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From Zero-Cost To...Fraud

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From Zero-Cost To...Fraud!

By S. Kumar,

Personalization! One of the decisive ingredients of a happy life --And equally true for a Web marketer.

You are familiar about email personalization. Savvy marketers use it every time to address you by your first name in their emails for that 'extra punch'.

But did you know that you can 'extend' this same concept even from your emails to your website and clock improved high as 300%?

With the help of a No-Cost, simple two-line script, you can easily personalize your sales pages, download pages, eZine solos, classifieds, autoresponder courses thank you pages, JV's, newsletters, affiliate Reviews product reviews...and the applications goes on.

This zero-cost script equips you to address your prospects by their first name right from your web page itself giving you that 'extra edge' over others in a flash.

Allow me to share the secret with you -- The only thing you need to know is just 'Copy & Paste'.

* The Magic Zero-Cost Script*

Please Download The Webpage/Sales Page personalization script from here with instructions:

Once you download, finish personalizing in flat 2 steps in under 10 minutes.

* Step-1: Easily insert a very simple code into your webpage where you want your customers name to appear.

*Step-2: Now all you have to do is insert a simple "?-Name Tag-" at the end of the URL that you want you promote.

Note: -Name Tag- means, the personalization tag in your Autoresponder and emails.

For e.g. Just replace the "YourName" from the below URL with your name and see how you are personally addressed on the Web page:

* The Cost Option Of The Similar Script*

Interestingly, there is also a similar script launched very recently with much fanfare. But you have to pay $67. Well! You really do not need to pay for it as it is available openly. If you have already bought the product, compare it with the Zero-Cost script given above . Do you find any difference?

* And The Fraud!*

I got an email from a youngster in Philippines asking me for a JV with this Web page personalization script arrives. He had noticed from an earlier article of mine.

The deal was, he will productize this script which I was already giving away and wanted me to stop promoting that article. I will get a copy of the product that I can sell.

We exchanged a few emails on the deal and in all humility, I accepted the offer and waited for the this gentleman to respond.

Some of the sentences from his subsequent email were,

"I?m honest and reliable. I try to live with integrity. That only means that you won?t have any problems dealing with me."

"You don?t have to do anything. Just sit back and rest. Let me do everything. Then I?ll send you the finish product!"

Yes! This guy went ahead, finished the product, began selling it and is joint venturing now on a 7 day stuff ...except that I never heard from him again nor the finished product.

One more example of dishonest people infesting the Internet and one more guy to avoid doing business with.



P.S: To reprint this article free, send a blank email to 
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