.

    • How to develop an attention-grabbing title for your free report that automatically makes people take a closer look, including a mini-clinic filled with "loser" titles and how they can be turned into "killer" titles.  You'll also discover 3 checklist questions that every title should be run through before you use it for your report.

    • How to use the psychological pulling power of curiosity to make sure readers eagerly soak up every word you write.  You'll learn how to pull readers deeper and deeper into your report and keep them interested until the very end.

    • Dozens of simple tactics like how to build relationships with your reports, an easy way to fill up space when you don't know what to write next, 2 easy ways to distribute your reports and the most important part of writing your free report ... without question, you gotta get this right.

Are you beginning to see how much you'll learn from Profit Pulling Reports?  If not, then it's time to get those eyes checked! (Just kidding :o)  There's still more.  You'll also find...

    • How to stay in the mind of your reader for hours and even days after they've finished reading your report - and how to lead them directly to a point of purchase for whatever product or service offer you choose.

    • How to reap enormous profits from your free reports including how to weave in product offers and affiliate links without blatantly saying, "Buy this!"  This is the heartbeat of profiting from your own reports.

    • How to go one step further than that -- there IS a way you can BLATANTLY promote any product or service you want within your free report without offending a soul and without compromising your content.  You'll discover this tactic that is used effectively everyday by the "gurus."

    • How to introduce common problems and use your content AND OFFERS to resolve those problems.  Discover a 2-step system for mastering this for maximum profits.

    • The MOST IMPORTANT tactic that is almost always overlooked when it comes to free reports.  You'll do this right from the start and it could increase your report downloads by up to 3200%.

    • How to get your free reports into the hands of thousands of potential customers, including how to use both existing contacts and non-existing contacts.  NOTE:  I'll even be sharing with you my own personal list of "Top 10" best ways to promote any free report.

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