Download Page - Internet Profits the Quickway II

Thank you for your order. Here you can download "Internet Profits the Quickway" as a PDF document or as an executable for Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME.

Instructions for becoming a re-seller (for free) are included in the back of either version of the book.


Download your bonus items...

Bonus #1 - Click Here to download a set of FIFTEEN example special reports ($95 value).

These are reports that were actually sold individually by famous entreprenur Brad Richdale and many of his students. They are supplied in both Rich Text and Microsoft Word format, and should you want to take sections of these for your own use they come with full reprint rights so you can use whatever you like royalty free. When you unzip this file you will be asked for a password. The password is quick.

PC Users: You'll need The Free WinZip utility to unzip this file. It's available from:

MAC Users: You'll need The Free Aladdin Expander software for the zip file.

Bonus #2 - Click Here to download this special report called 'How to research your next product on the Internet super-fast'. (Requires Acrobat reader).