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Site Owners AND Affiliates...
10,000 Hits (FREE)
ProfitInfo Email Course (FREE)
Site Owners Only...
Instant Viral Marketing

GREAT Associate Programs
Cory Rudl (Internet Mktg Center)
Graham Hamer (TheTrafficJam)
Ken Evoy (SiteSell)
Lee Benson (Ezine Tactics)
Marlon Sanders (HitsnCash)
Mark Joyner(ROIbot)
Marty Foley (ProfitInfo)
Neil Shearing (ScamFreeZone)
Yanik Silver (SureFire Marketing)

Ad. Kingdom
Massive Passive Cash Machine
Monster Traffic
Traffic Wave

Cheap ads and hits
Business Stand
Get Hits
Get Traffic
JKS Promotions
Spam Free
Super Promoter

Affiliate Link Cloaker
Ezine Tactics
Internet Sucess Spider
Message Board Blaster
Norton Anti_virus
Opt-In Automator
Opt-In List Builder
Pop Up Master
Search Engine Blaster

Useful Resources
Adult Sites
Bet-Winners Affiliate
Creating HTML pages
Domain Names
Fast Track Profit
Incentive Guide
Web Position Gold
Windows Casino Affiliate

Ezine articles
(submit or reprint)
Ezines R Us
Lifestyles Publishing
10,000 hits (Sign-Up page)- FREE
This program builds to provide a continuous traffic stream for no effort. Many people have emailed me and said 'TANSTAAFL' (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch) Guess what? THERE IS! And it is here! You do not need to outlay a single, solitary dollar, pound, punt, rand, mark or euro for this plan to work for YOU! MPAM (Massive Passive Advertising Machine) is a VIRAL MARKETING strategy that out-performs anything you have seen. Register for free and you will learn how to combine and harness the SYNERGISTIC potential of over 50 FREE programs.

ProfitInfo FREE email Course
If you want to discover more about making money with email marketing, Marty Foley's revealing Email Profits E-Course exposes how to avoid deadly email response killers, affordably explode the size of your opt-in email list, and multiply your email marketing profits - without spamming anyone! - Signup now, free!

Cory Rudl's Internet Marketing Center Product Portfolio

Cory Rudl's Internet Marketing Center Affiliate Program.
The Cory Rudl Affiliate Program is free to join and can instantly generate an ongoing stream of income for you without any cost or obligation on your part. One necessity is that you MUST have a web site. You simply place a link to somewhere on your site (text link or banner link) and pick up the commissions that are generated by visitors going to Cory's site via your link.
AssocTrac, the two-tier Affiliate Tracking System
You can easily get hundreds, if not thousands of high-traffic web sites to advertise your product or service - increasing your sales and profits exponentially! Track Your Associates' Sales And Commissions Automatically. AssocTrac is a Cory Rudl product, so you know you're going to get value for money.
The Amazing Internet Marketing Center Marketing Course.
Only one Internet "guru" has outsold all of his competitors for three years straight, attracting more referrals from his customers and more hits to his web sites than any of his competitors. Using the same strategies, you can discover... "How To Make $10.42 For Every $1 You Invest In Online Marketing... Quickly, Easily, And Automatically While You Sleep"
MailLoop Autoresponder.
If you're generating leads online (or plan to), you can use personalized follow-up messages - or newsletters - to sell products like crazy. And because e-mail is free, every new sale brings you guaranteed profits. MailLoop is a product I use myself - and recommend highly.
Cory Rudl's eCommerce Program.
Corey Rudl -- author of the #1 selling online marketing course, "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" -- reveals the inside, low-down truth about merchant accounts, and tells you why there's only one company he'll stake his reputation on...
Cory Rudl's London Videos.
Have you ever wished that you could sit down for a couple of hours with one of the Internet's leading marketing experts and get them to personally explain exactly how they made their fortunes online? Net Millionaire Corey Rudl Shows You The Exact Same Web Profit Strategies He Used To Make $5.2 Million Online Last Year -- Right Before Your Eyes.
Cory Rudl's Incredible eBookPro
At Last, You Can Sell Information Online... And Make Thousands Of Sales Per Day... Without The Danger Of Having Your Information Stolen And Resold By Others. I use eBookPro myself to distribute my knockout eBook "How I Turned Less Than $500 Into a Cash Cow of Over $250,000 In Just One Week."

