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"Wow Ameer! You have assembled an AMAZING collection of how-to videos for the complete newbie. This site has a complete video library for the Internet marketer, there's something for everyone. Now anyone can EASILY get started with their online business just by following the step-by-step tutorials.

"No more having to read through thick manuals... this is so much better! In just a few days I was able to do tasks which would have taken me weeks to learn. The Internet Marketing Basics videos alone is worth more than the low membership fee, but you're giving a lot more value with all the tutorials, manuals, resale rights and pro autoresponder account! Thanks for providing a valuable resource."

-- Ahmad Supaat,



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From the desk of: Ameer Salim
Brought to you by: S. Kumar

Dear Aspiring Internet Marketer ,

Are you overwhelmed by the whopping amount of information online? Are you technically challenged? Perhaps you don't have the time to even skim through hundreds of E-Books and manuals that claim to reveal the insider secrets to Internet Marketing?

I can certainly relate.

My name is Ameer Salim and I have been marketing online since 1998. And I can tell you that NOTHING is more frustrating than NOT being able to join the ranks of top Internet Marketers simply owing to your lack of ability, expertise and tools.

And if this situation sounds very familiar to you (maybe because you're in it right now), then I've got some real good news for you...

"I Have Already Cracked The Code"

In 1969, a formal study was made within the education system that reveals the effectiveness of different types of learning. That study is what they called "The Cone of Learning".

Study Source: Cone of Learning Adapted from Dale, 1969

And I reckoned you've been trying to succeed in Internet Marketing by reading E-Books and manuals only, huh?

Interestingly enough, many newcomers to the marketing scene are trying to make it BIG online through this method only! I know this for a fact because I used to be one of the huge statistics... before I've cracked the code.

Yes, I'm saying that again because...

"It's Really NOT As Hard As You Think It Is"

In fact , the answers are already found in the diagram itself. To increase your chances of succeeding in Internet Marketing while reducing your learning curve, all you have got to do is:

Increase your learning speed in paving your Internet Marketing foundation - and one of the few effective ways is often finding a capable Internet Marketer who has already "been there, done that" to coach and mentor you,

Invest in all the essential tools you need for your Internet Business,

And last but not least... take action!

DON'T get me wrong. E-Books and manuals are still essential learning tools but UNLESS you want to jumpstart and explode your Internet Business in the fastest time possible, you're going to need more than that.

Now I know what you're probably thinking.

"That's Easy For You To Say"

If you have been in the marketing scene for some time, I'm sure you know by now that most TOP Internet Entrepreneurs are charging a leg and an arm for their coaching classes while many others aren't even offering mentorship in the first place!

And investing in all the tools you need to get started and running online can be very costly in the long run especially if you're acquiring them one by one.

As if that's not bad enough , your lack of technical knowledge and marketing expertise is discouraging you from achieving your financial goals.

And I have a sneaky suspicion you don't have the deep pockets and plenty of room for mistakes and risks.

I heard you.

From my experience, the HARDEST part of the journey in Internet Marketing is making your first few dollars!

I have also received countless emails and requests from my subscribers and many starting marketers, asking for my advice and hopefully coaching lessons that would fit their budget. Unfortunately, I cannot offer coaching classes due to time constraints.

Therefore, I have conceived what you can call your next breakthrough in your Internet Marketing career...

"Announcing Hot Marketing Videos"

While I have shared with you the 3 essential Internet Marketing success secrets, you might still feel a little shy and perhaps overwhelmed. Well, that's only natural especially if you're still new to the marketing scene.

When I first started out my marketing journey online, I found the price of personal coaching by top marketers very intimidating since I was on a shoe-string budget. As a result, I couldn't escape the TONS of guesswork in the early stages of my business... and paid the price with a lot of costly financial mistakes.

That's what moved and inspired me to conceive and implement HOT Marketing Videos for you, so you can:

Pave your Internet Marketing foundation,

Reduce your learning curve in the fastest time possible,

Get all the essential tools you need in one place to get started,

And get ALL THESE at a price you can afford!


STOP! Before You Continue...

It's very, very important for you to have very, very good reasons to listen to everything I say (otherwise there really is no point reading further). So here it is:

I have been marketing online with over 8 years of experience under my belt.

That's right. I entered the online marketing scene since 1998 and have tried almost anything and everything you try to pass for marketing advice. And the proof that...

I have been running Hot Marketing Videos, one of my largest membership sites, way back from 2004!

For the past few years, I have been helping novice Internet Marketers who are new to the marketing scene just like you, through one of my longest running membership sites.

But don't just take my word for it. Here is what some of my members have to say and comment:

"...Your Hot Marketing Videos Is By Far The Best Bang For Your Buck Membership Site Online "

"Hi Ameer,

I want to Thank You for all of your hard work building videos for Hot Marketing Videos. I know how much work it is to build videos and manage a website like yours. I build videos and I am going to release a Directory Of Online Video Products soon.

Out of over 300 video products I have researched I honestly have to say your Hot Marketing Videos is by far the best Bang for your Buck membership site online.

It is the biggest and best video membership out there and the price is very reasonable. I refer to your training videos more than any other video products I have.

I have built websites with graphics, autoresponders and pop ups. Made a blog, ebook and installed scripts after watching your training videos. I also use your autoresponder and have bought all of your product specials so far.

You always have really good customer service and answer my emails promptly. You have even helped me with problems that weren’t even related to your membership site.

I strongly recommend your Hot Marketing Videos to anyone from beginners to advanced web masters. There are tips, tricks and tools that everyone can use and benefit from.

