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How to choose Affiliate Programs that will Pay us and Pay us on time?

By S. Kumar,

Referral programs are the bread and butter of the average Joe running an online business. But how to know we are dealing with good companies who will pay us and who will pay us on time! 

There is a way out from cheaters and frauds.

The internet is infested with fly-by-night operators who make money and then vanish without paying us. Here comes the relevance of third party tracking.




This article is about third-party-trackers or organizers who ensures that we are not cheated, we have good programs to promote and we get our money on time!

These companies bring many companies offering affiliate programs under their umbrella. You can choose  any of these programs as per your needs and the organizer will cut one combined check at end of the month.

The advantage here is that you get one aggregated check for all your programs...instead of running behind all these companies for your money. Secondly these organizers are very strict and simply drop companies on the slightest mistakes.

This means only serious companies approach an organizer. In short a wider choice of monitored affiliate programs is available under one roof  to choose from.

3 such well reputed and genuine companies are featured below and all are global services.



affiliate advice, affiliate guide, affiliate tips Commission Junction, an application service provider (ASP), is a third party network of companies and affiliates that tracks, reports and measures all of these transactions. They also collects and distributes payments from each company, and pays you the monthly earnings in one aggregated payment.

You can get started today for free by signing up online and get paid in one monthly paycheck for all the online partnerships developed through Commission Junction.

At first it could be confusing! The site is loaded with features and facilities. To know all about it you need to spend about an hour at Commission Junction site. But it is worth it. You will find 100's of affiliate programs to suit your needs.

Commission Junction is the leading affiliate marketing solution provider.Learn more about their global service today. Join for Free.



affiliate advice, affiliate guide, affiliate tips Click Bank is the online billing solution used by thousands of web businesses that deliver unique products (e.g. software, files etc) and services over the Internet itself (via web pages, files, or email).  One of the well respected online credit card processing companies in the world which lets merchants accept payments for their products easily world wide.

Incidentally, you can consider making click bank as your payment gateway if you sell software, files, reports etc. You can accept payments from any part of the globe.

Another service they provide is affiliate organizing. You can choose affiliate ships from hundreds of companies and click bank pays you for all of them as a single check-twice a month!. The system is made in such a way that you are guaranteed of your payments.

Click bank accepts payments directly from the clients, your share goes to you and company's share to them. Its that simple. 

A must check out site if you are into serious home business. Join for Free at



affiliate advice, affiliate guide, affiliate tips LinkShare hosts The LinkShare Network?, where affiliates can use one username and password to quickly and easily find programs they want to join. Choose from the 400 merchants who have affiliate programs through LinkShare. LinkShare is a trusted third party offering the most accurate tracking.

The procedure is more or less same as the above mentioned programs. Your monthly check is send by Link Share. Join for Free.



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