Graham Hamer's (Affiliates Page
Become an affiliate and start earning profits straight away on a proven product with a great visitor-sales ratio. Check out the affiliates page and find out why selling shovels can be better than digging for gold.

Ken Evoy's Amazing "SiteSell" Suite of Programs.
His "Make Your ____ Sell!" products have empowered tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses to outperform larger, well-financed companies. And you can earn income by promoting SiteSell products. Simply recommend a SiteSell product and refer friends and visitors to its sales site -- through a special "yours-only" link.

Lee Benson's Ezine Tactics Affiliate
Forget those wimpy commission checks. Forget competing with hundreds or thousands of extra affiliates. Lee's method is quality, not quantity, and because of this he offers Two-tier commissions, 44% payout on direct sales, 11% on affiliate sales, NO limits earning potential, fast "Payment Auto Sweep" commissions system!

Mark Joyner's amazing Product Portfolio (the products featured on this page represent LESS THAN HALF of the complete ROIbot portfolio -- I just didn't want Mark to take over the page!)

Mark Joyner's ROIbot
(You can join his affiliate scheme from here, by clicking the "Reseller" button)
Benefit instantly from what Mark has done. Rather than go through all the pain that he experienced to get where he is, you can automate your business much as he has with a simple collection of powerful tools he and my team of world-class software engineers have created.
1,001 Killer Internet Marketing Tactics
This is the (now famous) flag-ship marketing course written by CEO, Mark Joyner. Still the only interactive internet marketing course around. Widely regarded by many in the world as the most effective Internet marketing course on the market.
Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich
David Garfinkel has been described as, "the world's greatest copywriting coach." He's a successful results oriented copywriter and his new ebook shows you exactly how to adapt proven money-making headlines to your business.
Ezine Adrenaline
This ebook is the definitive guide to high-octane e-zine marketing, and contains the fastest cash-producing e-zine tactics that give a dose of adrenaline to any Web business.
How I Sold $400 Million Dollars Worth of Products and Services
This monumental book shows you how to prepare profitable copy for your own business with Ted Nicholas' hard won marketing and advertising secrets.
How to Publish a Book and Sell a Million Copies
Discover the secrets Ted Nicholas reveals in his book so you, too, can start the world's best business and earn thousands, even millions, of dollars.
Hypnotic Marketing
This ebook book shows you techniques on how to make your publicity, emails and websites hypnotic. It also includes Joe Vitale's 3-step marketing strategy called "Guaranteed Outcome Marketing," which can increase your business by 70% -- in less than 90 days.
Hypnotic Writer's Swipe File
An amazing collection of over 1,550 copywriting gems that took Joe Vitale and Larry Dotson years to compile. This is their personal swipe file that they use to create world famous sales letters responsible for generating millions and millions of dollars of revenue.
Hypnotic Writing
This course, by Joe Vitale (recognized by many as the best copywriter in the U.S.), shows you how to use "hypnotic" tricks in your writing to get people to more easily agree with you. A must for anyone who wants to write persuasively.
(Don't miss the sequel at Advanced Hypnotic Writing reveals how to use the phenomenon of hypnotic suggestion to turn your words into cash.)
Magic Words That Bring You Riches
This ebook is written by Ted Nicholas, widely recognized as one of the greatest direct marketing wizards of all time. In "Magic Words" Ted reveals the 17 magic words that can make you a fortune.
Psychological Triggers
"Triggers" is a groundbreaking book that takes you deep inside the caverns of the human mind and reveals secret strategies you won't read anyplace else. No weapon ever forged in marketing has been as powerful as the knowledge of psychological triggers that cause people to buy what youíre selling.