Keep up the good work and the best of luck with Hot Marketing Videos."

Gary Garnett

"Ameer Has Created An Easy-To-Use Package That Will Do Three Simple Things That 99% Of The Stuff Being Sold Online Won't Do"

"A Refreshing Change...

If you are sick and tired of throwing your hard-earned money away on useless junk that promises the earth but fails to deliver then you'll find this a very pleasant and refreshing change.

Ameer has created an easy-to-use package that will do three simple things that 99% of the stuff being sold online WON'T do...

It will save you Money...
It will save You Time...
It will save you Stress...

The fact that you can stop and replay the various tutorials means that you can learn at your own pace.

My opinion?

This was created with the customer in mind - a rare thing in itself these days. Cheap at twice the price! I predict that we'll be hearing a lot more from this guy...

Well done Ameer!"

Chris Bloor

"Your Site Is Really Awesome"

"HI Ameer,

Just wanted to tell you that since I joined up with your membership site I am firing on all cylinders - all 10...

Your site really is awesome. I have been online for over a year now and tried to learn as much as I can and still managed to get stuck somewhere along the line. You know when everyone tells you that you can outsource all the work you cannot do! But when you are starting out and even when you are experienced - There are certain things you just want to get done straight away and get the project up and away.

As I needed to do anything on my sites - I looked it up on the site and Voila - I watched and picked it up almost instantly. I can tell you straight - there is no other medium of learning that can put anyone into forward gear and start actually DOING what you need to do to make all the difference.

For months I fumbled around trying to figure out from reading e-books and manuals and I still could not do certain things and I eventually left it on my PC for another day.

I have actually finished more projects in the last few weeks than I have in the past 6 months through watching your HOT Videos.

Oh and I nearly forgot- You've got that many bonus Items on your site I have not even had time to go through them all.

To Your Success
Hamant Keval

"It Was Way To Hard For Me To Get Lost After I Watched Your Videos"

Hello Ameer Salim,

I wanted to say thanks for a awsome membership site.
I have learned so much from your videos that I watch
any and all videos that come out. Your videos do such
an awsome job at showing you what to do. It was way
to hard for me to get lost after I watched your videos
I would recommend your membership site to anyone who
asks me about it. I think it is one of the best Membership
on the net.

Thanks Again
William Knotts

"...Yours Is Truly The Best And Biggest One Of All Of Them"

Hi Ameer,

this is just to inform you how happy I am that I joined your video membership site.

In the past I joined many membership sites but yours is truly the best and biggest one of all of them which provides video courses en mass.

You complete your offer with several great additional goodies like a professional autoresponder account, adtracker script and video series. I don't want to tell too much about since it is my own secret
resource too.

This video series alone is worth more than others have to pay for your membership.

You have done a great job.


Dirk Wagner

"Excellent Informative And Easy To Understand..."

"Excellent informative and easy to understand videos particularly for newbies like me"

Jeff Baldock

"... I Think I Have Invested For The Right Person With An Awesome Offer ;)"

Hi Ameer,

What a tremendous offer you have done! I have joined your site yesterday and until now I still haven't finished "exploring" your site!

For a 12.9 cents per day, I think I have invested for the right person with an awesome offer ;) And it really help me as I do only graphic designs so I can expand my business.

Thanks again.



"...I Swear It Has Gotten Bigger"

"Hello Ameer,

Before I recommend any product to my readers of my online/offline newsletter I purchase the product to see if it's of the quality that I can offer to my subscribers....I must say, you have done a bang-up job. Everytime I open your web site I swear it has gotten bigger....stop adding to it or I will never get to see it all ;o]"

Edward R. (Ed) Eismon

"... A Treasure Chest of Great Stuff"

"Ameer, I haven't had time to really get into the details of your content but from what I have seen you have put together a treasure chest of great stuff. I look forward spending and extended time getting into all the information."

Donald Raether

"I Thoroughly Recommend Them For Anyone Starting Out..."

"Hot marketing videos gave me the basic knowhow and the confidence to begin online. I thoroughly recommend them for anyone starting out and for anyone currently online. As Earl Weaver (former manager of the Baltimore Orioles) once said: "It's what you learn after you know it all that counts!"

Rich Joyce

"...Membership Site Is Awesome"

Just wanted to say that your 'Hot Marketing Videos' membership site is awesome! Anyone trying to break into Internet Marketing or Online Business who is either new, or yet to fully understand the vast amounts of information and techniques, or even those establised - all can learn from your collection. Without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to absord information and learn quickly - is not just reading, it's by multi-media.... and video is just that. Well done for a great package."

Gary Durkin

"...My Own Personal Tutor"

"I am quite new to marketing on the internet and have tried many ways to get going. I have bought loads of memberships and e-books but all were missing that vital something. I opened endless “Help” files only to be presented with endless text files which required more “Help” to comprehend. Now I have someone to “Show Me How” using video and clear easy to understand instructions, my own personal tutor. Sincerest thanks for this invaluable resource"

Ian McLaren Glenpars Marketing
Rutherglen, Nr Glasgow, Scotland

"I Wish That I Had Come Across Ameer's Site Much Sooner"

"This REALLY is the site that I have been looking for. It covers most, if not all, of the questions that I, as an advanced newbie, need to have answered. The sequential step by step approach makes it SO EASY to discover exactly what needs to be done next and how to do it. I wish that I had come across Ameer's site much sooner."

John Stephens

-----> Still Not Convinced? Click Here For A Full List Of Testimonials.
(link opens in a new window)

I'm NOT showing all these to brag or boast. But it's really important that I prove to you that I do indeed walk my talk. And these testimonials and endorsements have spoken on the behalf of my credibility.

