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Did your ever seriously considered the vital importance of colors on your website?

Your website is not only a marketing tool. It goes much beyond that. It represents a personality. Yours! Your website can subtly influence your buyer with positive and negative emotions which can make or break a sale.

Get your color selections perfectly right with these 7 top graphic tools.


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The Hidden Effects Of Colors - Create The Right Ambience
For 90% More Sales!

The Hidden Effects Of Colors - Create The Right Ambience For 90% More Sales!
By S. Kumar,

"Did you know that your site visitors make a subconscious judgment within the first 90 seconds of initial viewing of your site, and that between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on *color alone*?

If you feel, your website is not pulling in or not holding people, may be the color combination of your site is interfering with your visitor's sense of harmony!

The effect of colors in influencing the mind of your customer is high and this psychological factor of color must be put to good use in the marketing & design of your web site.

Color impacts and directs the customer to a positive decision. And as I said earlier: "Between 62% and 90% of the assessment of your website is based on *color alone*".

Here are  7-sets of graphic tools that has the potential to get your color selections perfectly right. Visit them!

Color influences the moods and the sentiments. Color can be effectively used in websites as mood enhancers and make the visitor comfortable and calm. Begin to use color effectively with its millions of combinations to your advantage.

Here's a simple psychological color chart to help you through!


Cool Colors

Blue, green, purple, turquoise and silver are known as cool colors. Cool colors casts calming effect on your site visitor. But beware that, when used alone, these colors can leave a cold and impersonal feel on your site visitor. So combine colors from other groups intelligently and avoid this.

Cool Color

Positive Emotions

Negative Emotions

Blue love, loyalty, tranquility, security, trust, intelligence coldness, masculinity, fear
Green money, freshness, growth, fertility, healing envy, guilt, jealousy, disorder
(combination of blue and red)
luxury, spirituality, royalty, nobility, ambition moodiness, mystery
Turquoise spiritual, protection, sophisticated, healing femininity, envy
Silver glamorous, sleek, high tech, graceful, insincere, dreamer


Warm Colors

Red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, and gold belong to warm colors and has an exciting effect on the viewer. But when used along, they can get over-stimulate! It can swell up emotions like anger! So add colors from other groups to strike a balance...

Warm Color

Positive Emotions

Negative Emotions

Red love, power, strength, energy, passion, heat anger, warning,  danger, impatience
Pink healthy, sweet, happy, compassion, feminine, playful weakness, immaturity femininity
Yellow bright, intellect, energy, creativity, sun, happy coward, unstable, irresponsible
Orange courage, friendliness, confidence, warmth, success ignorance, superiority. sluggishness,
(both warm and cool color)
luxury, spirituality, royalty, nobility, ambition moodiness, mystery
Gold traditional, wealth, prosperity, valuable greed, dreamer


Neutral Colors

Brown, tan, ivory, gray, black and white falls in neutral colors. Neutral colors be at best when mixed with cool or warm colors. They have the innate capacity to tone down the effect of other overpowering colors and can be excellent as backgrounds. Black can be used to create a dark shade of a primary color and white for a light shade.

Neutral Color

Positive Emotions

Negative Emotions

Black protection, classy, dramatic, serious, formality secrecy, evil, mystery, death
Gray security, intelligence, reliability, solid, conservative gloomy, conservative, sad
Brown friendly, longevity, earth, outdoors, conservative dogmatic, conservative
Tan (Beige) dependable, crisp, flexible, conservative dull, conservative. boring
Ivory quiet, warmness, pleasantness, pureness weak, unstable
White goodness, clean, fresh, innocence, purity, easy winter, distant, cold

So what's the perfect color combination for your website?

No specific answer from me! Except that try to understand your niche target and taking into account their response to various color schemes -- and NOT simply your own.



BTW, don't miss out on these 7 color tools...

Hope you will find these 7 brand new tools useful,

S. Kumar is the Webmaster of

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