Marlon Sander's Hits'nCash Product Portfolio

Marlon Sander's Ad Copy Secrets
Marlon makes an amazing guarantee... "Use my system and you WILL turn 1% of visitors to your web site to buyers or 5% to leads.. That is DOUBLE the Internet average."
Marlon Sander's Amazing Formula
Marlon has developed a very simple formula that sells products like crazy. If you're interested in selling your products by the hundreds or even thousands, you NEED this formula.
Marlon Sander's Associate Program Marketing Handbook
If you are an associate, affiliate or reseller, or if you sell your own products, at last there is a manual that shows you step-by-step how to turn on the traffic and rack up the sales.
Marlon Sander's Automate Your Web Business
Eliminate employees, cut costs, tame the email flood, offer terrific customer service, hire help overseas, shrink overhead to peanuts -- and free up your time so you can enjoy life ... Plus, get tons of testimonials, referrals, boost your average unit of sale and much more -- automatically! Whether you have an existing Internet business or you're thinking about starting one, this information could be a life saver!
Marlon Sander's Create Your Own Products in a Flash
It's simple: Create your own digitally delivered product and then get mass distribution through an affiliate program, publicity campaign, search engines or reciprocal linking. What's more, Marlon's latest discovery reveals how to predict the success or failure of a new product with 90% accuracy according to a 5-year study of 4,000 products.
Marlon Sander's Gimme My Money Now
How To Create Products Fast and Roll them out successfully via your own 2 page websites. Ideal if you need just one method to market your products that can work FAST and takes a bare-bones minimum of money out of your pocket.
Marlon Sander's Push Button Letters
Marlon never ceases to amaze... "All you do is fill in the blanks, click a button, and you get a sales letter nicely formatted on a web page when you're finished. Just polish it up some, link it to your order form and you're off and running."
Marlon Sander's Secrets of Speed Publicity
If you'd like to generate a continual stream of new customers for your business - without wasting a dime on advertising, here is a simple, 3-step method that could rock your business.
Marlon Sander's The Big Course
Marlon's Promise: You WILL get his exact systems that enables him to sell thousands of products from the comfort and convenience of his home. Avoid rush hour traffic and take control over your life, your schedule and your lifestyle.
Marlon Sander's Ultimate Beginner's Guide
Find out how to download files, zip and unzip, navigate your computer, back up files, FTP, avoid viruses, cut and paste, chat, send instant messages, download from the net, play mp3's, and more.
Marlon Sander's Web Business Operations Manual
If you answer your own email, listen to your own phone calls, issue your own refunds, handle your own customer service -- you're killing your business!
Marlon Sander's Website Power Program
At last, the easy, super time saving way to set up autoresponders, opt-in forms, popup windows, lead generators, ftp, icq, instant chat, testimonials, order forms, credit card processing, databases, associate program, reseller tools -- and much more.

Marty Foley's ProfitInfo Product Portfolio

ProfitInfo (Affiliates Page)
Marty Foley runs a great, two-tier Affiliates scheme with good commission rates. Commissions range from 10-40%. Residual Income Potential. State of the Art Tracking. Reasonably Priced, Quality Products. Real-Time Online Credit Card Processing. Marketing Tools. Profit From a Family of Products.
ProfitInfo's Insiders Private Site
Insiders is a secret members-only web site guaranteed to save you time and money when building a successful Internet business. In it you'll discover powerful tools, little-known techniques, uncommon strategies - and even my personal assistance - for helping you build a thriving Internet business
ProfitInfo's Internet Marketing Goldmine
An amazingly simple, tested and proven strategy for making a living online, involves just 3 key steps: 1) Offering an in-demand product or service. 2) Reaching targeted prospects. 3) Closing the sale. Marty provides plenty of detail and practical guidance, from setting up a website and online newsletter, to selling a single or small number of products online.
ProfitInfo's "Lead Factory"
It's a fast, easy, and cost-effective "secret weapon" used by several famous Internet marketers to rapidly grow large opt-in (permission based) email lists! And unlike similar services, in most cases Marty's team can automatically add the emails to your autoresponder or other email list management system, which means no manual importing!
ProfitInfo's Scientific Web Marketing System
Marketing based on opinions, theories and guesswork is like driving blindfolded. Without testing, you won't discover the most profitable approaches - except by accident. Even experts find it hard to predict how prospects will respond to a given marketing element. What's more... testing often proves even expert opinions dead wrong -- and can skyrocket response and profits through the roof!

