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Produce high-class, easy-to-sell
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Easy-To-Use & Royalty-Free

Our brand new Deluxe Info-Software Programs represent a breakthrough in information publishing and money-making potential. We have combined the kind of information people want to buy with the advantage of easy-to-use, royalty-free software. The perceived value, the appeal, and thus the profit potential are unparalleled!

4 Info Software Programs Complete With...
FULL Reproduction & Marketing Rights

The "info programs" provide you the ability to re produce, market and sell four separate, professionally-produced software products each packed with up-to-date and practical information people will pay for. Each one of the four products is simple to duplicate and very easy for customers to use. It's also an unrivaled money-making opportunity both for you and for your customers in that anyone you sell them to also receives the same rights to reproduce and market them!

This Unique Money-Maker Is Red-Hot!

These deluxe info-software products far surpass anything yet seen in the information industry. Each offers a "whiz-bang", interactive multimedia experience that's nothing like the same content presented on paper, in a simple computer file, or even on the World Wide Web! When people can benefit and actually have fun reading reports, it's a product at a different level!

The Money-Making Potential Is Awesome!

You can copy each of the four programs to blank disks costing around .50 cents each, and then resell them for $39 to $59 each. In case you don't have your calculator handy, the markup means that when you sell just 100 software products -- and remember, some customers will buy all four at once -- you will have turned about $50 into at least $3,900. When you sell 500 software products, you will have turned $250 into $19,500 or more!

Now, don't forget the power of the Internet! Why spend even a dime on blank disks or shipping when you can simply offer all four mega-software programs as downloads at your Web site!

And as if that's not enough, there's one more thing you receive with your money-making deluxe Info-Software programs: the ability to give your customers full reproduction and resale rights! That's right -- although these info-software programs are valuable enough in their own right, you also have the right to offer buyers the ability to duplicate the program they buy on their home computer and then resell it.

Sales and Marketing Materials Built-In!

We've made it super-easy for you to market these software packages! Everything is included with these four bonus Info-Software programs, so there is no need to include any expensive printed materials or disks with your orders. All of the important information you want to provide to your customers can be supplied with a simple download!

You'll get complete instructions, license information, ready-to-use disk labels and specific and customized sales letters for each of the individual software programs! Plus, here's the best part about these four deluxe software packages ... you will get this exact 6-page Web site... FREE of charge to show off to your customers! And, as with everything else that comes along with these revolutionary software programs - you have complete duplication and reprint rights to all 6 web pages!

It'll be another fantastic incentive to give to your customers when they order from you!

Generic Software Means More Sales!

Ask any successful marketer and they will confirm that in order to succeed, you have to market a product that is generic and does not contain any advertising or contact information for the source company. If it does, your customers won't need to purchase from you anymore, they will go directly to the source. These specific Info-Software programs are designed generically so that you appear as the source. We do NOT have any advertising, upsells, or contact information on any of the four software programs!

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