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21 Classic eBooks

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Dear Friends,

In the 80s a set of eBooks surfaced and changed marketing as we know it today! And now there back! In this package you will get these great selling titles and ads to sell each one either on auctions or on a website! You will also get a ad to resale this package!

Take a look at these classic best sellers!

Internet Money Secrets

Discover the top 10 ways how the real money is being made on the internet with this eBook!

The different money-making ideas presented in this eBook are an excellent mix for those seeking to become presence providers or content providers. They are the most popular and easiest to implement. Everything is explained! Samples included!

Directory Of Advertising Sources

Where to Place Tiny, Inexpensive Classified Ads That Pull Like Crazy!

Thats exactly what you will discover in this eBook! You will have what you need to advertise your product or service across the country!

Business And Legal Forms

Stop paying high fees to have contracts written!

In this eBook you will find thirty five (35) commonly used business and legal forms. They are in a fill-in-the-blanks format for ease of use.

Just click a title and print a copy!

The Best of Offshore Reports

Features some of the hottest money reports in the world! Learn about tax havens, how to own a bank offshore, how to make more money with a foreign bank account!

Expanded edition!

Fun Learning For Kids

An interactive software shows kids how to start and operate a successful lemonade stand. Your kids will learn how to tally up expenses ahead of time, divide everything up and come out with a profit!

Its Never To Early To Teach Your Kids Business!

Free Stuff

Get free stuff from these categories!

  • Phonecards, pagers
  • Greeting cards
  • Fashion products
  • Food & recipes
  • Health & kids
  • Home & money
  • Travel
  • Sports

Just Like Christmas All Year Long!

Eating Healthy

A recipe eBook featuring delicious hi-energy, low-fat meals for today’s busy bodies.

A few of these are Spinach & Mushroom Casserole, Shrimp Spread, Pasta w/ White Clam Sauce, & Chicken Dijon to name just a few!

Breaking Through Financial Myths

Smart strategies that break the myths about how to really make money. Find out how to:

  • Increase Your Financial Net Worth.
  • Retire In 3 Years.
  • Retire Financially Healthy.

The Best of Home Based Business

Get out of the rat race! Be your own boss! Work from home! With this eBook you will be able to do all this! Even if you just want a part time job to supliment your income you will be able to with the eBook! You will discover 40 proven home based business'!

The Best of Super Reports

The Best of Super Reports you will find proven "plans" that will help you increase your wealth. Either by selling or using them!

No hipe, just what you want to know!

Directory of Chambers of Commerce

Find what you need in this eBook! With this information at your tips you will be able to find listings for:

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureaus
  • Merchant Accounts

Hobbies And Crafts

Do you have a special hobby or do you like doing hobbies? If you do why not turn your talent into cash?!

This eBook features various money-making hobbies & crafts. There is also a list of contacts and sources!

How To Make A Fortune With E-Mail

A compressive guide that shows how to send 100,000 Emails per day to market any Product or Service over the Internet. Includes sources for email names and email friendly services providers. You will also learn how to keep from losing your ISP doing your mails and much more!

Mail Order Secrets

Feature a collection of reports on how to gain success in the different aspects of mail order. Keep in mind, that in today's context, the word mail order is no longer limited to "postal" as a means of marketing and delivering your products to your customers.

Infodisk 500

The objective of this ebook is to provide you a collection of carefully selected money-making information that can help you start and succeed in your business, whatever it may be.

Over 280 printable reports!

Info-By-Mail Business & Reports on Disk

Are you ready to increase your income? It will be easy to do with this eBook! Inside it you will have access to 177 reports! Each report will unveil a world of information to you! Everything from home business' to privacy issues! Best of all you can sell the reports! Sell each report for $1 and you will make $177 or sell the collection for $19.95! Or use the information in the reports to start a business! The choice is yours!

The MLM Primer

This eBook features:

  • MLM strategies
  • Ideas
  • Products
  • Structures
  • Sources
  • Services
  • and more!

Off Limits Information

Discover confidential insider reports on little known secret opportunities! Discover all the secrets others hope you never do. Things such as credit strategies, securing new identities, wealth accumulation, how to legally not pay taxes, how to get the bill collectors off your back and more!

Discover confidential secrets today!

Workplace Motivation

If you have or manage a business, this eBook is for you! In this eBook you will learn prove technics to get you employees motivated! Employee motivation means higher production. Higher production means more profit!

Get proven tips and ideas on how to improve productivity and profitability for your small business!

The Best of Police Reports

Capitalise On Crime!

This eBook features legal and controversial information! Everything from how to avoid or fight a traffic ticket, how to avoid traffic accidents, how to avoid radar detectors, what to do when your a victim, how to spy on others, and much more!

Secrets, Schemes & Discoveries

Confidential & Forbidden Information!

In this eBook you will discover confidential information on little known secret opportunities & information! Discover all the secrets others hope you never do. Things such as credit strategies, wealth accumulation, scams of the pros, and more!

These eBooks originally sold for $24.95 - $50.00 each or $150 for all of them! People still sell them online! But for one low price you can have them all!

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