Neil Shearing's ScamFreeZone Product Portfolio

Neil Shearing's Internet Success Associate Program
The ScamFree Associates Program is totally free to join and can quickly and easily generate a second income for you and your family. Neil has spent a *lot* of time and money ripping apart various associate programs in the last few years to find out what works and what doesn't. That's why he pays a straight 50% on EVERYTHING!
Neil Shearing's best-selling Internet Success Blueprint
Every single step necessary to start earning money online by WRITING and SELLING your own info-products is covered in super-sharp detail. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step plan. Each part of the blueprint can be performed as you read it which means that you can start making money almost immediately. I personally rate this as one of the top 3 Internet Publications available today.
Neil Shearing's Internet Success Spider
The speed of this profit-making tool is incredible. Instead of waiting months to get in the search engines, or weeks to mount a good link campaign, or months to get an associate program up and running, you can be selling truckloads of product less than 24 hours from now!
Neil Shearing's best-selling Internet Success Diamonds
Electrify your profits by discovering and applying THIRTY secrets used by the experts to generate Millions of Dollars Online! Finally, for the first time, TEN of the top internet marketers reveal their Ultimate Secrets.
Neil Shearing's "Yahoo Exposed"
You're just 14 DAYS from a Number One Listing in Yahoo for YOUR chosen keywords!" It doesn't get any easier than this... an exact, step-by-step guide with screenshots of every single step!

Yanik Silver's Surefire Marketing Product Portfolio

Yanik Silver's Instant Sales Letters
Instant Sales Letter templates are a valuable (and effective) marketing tool for nearly any business owner who wants to increase their profits. You can create your own powerful sales letter in just minutes - without writing!
Yanik Silver's Instant Internet Profits
The course that shows how a completely different approach to Internet marketing took me from zero to making $51,351.94 in my first 6 Ĺ months online, working from home.
Yanik Silver's and Jim Edward's 33 Days to Online Profits
Finally, the first practical, step-by-step, roadmap for Internet success no matter what product or service you sell - 100% guaranteed!
But don't forget that this book is FREE to all owners of TheTrafficJam Formula. Click here to download your copy.
Yanik Silver's Internet Marketing Lab
Right before your eyes, in exact detail you'll see for yourself how Yanik Silver drives massive amounts of traffic to his web sites, gets email promotions out, tracks visitors, tests quickly, gets free advertising, creates hugely successful new products, researches new markets, finds joint venture deals, builds up a massive affiliate network and nearly runs the whole thing on total autopilot.
Yanik Silver's Marketing Toolbox
If you're too busy running your business to even think about marketing -- this is what you've been waiting for! - Now you can instantly generate all the customers, profits and business you could ever want - with practically no work on your part.
Yanik Silver's Power Pause
Beyond the knowledge of business and its complexities, way beyond the expertise of advertising gurus and marketing mavens, there is a place where the seeds of success germinate. Find this place and personal success and real happiness will be yours.
Yanik Silver's Magnetic Marketing
I urge you to lock the door, take the phone off the hook, kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and STUDY this letter -- it IS that important! It introduces something THAT revolutionary!
Yanik Silver's Copywriting Seminar
Only 115 people were permitted to attend Dan Kennedy's recent, closed door, 2-day Seminar where he revealed ALL of his most prized, most powerful and most profitable copywriting techniques.
Yanik Silver's Autoresponder Magic
A massive collection of winning autoresponder messages to model, copy and swipe (Plus you get the rights to sell this new resource and keep ALL the profits!)
Yanik Silver's Million Dollar Emails
The greatest collection of moneymaking Emails ever. This eBook reveals the amazing secrets behind the Net's most successful Email campaigns (Plus you get the rights to sell this new resource and keep ALL the profits!)

