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A VERY Special Set OF DVDs, CDs, Audio CDs and Scores Of Workbooks  That INCLUDES Everything You Need to Start Your Sizzling Online Affiliate Business Or Re-Start Building it on a Stable Basis - At Last!


Dear Affiliate Marketer ,

Your videos and downloads are spread across this page at relevant spots.

But before you get into your downloads , please see the photographs of my two children with the exclusive set of a totally new 'The Affiliate Manager 1st Edition -Money Making Kit' that they hold in their tiny hands!

My children Adarsh and Anamika,  made a sudden entry into my home office unannounced yesterday. My son, the 9 year old brat that he is, immediately caught hold of the 'The Affiliate Manager 1st Edition -Money Making Kit' lying around and wanted see the CD's on my precious lap instantly!

And he knows much more about Internet than an average kid!

And after watching the DVDs, the little guy wants to start a site of his own! And I must help him with it as he is sure that, this easy-to-follow, one-of-a-kind DVDs, CDs, Audio CDs and Scores Of Workbooks can be mastered easily!

But it's NOT a Child's play!


, I was extremely lucky to get a pre-launch copy of this fabulous package ( Yes! The package just got launched on June 27, 2006 at 12:00 PM ET ). There are more products to come other than what I am displaying to you!

Second set of package is expected any day and I am excited!

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All I can say that this entire affiliate course re-opened my eyes having spend on it for last 3 days!

I am one online marketer who gave a low priority to drive sales through affiliates hitherto. And I was quite surprised learn how people drives 70% of their sales and some of them are making millions through affiliates. The big mistake of mine in last 5 years!

Yes. It's true. Some indeed makes millions by employing the right techniques and strategies without much sweat.

What I Discovered From This Tight Course is... ,

  • Existence of companies on the internet who do over $300 million in revenue a year and over $100 million of that comes from this JUST ONE marketing technique... and now I know it! Would you be interested in what that technique was? I know I sure was!

  • MarketingSherpa.com estimates that affiliate marketers will make over 6.5 Billion in commissions in 2006. My question to you is, how great would it be if you could convince even a small portion of that sales force to sell for YOU...

    If "they" make that much, can you imagine how much those who they promote for make?

Find Out More On How To Become Adept In Eliciting Sales
Out Of Your Affiliates!

Why is this course the best choice:

Personally, this is the most rounded and complete affiliate course that I have ever laid my hands own in 5 years of online! Nothing better has hit my brain, my computer nor my hands. When I see sizzling information that is extremely useful to me -- I smell it from a mile ahead!

"The Affiliate Manager - 1st Edition: How to Build and Manage An
Unstoppable Online Sales Force"

This is an awesome course developed to coach an internet business on all the ins and outs of developing a highly successful affiliate program online that can lead you to your dream millions!

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Pin-Point Details on all of the following are provided:
Recruiting Affiliates Training Affiliates Communications with Affiliates
Legal Matters Related to Affiliate Programs How to RID Your Program From Spyware and much much more...


What does this course include?

4 Hour DVD "Affiliate Manager Boot Camp"

At the Affiliate Summit in January 2006, we ran the “Affiliate Manager Boot Camp” at the request of the CEO of Affiliate Summit. The event was an enormous success. We had representatives from Ebay, American Express, HPShopping and many other Fortune 500 companies.

But 90% of the attendees were just like you and me
-- Running a home-based business.


14 Hours of Audio Interviews - 7CDs

Top experts in the industry were tracked down and asked them to reveal exactly how they manage their programs. Here is the list of illustrious marketing toppers who did it all by themselves and now sharing with you...

Yanik Silver Mike Filsaime Jeff Mulligan
Shawn Collins Rosalind Gardner Clark Douglas Walton
Deborah Carney (CafePress.com) Linda Woods (PartnerCentric) Chris Sanderson (AMWSO)
Asif Malik (GoldenCAN) Brian Littleton (ShareASale) Lisa Riolo (Commission Junction)
Liane Diatrich (LinkShare) Gary Mcnelley (Joe Bucks) Rachel Honoway (Kowabunga)
Jim Lillig (Expert Affiliate Recruiter) Revenue Magazine Revenews.com
AffStat Report ProjectBlackBook PayDotCom
!- And many others NOT named here -!


What Else These Eminent Persons Has To Say?
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10 Module “Interactive” Workbook - Great Experience

The entire process of managing affiliates and building an affiliate program into 10 “steps” which are discussed in great detail in 10 self-discovering Modules.

This workbook is much different and more advanced! You’re literally forced to apply the concepts to your own business. The questions and self-examination questions help you set goals and take action.

Plus working through the Modules means you’ll understand how your affiliate program is supposed to work from the inside out. You’ll never be in the dark - even if you outsource the management to someone else.

200+ Pages of Expert Advice - Fully Interactive with Many Quizzes Throughout


8 Cheat Sheet Checklists

Maybe the best part of the course! Some of the complex components of building an affiliate program is broken them down into easy to read and digest checklists.

Simply check things off as you complete them and
you’ll be well on your way !


6 Templates Package
Looking to recruit affiliates offline? Are you trying to figure out budgets for your program or how successful your program is? We have all the templates and data sheets you’ll ever need in the “Template CD.”


“Where To Find It In Affiliate Marketing”
If you ever come across a question in affiliate marketing or a term you do not understand, our “Yellow Pages” guide and glossary has every possible definition, resource, and websites you will ever need.

Superlative Bonuses!
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Many More BONUSES!

Top companies in the industry to contribute very special bonuses:

  • Full 1-year subscription to Revenue Magazine

  • Premier membership to Revenews.com

  • PayDotCom.com

  • Shawn Collin’s AffStat Report

  • Additional surprise interviews


3 major bonuses are created that will only be available to those who purchase quickly:

Limited Bonus #1: How To Prospect Amazing Joint Ventures (Entire Course) in print!

We only have 200 of these to give-away and they will NEVER be printed again - so this is your ONLY chance.

  • A complete 1 hour interview with Yanik Silver on “how to develop products” and how Yanik manages his joint ventures. Yanik is a master of product creation and this is a rare opportunity to heard his secrets.
  • A complete guide that teaches you how to find, recruit, and develop the critical joint ventures, including many advanced strategies.

Once again, this JV course is only available for the first 200 orders.

Limited Bonus #2: 5 Weeks Teleseminar Coaching

We really want to help your affiliate program succeed, so everyone who orders within the first 24 hours will join us at NO extra cost for 5 weeks of training and support teleseminars.

During these 5 teleseminars we will walk you through all the elements of the course. You’ll be able to get questions specific to your program answered by experts in the field.

Limited Bonus #3: Full Q&A Sessions

We are here to support you 100%! As long as you purchase within the first couple of days, you will be invited to multiple teleseminar Q&A sessions where we answer YOUR questions on affiliate program management.

This is why it has taken us over 7 months to develop the course. And we only have 2 days till launch. So you only have to wait 8 days to get access to THE best course on affiliate program management ever developed :D


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As my special appreciation for ordering The Affiliate Manager 1st Edition -Money Making Kit, Here are some very special bonuses valued at $4092.26 in total from my side. The special package that Anik Singal of AffiliateClassroom.com has put together for you is excellent. That too at a bargain price! I know it because I use them! And I will do anything to make you grab a copy each one of them now! I know you will thank me later.

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