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A VERY Special Offer That INCLUDES Everything You Need to Start Your Online Business Or Re-Start Building it on a Stable Basis - At Last!

First, allow me to say that there is a reason for this Special Offer and this is the development of JVManager. I want to save time for adding more and more features SOON to all the ones that have been added so far and, thus making that flagship script THE BEST system you can use for CENTRALIZING your online efforts. FYI so far more than $15,000 has been spent for the development.

This Special Offer Ends Today!

The A, B and C of this offer:
Sorry About it This Offer Has Expired!

So... let's start ...

A. Products

 In brief:

1. You will be able to install the BEST ONLINE MANAGEMENT SUITE: JVManager, on your server. Even if you are a GURU with 100 years of online experience on Internet Marketing you will see how JVManager can HELP you rebuilding your business on a STABLE Basis... no matter what you sell..

2. You will get the Best Seller Ebook: Never Pay for ANY product offered with Master Resale Rights Again, Get Access Into the Ultimate Collection of ebooks, software and scripts you can resell and ALSO resell the Access and the Master Resale Rights... You will start getting orders and creating your offers asap: Load JVManager with BSE's products and start reselling...

3. Use Special Offer Manager to automate your Special Offers and Dynamic Pricing Generator (new version!) to increase your Sales!

In details...

Validate JVManager normally costs $347.00
(...But Do Not Buy!)

I can talk for DAYS about this script... The sales letter as it is right now counts 17 pages and describes just the features of the last version released: 3.03. For your information yesterday I got version 3.10 and today (Jan. 31) I received and started testing version 3.11  that will be released this week.

Basically: You MUST use 1 software (either a script or a remote service) for CENTRALIZING your online activities: sales, subscribers, customers, affiliates, Joint Venture partners and all the sub-activities in each category, like Multiple Payment Gateways, Special Commissions for JV Partners, Different Affiliate Groups, etc.

I'll put it simply: If you don't use CENTRALIZATION you're destined to FAIL no matter WHAT you sell online; and JVManager is the BEST solution offered today. There are some other scripts offered - I know. There are also some remote services (shopping carts) - I know... And because I KNOW what all of them do, I created the BEST solution: a script that has almost EVERYTHING. In the worst possible case: In JVManager you can find what you CANNOT find in other solutions... 

Validate the Best Seller Ebook - Master Resale Rights' License costs $147.95
(...But Do Not Buy!)

You all know BSE. Click here to see the products included. I know there are other "collections" online, since I was the "example" that was duplicated:) BSE INCLUDES most of those collections too. With the Master Resale License, you can resell:

  1. the access to the collection,

  2. the resale rights of that access and

  3. the Master Resale Rights.

Validate Special Offer Manager normally costs $97.00
(...But Do Not Buy!)

This is the script that won Allen Says' and Terry Dean's testimonials. Simple to use, it does exactly what it promises: it allows you to create, run and maintain Special Offers Automatically.  Again: there is NO better solution offered online. Users of SOM know it. You can read Carmen Maranon's review of SOM here.

Validate Dynamic Pricing Generator - NEW VERSION coming soon - will cost approx. $67.00
(...But Do Not Buy!)

Well... you all know Dynamic Pricing Generator... right? Some of the features of the new version I CAN reveal here:

  • You can create multiple offers.

  • You can accept Paypal(R) and 2Checkout(R) payments.

  • Customers reach the "Thank You" page instantly upon the completion of their orders.

  • A 2-tier AFFILIATE PROGRAM with a UNIQUE TWIST is also built in...

  • 100% template driven

  • Multi-language: you can edit it to "speak" your language...

  • and many other features I can NOT reveal right now.

You will get the old version with Master Resale Rights and the new version for your own use (no resale rights will be offered right now.)

So... what you get through this offer:

  1. JVManager - $347.00

  2. Special Offer Manager - $97.00

  3. Dynamic Pricing Generator - NEW VERSION - approx. $67.00

  4. Best Seller Ebook - Master Resale Rights' License - $147.95

$347.00 + $97.00 + $67.00 + $147.95...

Total cost of all the above products: $658.95

You'll also get 2 more products you'll love as a Surprise Bonus!
More information inside:)

The TURBO element of this offer is that...

...you get ALL the products above for 1 low price of $247.00 AND YOU ALSO GET......an UNLIMITED membership...

B. Unlimited Membership

That means you'll NOT pay
for any updates/renewals EVER!

This offer is GOOD:

  • Even if you own one of all of the above products, since you will be able to RENEW your memberships for life! Especially for BSE: You will be able to master/resell it without having to renew any membership at all. Plus, you will be able to offer the "Download License" as a Bonus for products created by you.

  • For new customers too: You will not have another chance to get everything for that price and with this unlimited membership.

C. $100/$30 commissions

This offer will last until February 7, 2005

You will be able to use an affiliate link and earn $100 for all sales generated by you and $30 for sales generated by your sub-affiliates. You'll get a page like this one you're reading right now with a built-in order link: YOUR AFFILIATE ORDER LINK, or you can simply use your affiliate link and start promoting this offer.

Commissions will be paid on the 17th of February 2005 by Paypal(R) or by check to your mailing address.

Isn't this a TURBO-Offer? :)

As I already told you , this TURBO-offer is offered mainly for covering the expenses for the quicker and further development  and promotion of JVManager. The development costs so far have been around $15,000. The expected expenses in the near future are about $20,000 - only for the new sales letter and the new features of JVManager that I have already drafted - not mentioning the features I'll add after 3-4 months. I can't help inventing turbo-features for that software:)

This is your chance!

Get EVERYTHING for $247.00
Turbo Fire Sale! Order Today!
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Because of the nature of this offer no refund right is available.


John Delavera & S. Kumar

P.S. For your information, when the new sales letter of the JVManager is ready and a special module I have in mind will be added, the price of JVManager (only) will be $497.00... Be sure that I always keep my promises...:)

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