FFA Sites...
Before getting involved with FFA sites, I recommend you carefully read Chapter 10 of the FastFlow Traffic Formula.
...for some, the concept can be a little daunting.
Ad. Kingdom
This site will make money for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cost to become a member of Ad-Kingdom is VERY affordable for everyone. (This is one reason why you will earn money!) The payout is phenomenal. You can earn on six levels for referrals! (If you can't make money there, you might want to just give up!) They'll even give you their One Year Guarantee! If you don't make at least the subscription cost within one year they'll give you a full refund!!
Massive Passive Cash Machine
Pro membership of this FFA gives you 1000+ fresh leads daily emailed to your mailbox, as well as the opportunity to earn commission from each sale of a FFA PRO account! Most other systems supplying daily leads to your mailbox have a monthly fee - so you are well ahead of the competition - an easy sell. A number of auto-submitter programs post to the FFA to ensure you a constant supply of fresh leads every day.
Monster Traffic
Monster-Traffic has a FREE option and an inexpensive PRO option. In the Pro Members Area, you can automatically send your message to everyone who places an ad on their entire network of sites. (You can set the delay from 1-5 days.) This automated marketing system will be working for you 24/7. You will never have to worry about spamming anyone.
Traffic Wave
TrafficWave will send you a list of emails every day which you can either respond to using THEIR autoresponder or you can send your response manually. Traffic Wave is one of the best FFAs I have seen. You can join free for a 30-day trial Then there's a small monthly fee. Others I have seen and joined cost a lot more and were no better than this.
WWKiosk is more than a simple FFA site - MUCH MORE! Where else can you get (1.) 400 to 700, Spam free, validated FFA leads per day. (2.) Free unlimited follow-up auto responder system (called the Supersponder). (3.) A free Safelist franchise where you make 80% commission. (4.) Free banners on all the local kiosk sites. (5.) Free unlimited add tracking campaign like ROIbot. (6.) Free 500-1000 guaranteed hits to your website a month through their Mega Traffic Start Page program. (7.) Your very own Auction Site where you collect commissions on all sales. (8.) The potential to make a huge amount of unlimited income from their professional affiliate program. And all for the price of a tank of gas!
Crazy, isnít it!
GET THEM resources
Some of these resources are free, some not. For those that are not, I absolutely recommend that you purchase them just as soon as your situation allows..
Affiliate Link Cloaker
According to industry estimates, almost ONE OUT OF THREE affiliate commissions is STOLEN from the affiliate it belongs to. Why let hijackers help themselves to your earnings? Protect yourself today with The Affiliate Link Cloaker.
ClickBank has become the industry standard for single-level Associate systems. VERY easy to use, and 100% reliable. MAKE MORE SALES...Partner with ClickBank and you'll have an instant affiliate network promoting your digital products. EARN COMMISSIONS...Earn sales commissions from 1% to 50% by linking customers to your choice of over 10,000 digital products ClickBank sells
Ezine Tactics eBook and Newsletter
Lee teaches both wisdom and earnings - it's a fine balance, but it's worthwhile. In his book, you will discover how his strategies generated $43,169 over the course of 3 months starting with a single, free email announcement that took him literally 20 minutes to write.
Neil Shearing's Internet Success Spider
The speed of this profit-making tool is incredible. Instead of waiting months to get in the search engines, or weeks to mount a good link campaign, or months to get an associate program up and running, you can be selling truckloads of product less than 24 hours from now!
MailLoop Autoresponder
If you're generating leads online (or plan to), you can use personalized follow-up messages - or newsletters - to sell products like crazy. And because e-mail is free, every new sale brings you guaranteed profits. MailLoop is a product I use myself - and recommend highly.
PopUp Master Pro 2.0
If you don't build your opt-in list as fast as possible, you're losing money hand over fist, day after day... PopUp Master will show you how easy it is to boost your subscription levels an incredible 535% (and it only takes 120 seconds!)
Instant Viral Marketing
"Over two million visitors - and that's just the first 24 hours!" Viral Marketing like you've NEVER seen it. Order today and you could get a MASSIVE discount of over 50%!
Message Board Blaster
An amazing little tool that will allow you to quickly and effortlessly post your message to over 1300 message boards with one click, completely free!. You can put your message in front of well over 500,000 potential customers EVERY DAY. Download the free demo, and give it a whirl for yourself. Message Boards are highly visible, and attract a very "TARGETED" group of people. Message Boards are a great way to drive FREE traffic to your site.
Norton Anti-Virus
Anyone who does not have (and regularly update) an anti-virus program RISKS EVERTHING. Norton AntiVirus is the world's most trusted antivirus solution. Now it repairs common virus infections automatically, without interrupting your work. Protect your PC or RISK EVERTHING!
Opt-In Automator
How you can literally DOUBLE your Ezine's opt-in rate in just a few minutes...and build a larger subscriber base than you ever thought possible... Even if you're just starting out
ProfitInfo list builder
You'd be hard-pressed to find another service with as many options and automated features for growing an opt-in email list. You basically just tell them how many subscribers you want and the most convenient format for you (or your email system) to receive them in, and they take care of the rest.
Search Engine Blaster
Over 85% of Web surfers use search engines to get what they need. Search Engine Blaster allows you to list your business, products, or services on over 600,000 search engines, targeted directories, free classified ad sites, top sites, and online malls Automatically--Every Day! 100% Unattended. - It's a marketing machine on steroids!

