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Graham Hamerby Graham Hamer

In this, the FOURTH MODULE OUT OF TEN, we're going to be looking at COMMON MISTAKES that stop people from suceeding as Internet Marketers.

In fact, to be utterly blunt about it, we're going to look at the #1 reasons why the overwhelming majority of Internet marketers fail.

And, more importantly, how YOU can avoid joining them by mastering a few absolutely critical techniques... Sometimes it is as important to understand the reasons for failure as it is to learn the reasons for success.

To begin, I'm going to tell you what, in my view, are The Seven Deadly Sins of Internet Marketing. It's like being armed with a road map, telling you all the roads NOT to take, because they all lead to certain dead-ends.

If you stick to the main highway and ignore these false turns, you'll stand a far better chance of arriving at the other end in one piece!

In the second part, Terry Dean is going to share his thoughts on "follow-up marketing" - a key ingedient to Terry's amazing online success. If you've ever doubted the value of collecting email addresses, read Terry's article and think again.

For the third part, I'm going to help you to understand what will earn you a living online and what won't. Too many people spend too much time chasing rubbish concepts to ever earn from them. Don't let it be you... learn to be utterly selective.

And finally, Neil Shearing, an Internet Marketer whom I greatly respect, will give you his views on How NOT to design a website. You would do well to listen to Neil... In just a few short years he has grown his Internet business from absolutely nothing (with no money), into an enterprise selling five digital products, getting a million visitors each year and earning him a six-figure income. He runs it all from a small village in a forgotten corner of England where he lives with his wife and son. Oh yes, he did his Ph.D. in breast cancer research at the same time!

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