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6 Unavoidable Factors For Maximizing Your International Online Sales!

6 Unavoidable Factors For Maximizing Your International Online Sales!
By S. Kumar,

International online sales can no longer be ignored! And global online marketing is no more about U.S. or Canada only!

Last year, U.S. holiday sales was about $30.1 billion, a clean 30% up from 2004. And this trend is world wide and not just limited to the U.S. An example is, U.K. holiday sales clocked an increase of 50% in 2005 and Brits spent close to ?5 billion!

According to, more than 80% of 2CO vendors now sell in more than one country and nearly 40% of 2CO sales results from about 200 countries other than the US and Canada.

The picture is crystal clear.  Update your global internet marketing services!

International buying is on the rise and Internet marketers can no longer afford to ignore the needs of these buyers. Internet marketing have become more challenging and multi-focused when dealing with customers from cross-cultural groups.

And here are some tips on improving your international sales.

1:- Security Aspect

International buyers are worried about the security of their credit card. And alleviating this fear is your FIRST selling point when dealing with them! 42,000 interviews conducted in 37 countries makes it plain that the security concerns is the limiting factor when it comes to online purchases.

Regardless of their location, you must provide solid ways for them to shop with confidence. Make sure that you have the top security standards and also make sure that it is seen, evident and can be confirmed with third parties.

2:- Provide Suitable Currency Choices

Enable your site to accept multi-currencies. You can set your prices in US dollars, but have a mechanism where your international customers can view the prices in their own currency. For instance, $19.99 for U.S. customers, ?9.99 for U.K customers and so on. If possible make this automated so that your customers can browse your products priced in their own currency without doing anything else.

3:- Circumvent The Language Barrier

Let your images describe your products. Instead of making the customer read your product, show what it is to minimize the reliance on language. Make your Web site language simple. Avoid using slang and Clich?. Keep your sentences short.

4:- Create Country-Specific Websites

What if you can communicate with your buyers in their own sweet language? The result is obvious. More sales. This will empower you to price your product for each country targeted, not by exchange rates. You can also be price sensitive and flexible with each country's competition and income levels. One good example of a country-specific website is

5:- Shipping Ease

Make shipping as easy and safe as possible for the purchaser if you are selling tangible products. Provide different shipping options for your international buyer that he can choose. While shipping expensive items, use a package service that provides proof of delivery. Make sure that customers are completely familiar with your shipping methods they order. Also insure the shipment.

6:- Multi-Lingual Help Center

How much will your sales will be if you can provide support in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French? You can appoint tele-commuters the respective countries to do the servicing. The cost factor will be much lower than from U.S. As an example, you can get remote staff from India for less than $20 for an 8hr work schedule.

Once you gain the confidence of your international target group, there is no reason why they shouldn't buy from you in the changed global economy.

Good luck with your International online sales.



S. Kumar is the webmaster and owner of

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