Ezine publishers' and writers' resources
Free content on topics such as business, marketing, advertising, pets, health, life, favorite things to do, technology, the Net, sports and more. You'll also find AUTO Content features that will automatically update your site weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on the feature article you choose to use. All you have to do is insert a small two-line Javascript Code into your web page where you want the articels to appear.
Stop searching the Net for good articles to include in your e-zine or web site. Ezine send you top articles by leading writers FREE! If you are a publisher you can be added to the list of Ezine Article Digest recipients.
Ezines R Us
Ezines R Us provides marketers with the up-scale advantage of advertising to hundreds of thousands of Ezine Subscribers. Effective and affordable advertising campaign packages! If you are serious about advertising your Business, Affiliate Program, or MLM, let Ezines R Us help you submit your ad and reach thousands of readers.
IdeaMarketer's writers contribute 300-400 new articles every month to the site and allow publishers to reprint in exchange for the author's brief bio and web site link. Their system makes it fast and easy for publishers to request reprint rights.
Lifestyles Publishing
Since 1998, folk have come to know and trust the resources provided by Lifestyles Publishing, like the Directory of Ezines. The Nets' first online searchable database of ezines that accept advertising with all of the pertinent information you need to place your ad in ezines right at your fingertips. It's like one-stop shopping.
The Article Announce groups are the original article announcement lists providing free content to thousands of ezines, newsletters, magazines and web sites. If you're in need of quality, free content, subscribe to Article Announce or an appropriate targeted Article Announce group. You will receive new articles each day from a wide variety of writers.

