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Dear Friend, 

A couple of days ago, I closed a deal with Collin Almeida of using the same techniques in this report. 

I got him to hand over $794 in EXACT reprint rights plus $9,995 in marketing rights to a set of products from Dan Kennedy of

All this came to savings of exactly $10,789 in real CASH VALUE, FREE. Yes, that means without actually paying one red cent! 

A couple of days earlier I got a question about the same thing and revealed in few lines exactly how I get reprint rights to products others don't have the rights to, I got this back in reply...

"Hi Kunle, Thank you for your answer and for the update of your book (including the reprint report)! And thank you for your helpful and clarifying comments on how you get reprint rights! You're really good at this! And you could easily create a book or a complete course on it!" -- Klaus Dahl

Now, I'm far from creating a course on this;-), You don't need a course on
it, it's very simple. Too simple to write a whole course anyway, so you get
exactly what will benefit you.

What you'll get instead is...

A special report with FULL reprint rights so you can sell it at the full price and keep all the money, give it away FREE to get new sign ups to your ezine, or use it as a very valuable and unique free bonus with your own products to get YOUR prospects to BUY something from YOU! 

This is a hot report with information that can save your prospects virtually tens of thousands of dollars IF they use it well! And I bet they'll just LOVE you for showing this to them!

Now, let me be totally honest with you...
This special report can save you a load of money if you find the right people to deal with. However I won't kid you around or B.S. you like most people would on this. I'll be straight up front and tell you -- nothing is ever 100% guaranteed to work ALL of the time. 

Anyone claiming that must be a magician or... 

  • They'll promise to implement their tactics on your business themselves (as in they'll work on your business THEMSELVES so they're certain to make it work without a doubt), or...
  • They'll in some way "guarantee" your money back -- telling you it's 100% guaranteed if it doesn't thrill you or do what they promised it would (that really means -- it might not work, and in that unfortunate situation, I'll just refund your check). 

Listen. Super-Computers (talk much less of normal everyday PC's) break down or come up with a glitch every once in a few years. How many times has YOUR computer "hung" on you? 

Bank ATM's eat up your credit card or chuck out more or less money than you asked for, or don't even chuck any money out at all and instead chuck out your plastic card and ask you to kindly take a hike -- "Your faulty card (which really isn't faulty) can't be processed at this moment!" Has that ever happened with you? 

It's happened with me -- a few times. Is it the computer's fault? I'll answer that from my own experience. No. It's isn't the computer's fault. 

It's just part of that thing called -- life. In Life, nothing is ever PERFECT or 100% guaranteed to work without a hitch (not that I know of anyways;-) 

So, in the same light, what I'm about to tell you now has worked for me in closing two deals recently and getting EXPENSIVE resale/reprint/marketing rights totaling $13,789 in real money that I would have had to actually cough up IF I didn't use the method you'll read below. 

Last year it worked to get me close to $3,000 or so in reprint rights "savings";-) And, I will still keep using it probably till retirement. It works.

Still, the same method in this report has flopped for me twice recently. I met two people and used it with them. I could have sworn they'd snap up my offer within the twinkling of an eye! But, people can be unpredictable. 

They didn't exactly refuse, but they didn't reply saying "Yes! oh yes!" either. You'll see later why this shouldn't even bother you one bit. 

For now, I want you to know that I did not invent this, neither did I create any NEW system to use it, the whole idea you'll read about now can be based in a simple theory. 

Ted Nicholas uses this technique to close off millions 
of dollars in deals, sales, subscriptions, you name it!
Ted Nicholas (the guy who became a millionaire at age 19), discussed this same theory many times (he didn't invent it either), but he sold a 1-page 130-word report on the same thing for, wait for it.... $1,500.

Yes, someone actually paid that much to hear the following advice in less than 130-words! What did Ted advise for fifteen-hundred US dollars? You'll find out in the report. 

But I'll you this much now...

  • He said that in all his 20-something years slaving away at his work, he made a discovery that changed his life. Once he fully grabbed this secret, he was able to finally achieve success and wealth beyond what he imagined. His personal life also dramatically improved. 
  • He went on further to say that he found out to get all that you will ever want in your life, you need to only act in a way other people almost never do. 
  • He said that remarkably like all great breakthroughs in thought, it's incredibly powerful, yet very simple. He said it works "almost" every time. Then he gave up the secret in just 13 words and collected $1,500 for it. 

Since that day (sometime in September 1992), Ted Nicholas made direct marketing history with those 13 words and has since put several million dollars in people's pockets who just went straight ahead and used it. 

Did it work for them all of the time? Probably not. But if you're wondering if it worked majority of the time and saved or made someone a great deal of money, I can say from personal experience. It works. 

So back to my special report, what you'll be getting, and how you can get it. It's simple and really I won't drag this out much longer. There are only three major benefits from reading this report. 

Here they are...

  • If you use this technique say 15 times, if only 5 out of those 15 times, you're successful, and each time you saved say $1,400 - $5,000 in cash expenses, my report will have saved you a minimum $7,000 this year! 
  • If you use what you get from those savings, and you know how to make money with your new resources, my report could make you several thousand more this and every year! 
  • If you use this information every year, and the same thing happens yearly, you'd be saving $7,000 or more a year (could be less or more), and you'd be making several hundreds or thousands back a year (you may never see this money without doing what I'll show you -- so you win ahead EVERY YEAR on just one simple technique I'll show you in a minute once you've ordered access)!
Do these sound like cash-benefits 
YOU want for YOUR business? 

If you said YES to that, lets get to how the report will be delivered to you so you can use the info -- right away. I've put this information in PDF so that even if you're a PC or MAC user, you too can read it immediately!

You can get instant access
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