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Course Contributors

PROFIT-DOT.COM is written by successful Internet Marketers with a business philosophy that puts people before their money and replaces hype, misleading information and get-rich-quick, with service, value, quality and long term proven business techniques.


Here are the links that become yours when you rebrand your PROFIT-DOT.COM package...
  • Your Own URL (Opening Page of Every Module... see example)
  • Your Name or Domain Name (Opening Page of Every Module AND Every Page bottom)
  • Your e-mail address (Opening Page of Every Module)
  • Your Newsletter Name (Opening Page of Every Module)
  • Your Newsletter Subscribe method (Every Page top)
  • Reseller and Rebrander URL for THIS course (Every Page bottom in "basic" version) - this is for owners to become resellers.
  • Rebrander URL for THIS course (Every Page bottom in "reseller" version) - this is for resellers to upgrade to rebrand also.
  • TrafficJam Formula (Opening Page of Every Module AND Every Page top plus various in text)
  • Web Site Hosting (Opening Page of Every Module AND Every Page left-hand column)
  • Domain Registration (Every Page left-hand column)
  • MPAM (Opening Page of Every Module AND Every Page left-hand column plus various in text)
  • Ebiz Tool (Every Page left-hand column)
  • Profit-Plan (Opening Page of Every Module AND Every Page left-hand column plus various in text)
  • Your personal Name (Opening Page of Every Module)
  • Unique-Book [The Secret Goldmine] (Some Pages left-hand column plus various in text)
NOTE: For TheTrafficJam Formula, Profit-Plan and The Secret Goldmine, you need only a Clickbank Nickname.

As an EXAMPLE, On THIS PAGE, the following links become yours:-
  1. Your Newsletter (top right-hand corner)
  2. Your own choice of traffic-generator [TrafficJam Formula if you wish] (top right-hand corner)
  3. Best Hosting (Left-hand column) .... THREE LINKS
  4. Domain Registrations (Left-hand column) .... TWO LINKS
  5. MPAM (Left-hand column) .... THREE LINKS
  6. Your choice of e-Biz info Tool (Left-hand column)
  7. Your own Web Page for reselling THIS course (Left-hand column) .... THREE LINKS
  8. TrafficJam Formula (Left-hand column)
  9. Profit-Plan (Left-hand column) .... TWO LINKS
  10. The Secret Goldmine (Left-hand column)
  11. TrafficJam Formula (Resource Box at bottom of article)
  12. The Secret Goldmine (Resource Box at bottom of article)
  13. Profit-Plan (Resource Box at bottom of article)
  14. YOUR NAME (Bottom of page - where you now see "PROFIT-DOT.COM)
  15. Your own Web Page for selling the reseller and rebranding program for THIS course (bottom of every page in the "basic" version)
  16. Your own Web Page for selling the rebranding program for THIS course (bottom of every page in the "reseller" version)
THAT'S TWENTY-THREE PROFIT-MAKING LINKS ON ONE PAGE! And, including the Opening Pages, the introduction pages and the Hot Tips pages of each module, the course has SIXTY-FIVE PAGES.

Amazingly, in the whole course, there are well over 1,000 links that will become yours!!!! ..... PLUS, by sending it out in ten installments, you gain ten extra opportunities to pass on your own message to your clients and gain their trust for the future.

AND, if you follow my example, your customers will also have agreed to learn about other back-end opportunities from you...

AND you can download a whole package that includes website HTML files (for you to use as a template), "free version" course modules, "reseller version" course modules, rebranding tool, suggested autoresponder messages, PLUS fully-detailed instructions to set up your whole sales and distribution process. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is left to chance!!

AND you keep every penny of your reseller income! ... sell one package and you've got your money back.


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