"Now Let's Check Out The 8 Components In Store For You
At Hot Marketing Videos..."

Component #1:
Exclusive "Step-By-Step" Online Coaching
Video Tutorials

You receive a minimum total of over 66 hours of exclusive coaching video tutorials covering every important aspect of Internet Marketing, ranging from basic to advanced level.

This certainly beats spending weeks, months or possibly years standing behind the fence line with thousands of pages of combined E-Books and manuals being poured into your face!

With these videos:

You don't need to spend the next weeks and months trying to figure out all of the steps it takes to get things going online -- because you can watch someone show you exactly how to take action and get your business up and running today
You can avoid costly mistakes. Don't make mistakes that force you to start all over again or worse yet spend more money ... when you can have an expert who has done this dozens of times show you how to get it done right the first time.
You can watch instead of read. Don't read another ebook that TELLS you how to do it and then you still got to figure out how to do what you've been told... when you can watch someone else show you exactly how to take action and get your business up and running today.
You can learn at your own pace. With these videos you can pause them, fast forward them, rewind them, jump to whatever step you want to... anytime you want. It really is the ultimate way to learn.

Here are some of the many video tutorials you can expect to learn from once you're a member of Hot Marketing Videos:

Learning The Very Basics Of Internet Marketing

Video #1:
Introduction, and a brief guide on domain names

Video #2:
Registering a domain name live on Registerfly.com

Video #3:
DNS servers and how to change them – e.g.: on RegisterFly.com

Video #4:
Introduction & guide to choosing the right web hosting for your business

Video #5:
Case Study 1: Registering for a web hosting account on ThirdSphereHosting.com & getting it set up

Video #6:
Case Study 2: Registering for a web hosting account on ehosting4u.net & getting it set up

Video #7:
How to upload your web files using an FTP tool – BulletProof FTP

Video #8:
How to download, edit the sales letter of a reprint rights product & upload it back to your server - ReprintRightsEveryMonth.com product as an example

Video #9:
How to create a simple, basic “direct-response” website

Video #10:
How To Install Pop-ups on your website

Video #11:
Registering an account with Clickbank

Video #12:
ClickBank: Creating the sales page

Video #13:
ClickBank: Creating the “Thank-You” page & setting it up

Video #14:
Clickbank: How to test a $0 order

Video #15:
How to request a price limit for your Clickbank account


How To Create A Customer Service Support Ticket System For Free

Video #1:
Introduction to 'OS Ticket System' script

Video #2:
Installation of the script to your server (Uploading the files)

Video #3:
Setting up the configuration of the script

Video #4:
Setting up the configuration of the script (Part 2)

Video #5:
Installation using Fantastico on Cpanel servers


Quickly & Easily Make Great Looking E-Books

Video #11:
Introduction To The Instant PDF Creator script

Video #12:
How To Customize The "customsite" Folder Of The Script

Video #13:
How To Customize The "PDFCREATOR" Folder Of The Script

Video #14:
How To Customize The "ipccheck" Folder Of The Script

Video #15:
How To Upload The Script To Your Server And Quickly Get It All Working

Video #16:
What Files Are Needed To Create a PDF With The Instant PDF Creator Script

Video #17:
How To Create And Brand a PDF Template In HTML

Video #18:
How To Create High Quality PDF's With The Script

Video #19:
How To Encrypt Your Template File Name So Your Source Doesn't Get Stolen

Video #20:
How To Create The "Brand & Build" Page That Your Visitors Will Use To Create PDF's


Quickly & Easily Become Your Own Webmaster, Even If You Don't Consider Yourself Technical, And Without Having To Spend Money On New Software

Video #1:
Why It's Important To Be Your Own Webmaster - And What It Involves

Video #2:
A Guide To Choosing The Right Hosting For Your Business

Video #3:
Why You Need A Domain Name - And How To Choose, Use, Buy, And Manage Them

Video #4:
A Guided Tour Of The Pair Hosting Admin Panel

Video #5:
A Guided Tour Of The Third Sphere Hosting Admin Panel

Video #6:
How To Transfer Files From Your Computer To Your Website - So That The World Can See The

Video #7:
An Introduction To HTML Code

Video #8:
How To Create A "Sales Website" Using The WYSIWYG Editor Netscape Composer

Video #9:
An Introduction To Payment Processors And What To Take Into Consideration When Choosing One

Video #10:
Case Studies Of Successful Content Websites, And How To Structure A Content Website


How To Increase Your Adwords Click Through Rate

This video reveals incredible information that will not only help save you TONS of money but also make money a whole lot easier by leveraging on Google AdWords!

And how incredible is that? Well, I’ve learned a secret about using AdWords to generate click through rates (CTR) up to as high as 50%! You're reading it right - FIFTY PERCENT.

Of course, I cannot vouch that this will be the case for every Adwords campaign due to the sheer amount of variables, but I can confidently tell you that this technique makes powerful Adwords campaign different from the rest of its mediocre counterparts!

How To Make Money From eBay.com And Cafepress.com

This video exposes jealously guarded secrets on how you can cash in on one niche... in an autopilot fashion - FREE!

No, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with:

  • Information Marketing
  • E-Books
  • Private Label Rights
  • Email Marketing
  • Or any typical, conventional stuff that you and I know so well of!

It really is about selling REAL, solid products online using eBay.com and CafePress.com... on automation!

A Secret Tactic To Getting Indexed On Google Easily

In this video tutorial, I'll show you to get indexed in Google.com, the Internet's re-known Search Engine site, within a few hours only... without having to fork out a dime in the process!