Useful resources
The links you can never find when you really need them!
Adult Sites Affiliate, offers a very low cost and highly effective program to earn money from adult sites 'without getting your hands dirty'. The link provided here will NOT offend, but if you prefer not to be involved in this business, pass onto something you feel is more suitable.
AssocTrac, the two-tier Affiliate Tracking System
You can easily get hundreds, if not thousands of high-traffic web sites to advertise your product or service - increasing your sales and profits exponentially! Track Your Associates' Sales And Commissions Automatically. AssocTrac is a Cory Rudl product, so you know you're going to get value for money.
Bet-Winners Casino Affiliate (Huge 4 tier commissions!)
Bet-Winners Casino Hot Bucks, the indispensable Affiliate solution that enables you to generate additional income off your website. Bet-Winners Casino offers you a reliable and user-friendly way to optimize your earnings with minimum effort. Not only are you guaranteed fantastic returns on minimal effort, you're joining the REAL Internet money-makers! (Just click on the "Webmasters" link on their home page.)
Creating HTML pages
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Web Page by Paul McFedries is THE VERY BEST resource for learning HTML from scratch. I positively recommend it as THE ONLY reference you need to put together a respectable Web site.
Domain Name Registrations
A good site name is worth A LOT OF MONEY. If you donít have your domain yet, and would like to know whether the name you want is available, check it out here. You can register dot-coms here for less than $15 a year. Also, to understand the TRUE value of a GOOD name, take a look at And you can see how I turned $500 into Domains valued at $250,000 at (YOU can do it too, when you know where to find the nuggets!)
Fast Track Profit Package
A proven money-making business, that requires no inventory, no shipping, no employees, no hassles! Thanks to the wonder of the Internet, your entire business can be on total auto pilot. Your orders are completely processed without you lifting a finger! You simply advertise the profit system and get ready for electrifying surge in your profit!
Incentive Guide
Buyers LOVE incentives... but where can you get them for pennies in the dollar? Bust the Sales Barrier with Incentives and Promotions that work like Crazy!! There's always a killer deal your customers just can't resist... Now all it costs is a few cents to give!
Web Position Gold
There's a pervasive myth among Web site managers that submitting your Web site to hundreds of search engines will result in thousands of new visitors. That's just not true. An award winning product by FirstPlace Software called WebPosition Gold offers proof that submitting alone is not enough.
Windows Casino (Massive 2 tier commissions)
Windows Casino is probably the leader in Casino Partnership programs. Install their banners or their text links on your site and you'll make more money than with any other affiliate program. You'll also make 5% on the traffic of affiliates that you refer to them.
Click Here to check out the gaming rooms.

Cheap traffic and advertising...
As with anything that undercuts the competition, you are warned to exercise caution with these sites.
...though I have used them myself without problems!
2 bucks an ad
With '2Bucks' An AD, your ad will run in at least 6 different ezines, and for less than you would pay for ONE advertisement in most cases. The more often your ad is seen, the more credibility it receives. Credibility leads to sales!
75 million hits
Put your website promotion on autopilot! Email 2.5 million safelist recipients at the press of a button spam free! Unique FFA-Autosubmitter submits to 50 FFA Networks and 230,000 FFA Pages. Plus easy-to-handle FFA-Autosubmission, known for its efficiency! Submit your Website automatically to 450,000 Searchengines. Blast your Ad to 200,000 Ezines.
Business Stand
BLAST! Your Ad To Our 45,000 Subscribers . Only $15 Bucks! HTML newsletter that gets you traffic!
Become a complete business partner by keeping 100% of sales generated through your affiliate link, OR completely automated Ad submission to multiple Ezines. Extremely low rates.
Get Hits
Email 75,000 prospects Every Month! Place your Ad on more than 15 Million Web Sites Every Month. Get Hit's Nuclear Submitter will blast your Ad to Millions of sites every month......With ONE Click per day!
Get Traffic
One Thousand to Sixty Thousand (1,000 - 60,000) GUARANTEED visitors to your web site! A 100% response rate at a fraction of the cost!
JKS Promotions
JKS can send your ad to 4 million opt-in subscribers, 200 ezines, 5000 newsgroups, and 225,000 engines for less than the price of a McDonalds. Can you afford not to use their services?
Email 2,500.00 Everyday. 600,000 Email addresses in categories. Advertise to 100,000.000 Every month!! Bypass your ISP. Even AOL users can Bulk Mail. Safelistloverz 3000+ Safelist Free to Mailloverz members. Great Safelists and FFA submission sites. Fantastic system to give you 3,000,000 hits.
Spam Free
Did you know that it was possible to email more than 2.5 million targeted prospects a day without spamming? The opt-in email lists supplied by "Spam Free" are 100% safe and legal. Your ad will be sent only to people who have subscribed and are searching for business opportunities, products and services.
Super Promoter
Email more than a 2,500,000 TARGETED prospects Spam free EVERY DAY. Super Promoter's opt-in email safelists are 100% opt-in and 100% legal. Your ad will reach ONLY those prospects who have requested to be included in opt-in safelists for people interested in new business opportunities, products or services


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