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Download the free cool tool that will automatically call your subscribers by their name directly from your web page -- even when they click on a link from your autoresponder message!

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300% More Sales With A Simple Zero-Cost Script!

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300% More Sales With A Simple Zero-Cost Script!

By S. Kumar,

Which word in the whole world sounds the most important to you?

Undoubtedly, Its your name! 

The moment you see it or hear it any where, your antenna is up. Naturally and instinctively you notice your name wondering "what caused" it to pop up!

And you already know that personalizing your email messages is critical for your subscribers to respond. But can we take this same personalization a step further and extend it to even on our WebPages?

"Is it possible to call our subscribers by their name from the web page itself and stand out from the rest of the marketing crowd?

You can very effectively use this "psychological trigger" on your web page and directly address your subscribers by their name when they hit on the links in your email messages or autoresponder messages.

For e.g. Just replace the "YourName" from the below URL with your name and see how you are personally addressed on the Web page: 

You do not have to be a techie to use this. My sales have tripled after incorporating this simple script to my important pages.

Here is the Magic Script

Please download the Webpage/Sales Page personalization script from here.

4 Applications With The Web Personalization Script

Once you download the script, you can apply it to get triple results in various ways. 4 such suggestions are given below.

1. Ezine Campaigns: Before you start the campaign, just request the Ezine owner to place HIS personalization tag to YOUR URL.

Each visitor will be pleasantly surprised and more inclined to take closer look at your proposition.

2. Your Newsletters: Whenever you are sending a special or an issue, make sure that your pages are ready for personalization and insert the personalization tag in the emails. Your subscribers will be knocked out of their socks.

3. Tell-A-Friend Page: Just imagine the feeling of the first time visitor to your site on advice and he finds he is being personally addressed. More often than not, he will want to stay and explore your site.

4. Autoresponder Sequences: Use the same principle on every email in the autoresponder. Each time when the reader hits on a link in the email, he is addressed personally by his name.

The sweetest word in anyone's personal dictionary is his own name. Why not address someone with what he likes most and in the process triple your sales too.


P.S: To reprint this article free, send a blank email to 
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