The trick is in using one of Google's "secret" service. The faster you know this, the more effective it'll be before this strategy becomes saturatedly utilized with other marketers (or even your competition)!

Click Here For The Full List Of Titles


Component #2:
Specially Handpicked Internet Marketing
Success Manuals

I have carefully handpicked two of the Internet's TIMELIEST manual of all times - packed with solid gold information!

Manual #1:
David Vallieres' You Can Make A Living 7 Weeks Course

You can have all the success you want on the Internet if you learn a few basic principles and apply them with skill. David's program cuts through the BS that most information products on the Internet are full of. You'll be the beneficiary of an education that's taken 8+ years and over $100,000 in testing to discover. Now you can stop the insanity and become successful in any business you choose on the Internet with this 7 week fast track training program.

Make no mistake: This program is hardcore and a boot camp for success online. Do not make the mistake of comparing it with 'courses' or E-Book or books you may have read about "how to make money on the Internet". It's completely different than anything you have seen or heard of online. It will kick you in the pants, and when you think you are ready to sit down and get comfortable, it will kick you again! It is the toughest course you'll ever take anywhere... it pulls no punches and tells you straight-out exactly what you need to succeed.

Let's see exactly what you'll be learning in each lesson:


- Welcome! The Lesson This Week. What REALLY Works Online.

- Why Most People Don't Get It.

- Why You Listen To Everyone Who 'Thinks' They Know Something About Online Marketing and Still Don't Know What To Do

- What's Your Job As A Marketer?

- The Secret.

- Suddenly rich! (Part1).

- Why You Need To Make Money Everyday, and How To Make It

- What Do You Want To Talk About?

- Tools You Need To Start Being Successful.

- Now You Have A Direction and A Goal!



- Welcome! The Lesson This Week. The Marketing Mindset.

- How Common is Common Sense?

- Why Do Most People Fail At Business? (the real reason).

- You Have To Get Over It.

- What It Takes To Be Successful On The Internet.

- Marketing 'Gimmicks- The Shame of the Internet Marketing Community.

- Finding Out Who Your Customers Really Are.

- Finding Out What They Want and Finding Out Where They 'Hang Out'.

- How much can you make? (Part 1)

- Prospecting Online, The Right Way, The Wrong Way. EBAY. PPC's (Google AdWords Secrets).

- Ebay. PPC's. CoReg's. Websites. Ezines. Blogs.

- Your Daily Marketing Priorities (Part 1)
. Core Marketing Strategies.



- Welcome! The Lesson This Week. Ideas Are Hiding Here.

- Copyright Secrets.

- Do Not 'Type' Do This Instead - A Way to Create Content.

- Public Domain - Another Way to Create Content.

- Different Content, Different Skills.

- Gold Posts - Another Way to Create Content.

- Your Ezine - Another Way to Create Content.

- The Power of Questions - A Way to Generate Product Ideas.

- Drop-Dead Simple Content Creation - Another Way to Create Content.

- What Your Readers Need and Want. Secrets of Hiring Writers To Create Your Content.

- How To Legally Use Someone Else's Ideas, Sell Them and Keep 100% of the Profits Without Their Permission.

- The "Review" Method of Writing and Creating Your Content.

- There's No Such Thing As "Writer's Block"

- The "Brain Dump" Method of Writing and Creating Your Content. Positioning Your Information Product.




- Welcome! The Lesson This Week. Reality In Selling Online.

- A 'Little Known' Fact About Surveys and Focus Groups.

- Now That You're Starting To Build Your List.

- Why You Don't Need A Sales Page To Sell Most Of Your Products.

- I Love/Hate Affiliate Programs.

- Breaking Pre-Occupation and Entering the Conversation In Your Prospects Head.

- The Seven Ways.

- Where 80% of Your Income Will Come From...

- How Much Can You Make (Part 2) .

- What You Need At Least 2 Low-Priced and 2 High Priced Products Of your Own To Make Your Living Online.

- What Is A 'Marketing Calendar' and Why It's Critical To Your Success.

- How To Take Payments Online Simply And Easily.



- Welcome! The Lesson This Week. Building, Maintaining, Growing, Trusting.

- Who Are You?

- Are You Going To Leave Me?
(Each communication from you is another opportunity for you to build trust.)

- Where Did I Go Wrong?

- Using Common Sense.

- Understanding Your Customers and Prospects.

- This Is Not Right!

- Your List Is Dysfunctional - Get Over It!

- Info, GADGETS, Plans Software - What Sells Better?

- They BUY When...


- Creating A WEALTH GENERATING MACHINE. Modifying the System. Setting and Forgetting - Your System on Auto-Pilot.

- That is PASSIVE income...


- A 'Common Myth' EXPOSED About Business and Marketing.


- Welcome! The Lesson This Week. Eliminate EVERY Barrier To Your Success, Immediately.

- Money For Free and The One Belief That Kept Me Poor.

- What Do You Believe In?

- One Word That Will Change Your Life Following The Crowd Will Get You What The Crowd Has- Nothing.

- Breaking Through The Crap In Your Brain.

- Why Thinking Independently Is Your Greatest Personal Asset.

- Trickle Down... Why You're Probably Reading The Wrong Things.

- At The End of The Day, Did You Make Any Money? Or... The Nitty, Gritty Details of Running Your Online Business

- Your DAILY Marketing Priorities (Part 2).

- Your FINAL KICK IN THE BUTT! and Why FEAR Is An Asset.

- Suddenly Rich (Part 2).

Special BONUS Learning Material.


