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What's New In Version 3.0
Ultimate eBook Still Breaking All The Rules!

Below you will find everything that is either new or updated in Ultimate eBook 3.0! We didn't list the turnkey site or the new cover art, after all that is updated each version!

eBooks: Resell

Updated Items

  • Virtual Library 2.0
  • Classic eBooks
  • eBay Extreme 2.0
  • Don Lapre Info Reports
  • eBook Creation Toolkit 3.0
  • Wholesale Sources 2.0
  • Classified Ad Secrets 2002
  • Credit Secrets 2002

New Items

  • How to Win the War of Internet Marketing
  • Killer Mini Sites That Sell
  • Get Reprint Rights Without Paying A Dime!
  • How to be a Mystery Shopper
  • Black Belt Web Marketing
  • How to Outsell Other Affiliates
  • Inside The Minds of Winners

eBooks: Giveaway

New Items

  • 7 Power Steps to Making Money on the Internet
  • Advertising Mayhem
  • The Most Dangerous Marketing Secret
  • 3 Minute Headline Creator
  • What Happens Next...
  • Ezy Ads - Free Ezine Ads 6.0
  • Goal Setting Tips for the Highly Motivated
  • Jabez
  • Prospecting Tips
  • Qualifying Tips
  • Society's Dilemma
  • My Solo Ad Directory
  • Money on Tap

Other Updated Sections

Top Secret Information:

  • Best of Everything - Added.
  • Domain Names & Hosting - Updated.
  • ClickBank URL Forwarding - Added.
  • Get Upto 50% Cash Back - Updated.
  • Software To Use - Added.
  • Services To Use - Added.
  • Make Money - Added.
  • Freebies - Added.
  • Other Information - Added.


  • No Right Click - Added.
  • File Downloader - Added.
  • Pop-Ups - Added.
  • Encrypter/Decrypter - Added.

Other Sections:

  • Business Mastery - Added.
  • Special Offers - Updated.
As you can tell, when we update Ultimate eBook, we really update it! Other similar packages only add a few items so they can say they have a new version while we add worth while programs and utilities to make sure you always get your money worth! After all, our goal is to remain the best, most profitable 'eBook package' available!

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