David discovered something HUGE... It could literally be the BIGGEST money-making method that hardly ANYONE knows about, uses or talks about on or off the Internet. It's literally "top secret".

( I'm currently selling this course for $197 as a stand-alone product. You can check it out by clicking here. But you'll get it for FREE as part of the membership)

Manual #2:
Gurus Emergency Plans

You can start a home based business to help generate an online income using these, step by step guides which are full of 30 day money making blueprints that you can use.

Learn EXACTLY what an Internet guru would do if he/she had no reputation on the Internet, no money, and bills were starting to pile up high. All they had was a roof over their head, phone line and an Internet connection for 30 days.

And here's what Gurus Emergency Plans is NOT:

• It's not another book teaching you to write an ebook.
• It's not another book asking you to buy reprint rights to other products
• It's not another book on website design or how to create a mini site.
• It's not another book trying to teach you copywriting.
• It's not another collection of FREE articles

• You will NOT need to have lots of money in the bank
• You will NOT need to be a marketing genius
• You will NOT need to talk to anyone
• You will NOT have to leave your house
• You will NOT have to deal with spam, FFAs, MLM or pyramid selling.

You ONLY need to be able to read and follow simple, easy to understand instructions!

Here's a small sampling of what you'll
discover in these marketing plans:

  • How to use ‘Limitation Disengage’ to think accurately for maximum results! Why work hard for pitiful results when you can easily outpace competitors using a simple technique? Let your competitors keep struggling. You don't have to anymore.

  • Recruit a platoon of people working for you to sell your product without paying a dime upfront. Anyone can start an affiliate program - but do you know the secret to starting a WILDLY SUCCESSFUL one?

  • The all powerful ‘early bird registration’ technique. (You can increase profits by 712% with it). Get in the buying mood before you even have anything to sell them.

  • Double your profits for LIFE with a simple thank you note. (It's more sophisticated than you think). Would you be willing to send out simple emails if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that your profits would increase? Of course you would.

  • The “instant” product technique. (Never ever be at a loss when you need to create a product. This works all the time!) Now you'll have an instant advantage over everyone who lets fear keep them from creating profitable products.

  • What a “Traffic-Pool” is and how to locate it. (You’ll be able to fish for hot prospects for life!) Would you like more buying traffic to your website? If so then this tactic alone is worth the price of this 1162-page "Gurus Emergency Plans" powerhouse.

  • Why you can be making money with your own telephone! Don't get caught up in thinking that the Internet is the only place to make money. There are people making a quiet fortune off-line and you can't afford to miss out on what they have to teach you.

  • The lowdown on doubling the effectiveness of follow up marketing by tweaking your autoresponders. Who says you have to work harder to make more money. The Internet allows you to automate your money so make the most out of it.

  • The secret behind knowing the question, the opportunity and the answer. (Hint: It’s right under your nose). Can I be more specific? No.

  • The “breakneck” factor in Ebook production (Get this wrong and you’re screwing up the sales of any Ebook your produce). So many people steal money out of their own pockets because they simply don't know what you soon will.

  • The importance of Day 29. (It will make you celebrate on Day 30 till you blackout!). It's funny but the next 30 days will seem like longest 30 days of your life but the results of your efforts will make it all worthwhile.

  • Never before revealed auction secrets! (Trust me, you’ve never seen this anywhere). Forget the hype you've heard about making thousands of dollars with no effort using Internet auctions because you're about to learn the gritty and raw truth that almost no one is telling you.

  • The 2 tools that Mark Joyner says you must have at all time. (90% of Internet Marketers probably never have these on them). Laugh quietly to yourself knowing that you're beating the hell out of your competitors using 2 simple tools they could easily be using themselves.

  • Why it’s so important to “turn off the squelcher” (Do this, and you’ll be able to create products at an accelerated rate, guaranteed!) The more time you spend creating your products the less time you have to profit from them. That won't be an issue for you anymore.

  • Where to get banner free, FREE web hosting for life! (No catches, no gimmicks! It’s true!) Think you don't need free hosting? You will after you discover the little-known secrets to creating profitable business as will. You'll need a place to put them all!

  • Save hundreds of dollars on web design tools and e-publishing tools! (Almost all of them are FREE!) You don't need to hire web designers that charge you an arm and a leg for sites that don't incorporate the proven selling principles you'll learn.

  • Surefire methods to turn your newsletter into money! (Even if you have only 10 subscribers!) Almost no one is sharing this with you. Many publishers are content to simply scrape by but you deserve better and now you don't have to settle for less!

  • How to create your own ‘idea center’ you can refer to over and over again by clicking “Print”. It’s like having your own million dollar idea generator, FREE!

  • Why the ‘sit up’ is not just an abdominal exercise and why you can make money off it! Are you curious? If so, you know what you have to do.

  • What you NEVER knew about picking a domain name. (It can cost you, or MAKE you a fortune) It bothers me when I see people picking domain names just because. You should always have a goal in mind and a solid plan to back you up.

  • The one thing you need to do to get your copy to sizzle. (Do this, and you can literally triple your conversion rate) Making money is all about convincing people that your products can help them achieve results. You only have one chance to get this right.

  • An easy way to get powerful testimonials from the top dogs in your field.(And it's not just making them up which would be a felony!) The right testimonials can boost your sales through the roof. Wanna know how to get them?

  • How to churn out a killer digital product in record time! (You’ll be breaking all the ‘rules’ on this one!) The Internet is all about speed and now you can tap into that speed to deliver hot products to you absolutely any time you want to make more money.

And WAY too much more to list here...

( I'm currently selling this course for $47 as a stand-alone product. You can check it out by clicking here. But you'll get it for FREE as part of the membership)

Component #3:
6 Viral Videos Series -
Complete with Resale & Rebranding Rights

While the main series of video coaching tutorials are for your own use only, these mini-video series are not only yours to keep, but you also own the Resell Rights to them!

In other words, you can sell these viral mini-videos at any price you see fit... and pocket 100% of the sales - no profit-sharing involved!

As a privileged member of Hot Marketing Videos, you receive the exclusive "members only" rebranding rights to these viral mini-videos, allowing you to customize your affiliate links and earn back-end commissions from your customers... over and over again!

With these videos, you can:

Sell Them & Rake In 100% Profits

Give Them Away For FREE

Include Them In A Package Deal

Add Them To A Membership Site

Give Them Away To Your Subscribers Who Sign Up For Your Ezine

Distribute Them In Any Non-Invasive Way You Choose

You can begin distributing it in just about any way you can think of. You want to get these eBooks into the hands of as many folks as you can.

Each and every person who receives a copy of this ebook can also sell or give it away, thus spreading your customized copy of the eBook on to others.

You can brand your own name and website URL on the first page of the ebooks. Your will gain TREMENDOUS exposure for yourself and your business. This is the perfect time to increase your credibility to the max!

Besides customizing your own business info, you will also customize the affiliate links to Hot Marketing Videos Membership and earn 75 % commissions via Clickbank.

Just like that. Your affiliate links do the work. Your customized ebooks produce income automatically.

"Here Are A Few Screenshots On How Your Customized Ebooks Will Help Generate Income For You"

-- Screenshot #1 --
(Click On The Image To Enlarge It)

-- Screenshot #2 --
(Click On The Image To Enlarge It)

"All Of These Generate Profits For You AUTOMATICALLY By Just Selling Or Giving Away These "Viral Mini-Videos" Ebooks Themselves"

Whenever someone downloads a copy of YOUR customized copy of the ebook, one of two things happens: they either begin selling and giving away YOUR customized copy, thus marketing it for you!

So, you don't need to do but about five minutes of setup work and you're ready to begin distributing your customized copy.

And then let the virus spread by itself!



"I Must Say I've Even Made A Little Money In My Effects"

"I would like to say "Thank You" for having a site where a newbie like me can go and learn "NEW THINGS" from your videos..

I have been a member of your group for awhile and in that time I have download a number of your videos and software packages that you offer and I must tell you that thru your membership program I have been able to create, package and sell product over the web!

I must say :-) I've even made a little money in my effects: rolleyes..

Keep up the concept that you have created because there are alot of NEWBIES jumping on the web with high hopes of creating a full time job and making money, but lacking the knownledge and tools.

Cheers to YOU"



Component #4:
Unlimited Professional Auto Responder Accounts With Broadcast System
(Hosted Solution)

You will find this a huge saver as well as one of the best assets you can ever acquire for your Internet Business.

Your Hot Marketing Videos membership entitles you to unlimited auto responder accounts that you can use to build your own responsive opt-in mailing list to monetize from!

You also save at least $19.95 a month by acquiring these auto responders from this membership access alone!

Take A Look At Your Auto Responder Features

  • Unlimited auto responder accounts - you can open as many auto responder accounts as you wish and build several different subscriber lists!
  • Unlimited follow up messages - you can store in as many pre-written email messages as you want - in HTML or TEXT format - and set their interval at will!
  • Send broadcast emails - you can quickly and easily email your subscribers at any time at the click of the mouse! This is a perfect advantage whenever you have time-sensitive announcements and offers to make to your list!
  • 10,000 subscriber count - you can build up to 10,000 in subscribers for each and every auto responder account!
  • Easy lead capture form creator - create opt-in forms in a flash without sophisticated HTML knowledge and place on your web site or name squeeze page! You can also request for any extra information of your choice from your visitors upon their signing up.
  • No annoying third party advertisements - whenever you send any email to your subscribers, they read only yours!
  • Double opt-in feature enabled - protect yourself against potential spam complaints by having visitors going through an easy 2-step process to verify their subscription to your mailing list!
  • One click easy unsubscribe link - your subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time without you having to manually remove them!
  • Manage your subscribers - you can add, edit, remove, or ban subscribers at will through your control panel.
  • No installation or sophisticated technical knowledge needed - as long as you can point and click, using these auto responders is a piece of cake!
  • And much more!


Component #5:
Forwarding Link & Ad Tracking Service
(Stand-Alone Script)

This should make testing and tracking your email and advertisement click throughs significantly easy. Ultimate Ad Tracker allows you to:

Monitor your click throughs in real-time,

Check accurate statistics on how well your advertisement click throughs are pulling in,

Shorten your long links and/or affiliate links,

And achieve all of the above at the click of the mouse!

Component #6:
Your Master Resell Rights Library

You will also receive instant access to a wide variety of constantly adding digital products with Master Resell Rights I have personally handpicked. On a regular basis, I will source for some of the Internet's finest products with Master Resell Rights so you can resell them and pocket all the sales!

And here are even more profit-pulling ideas you can manifest with these products:

Use these products as bonuses to another product you are selling,

Create your own unique package and sell at any price you wish,

Add quality content to your paid membership site,

Create attractive incentives for visitors to join your mailing list,

Build back-end offers and promotions to maximize your online revenue,

And much more!


Component #7:
Private Members Discount Vault

This is another good reason WHY you should join HOT Marketing Videos today. You will able to purchase digital products, services and membership passes offered at 25 - 75% discount - exclusive deal only to members of HOT Marketing Videos!

Imagine, saving hundreds of dollars shopping with us for:

E-covers design services

Sophisticated software & scripts that help you automate your business

Professional voice overs

Professional hosting account

Exclusive resale licenses to my video products

And so much more!



Component #8:
Get This Membership Practically FREE...

... by joining our "members only" affiliate program and earn a generous 75% commissions for every successful person you refer to HOT Marketing Videos!

Make only 2 successful referral sales, and not only do you cover your membership fee, you also make a profit from it!

This is an easy feat for almost anyone, and I am providing ALL the professional promotion tools you need for your convenience!

"So WHO Wins From This Hot Marketing Videos Privilege?"

You... if you are brand new to Internet Marketing and need all the help you can get in getting started and running as fast as possible.

You... if you don't have a high degree of sophisticated technical skills and knowledge.

You... if you want to save plenty of your precious time from educating yourself on Internet Marketing through hundreds of time-consuming E-Books.

You... if you are on a shoe string budget, because access to Hot Marketing Videos fits the budget of almost everyone!

"I Have Learned In Only 48 Hours..."

"Hi Ameer

I just joined the other day while i was away from home with my work.

I Now feel the need to Congratulate you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such a comprehensive set of video tutorials. now i am back home i have ben able to watch at my liesure and i am nothing short of TOTALLY! amazed at what i have learned in only 48Hrs, some of the things i thought would take me years to master (I am pretty new to internet marketing) I have received a great incite into already and will now be burning the late night oil to soak up more of your exeptional tuition.

Thank you once again and please feel free to put my name forward as a testimonial for your work."

William Graham

"... Saved Me Numerous Numbers of Hours In Reading"

"Hi Ameer,

Your HotMarketing Video site is just fantastic. I don't think there is any other site that has so many video tutorials that teaches internet marketing and uses of the tools effectively and yet simple to understand. The videos had saved me numerous numbers of hours in reading. Like the saying, "A picture tells a thousand words". I would say - A video tells the whole story. Excellent work, Ameer. Keep the videos rolling."

William Kho

"Ok Kumar, - So What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?"

Let's take a quick review on all of what you will get and the value of each components:

66 Hours of "Step-by-Step" Online Video Coaching Tutorials
Internet Marketing Success Manuals
Viral Mini-Videos Series - Complete with Resale & Rebranding Rights
Unlimited Professional Auto Responder Accounts With Broadcast System
Forwarding Link & Ad Tracking Service
The Resell Rights Library
Private Members Discount Vault

That's a combined "real world" value of $1,028+!

REMEMBER: The above figures are approximated selling prices. In other words, it would probably cost you THAT much if you purchase each of the components separately in the Internet marketplace!

+ PLUS Even More Unannounced Bonuses Waiting To Be Unlocked!
+ PLUS You Could Make Far More In Future Profits!

But You Get EVERYTHING In This Life-Membership For A One-Time Payment Of Only $97.00! Life-Time Membership!

Some of my members believe that I should be charging more because I am selling way below the value of this entire special privilege. Also, you don't have a recurring commitment to pay every month as investing in this membership access is a one-time only!...and enjoy the benefits of all the future additions for a life-time!


"I've Not Seen Another Site That Provides The Value For Money That Yours Does"

"Hi Ameer,

I just had to drop you a line to thank you and let you know how pleased and impressed I am with your "Hot Marketing Videos" membership site. I am absolutely blown away with the quantity and value of the products that you provide for your members.

I've not seen another site that provides the value for money that yours does. In fact I would go as far as to say that Hot Marketing Videos should be set as a benchmark for others to measure up to. For instance, you provide at least 53 hours (over 1900mb) of video tutorials covering a wide variety of website and marketing subjects.

All presented in a step by step manner so easy to follow. I especially found the "How to install CGI scripts" extremely beneficial. I've had a lot of problems with CGI scripts in the past but following your tutorial has now made it a breeze. And the value of the membership isn't only in the video tutorials.

You also provide a great Autoresponder, an Ad Tracking Script, a number of Brandable Mini Videos, hundreds of dollars worth of top quality Software, E-books, Articles and Scripts with Resell and Master Resell Rights. Then to top it off, you throw in a couple of Step by Step Training Manuals written by two internationally renowned marketing experts guaranteed to head everyone on the right road to their internet marketing success.

You have obviously designed Hot Marketing Videos to benefit everybody regardless of their level of expertise and I commend you for a job well done."

Harry Blomfield

"...The Best Internet Learning Resource I Have Ever Purchased"

"Hi Ameer,

I'll have to admit when I first heard about your website my first thoughts were "Here's another one of those PayPal me and I'll send you a few ToDo videos" Wow, was I ever wrong.

I'm glad I clicked the link Hotmarketingvideos is the best Internet learning Resource I have ever purchased. The videos are an essential tool for anyone working on the Internet. Your member site provides the tools plus answers to all those everyday tasks.

Your Hotmarketingvideos totally exceeded my expectations. Talk about Overdelivering, easy watch and learn videos, autoresponder, adtracking, manuals, resale products, discounts on marketing products, and more. Plus you provide members the tools to earn commissions.

The best advise I can give to anyone wanting to learn how to do anything Internet related is they need to Give Hotmarketingvideos a try. Today! What ever you decide have fun doing it."

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"The Choice Is Yours! Don't You Want More Freedom & More Time With Your Family?"

Now the choice is yours.

You don't have to quit your present job to get started making money in your own business. That's the beauty of the Internet - you can work when you want, as much as you want.

I'm making good money now -- 100% online - and I don't even have a university degree like many of my friends do. Yet, I'm making more money than them every month. (Heck, some of them have not even managed to secure a permanent "nine-to-five job")

As for me, I have the freedom that only comes from self-employment. It's all made possible because of my online business.

So Don't Envy Me

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"My Iron Clad, You Can't Lose, No-BS, Risk Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee"

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Test Drive HOT Marketing Videos
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Join HOT Marketing Videos now and test drive it for a full 4 weeks. I am 100% sure that you can find your next breakthrough in Internet Marketing here.

If for any reason at all that this isn't what you're looking for, you're not satisfied or for any reason whatsoever, just send me an email and I will cancel your membership and refund your money - every single cent of it.

You cannot lose

That's my promise to you. I don't think I can be more fair than that. You don't risk a single dime in trying it and proving it to yourself. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

Having said all of these, I'm confident that you'll be so thrilled by what's in store for you in the members area that you'll never ask me for a refund.

"Invest In Hot Marketing Videos Membership Today By Clicking On The Order Link Below"

Yes Ameer & S. Kumar! Count Me In On This Incredible Membership NOW!

I want to build my online business! Show me the step-by-step online video tutorials so that I can learn on my own pace and eventually get everything set up in a whole lot faster and easier.

I am acting FAST -- So please include my HUGE discount price of a one-time payment of only $97 for full life-time access!

I understand that I have a full 4 weeks money-back guarantee to examine my membership. And, if, I'm not satisfied in any way, I'll receive full and courteous refund of my purchase price.

- Delivery
The membership will be delivered to you digitally via instant online access to a secure signup area of this website once your payment has been authorized.

- Format Of Videos
The videos will be provided to you online in streaming Flash format.

Lifetime Membership Access

Grab Your Life-Time Membership Now - $297.00
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2 MORE Super-Duper Bonuses!
Special And Only For You !
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Special Bonus #1
249 Step-by-Step "HOW TO" Videos!
(33 Hours Of EXTRA Video Training!)

 Total Value $197
 With Master Resale Rights

Grab this *HUGE*package of 249 (Yes 249) step-by-step "HOW TO" Internet Marketing videos!

The total playing time comes to over Thirty Three (33) Hours! That is Two Thousand and Eighty Five (2085) Minutes in Total.

Discover everything from creating a website and transforming it into a money raking machine with the help of these exclusive step-by-step videos...

There is no more books to read, no more asking someone, no more confusing hard-worded manuals to plough through!

Just sit back, watch and discover answers to your questions unfolding right on your screen.

More over, you can sell these videos for 100% Profit!

And you get it all for free today!


Special Bonus #2
Internet Marketing Training Videos
(160 MB of EXTRA Video Training!)

 Total Value $197

Watch - Listen & Discover New Possibilities Of Your Website!

 These well structured "Marketing Training Videos" will scale up your competency more than from any ebooks, print books or a marketing course that you've ever purchased...

Get Ready For A New Beginning On The Internet...


!- And Another Extra Super Bonus Too -!

(110 MB of EXTRA Video Training!)

 Total Value $97
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The List Builder Video Course

How To Build Your Own Profitable Subscriber List Step-By-Step Videos

You heard this many times. "The Money Is In The List". And it's true! By every word.

If you ignored that statement, it's time you woke up and took notice. With your own list, you can make money at call and virtually anytime. It does not matter if you don't have your own products, a list is still the most important component to your online business.

This hands on easy to follow video course, You'll know exactly how you can start building a list today, and using it to profit for years to come!

"Invest Now By Clicking On The Order Link Below"

Yes Ameer & S. Kumar! Count Me In On This Incredible Membership NOW!

- Delivery
The membership will be delivered to you digitally via instant online access to a secure signup area of this website once your payment has been authorized.

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Lifetime Membership Access

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P.S -
Remember, I'm shouldering all the risks. Your purchase is protected by my '8-Week Money Back Guarantee'. If you don't like it, just let me know and I'll cheerfully refund 100% of your investment. So you've got nothing to lose.

P.P.S -
With an investment of just $97 on a solid education on Internet Marketing, you are on your way to having more time, more freedom and more quality time with your family. Isn't that what you want to achieve?

Customer Testimonials:

"...Just Add To The Best Features I Have Ever Found In Any Membership Site"

"I must Congratulate you for making the learning curve so simple.

Any newbie can start online business with the help of wonderful video tutorials provided in the members' area.

Amazing Scripts coupled with tonnes of Products with Resale Rights just add to the best features I have ever found in any membership site.

I wish you all the very best in all of your ventures.

Sanjay Gupta

"After They Try Them Out I'm Sure They Will Stay A Member For Life!"

"Hi Ameer,

Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent service in Hot Mktg Videos Membership. The videos are always very easy to use and are at the cutting edge of what's needed TODAY! I would recommend anyone that wants to Learn and become a more proficient in whatever they do to give Hot Mktg Videos a Serious try. After they try them out I'm sure they will stay a member for Life!"

Rudy Chandros


P.P.P.P.S -
Not only can you make money from setting up your online business successfully, but when you join Hot Marketing Videos membership, you will be given privileged access to my affiliate program that pays you 75% commission so that you can make BIG BUCKS in commissions for each sale referred by you.

P.P.P.P.P.S -
Still skeptical? Click here to read even more testimonials and praises for my marketing videos.

The income statements and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, marketing background, efforts and motivation to work and follow the marketing and video tutorials. There is no guarantee you will be successful in your online business. In fact, you and I know that no one can guarantee your success in whatever you do in life. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.


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