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Did you ever got bogged down with designing your Webpage?

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306 Ready-to-Use Templates...

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You will have instant access to over 300 template layouts and can begin utilizing them immediately.  All you will need to do is add text to the graphic buttons and add text to the layout and you are ready to go.

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At only $0.18 per template you have nothing to lose and best of all, you will receive complete Master Resell Rights to this package! 

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Sell this incredible collection of templates any way you want! Use this incredible collection of 306 templates to create websites for your own products or services, or use them to create websites for others!

Start your own template store! Since you'll own an instant stock of 306 different templates that you can sell individually! You can even resell these with resell rights! Which would mean that who ever buys these from you can resell the templates individually or as a package but cannot resell them with resell rights!

If you're a hosting company you...

If your a hosting company you could offer your customers access to your templates for free for hosting with you or you could charge them a fee per template!

For a minimal investment you will own master resell rights to this entire package! Come up with your own ideas on how to market these. You could even sell these with master resell rights to your own customers which would entitle them to be able to resell these any way they'd like!

License Agreement, Registration and Official Seal of Authorization

You must agree to our license agreement and register as an authorized reseller. Registration is free but is required for all resellers since this is the only way we have of authorizing sellers to legally be able to resell this package. After you register you'll receive your Official Seal of Authorization. You'll also be required to place your seal on the ad or page that you're selling these templates from. The seal will clearly show that you are an authorized reseller. These measures are put in place to be able to distinguish between authorized resellers and sellers who are selling these templates illegally.

Really it's quite simple, when you sell our package, you simply refer your customers to our registration page so that they can register and be permitted to sell this package legally. Your customers will simply need your registration ID # along with your zip code... It's that Simple! If they don't register they will be selling these templates illegally so please make sure you get your buyers registered!

Okay, So what do I get with this package?

  • 306 Ready to use templates! in .zip format!
  • 306 Thumbnails in .zip format! (We added these 
    to make it even easier for you to get started!
  • Every template includes the HTML file along with 
    an image folder with .gif or .jpg images
  • All of the templates are fast loading templates!
  • Complete Master Rights to the entire package!
  • An Official Seal of Authorization to display on your ad!

Are there any Bonuses Included?

Although there are some great e-book packages out there that deserve their Huge Reputations, many are simply not in demand due to heavy circulation.. these types of e-books do not make good for Reseller Packages.

And that's a serious problem with many of  the reseller packages on the Internet today. They're full of yesterday's e-books. E-books that nobody's willing to pay for anymore.

In order to generate income as a reseller, you need to offer the very latest and most desired titles. You need to promote products that people are willing and happy to BUY!

Well now you can!

I'll include all of the following free bonuses if you order today!

Bonus Gift #1: Customizable GOLD Package: How to Create Killer Mini Sites that Sell like Crazy (Remember, Its the customizable Pack! )

(Value: $75.95)

Mini Sites are simple (but powerful) one or two page web sites that sell a product -- usually, an infoproduct. Creating a mini-site that makes visitors flip-out their wallets and order your products is not as easy as it looks. Now you can get a deep down dissection of the most successful mini sites on the web and exclusive access to this 9-block formula for creating killer mini sites that sell like crazy!

With the Customizable package, you'll get to customize my product by changing those affiliate links to your own... everyone who buys from you and gets the resell rights to the report will be promoting the affiliate programs for you... and those checks can add up in a hurry! Get this option now and guarantee yourself this extra monthly income!

Bonus Gift #2: The HTML Security Report

(Value: $17.00)

Did you know that your product is way too easy to steal? That you're not making any money promoting affiliate programs because your affiliate profits are quietly stolen? That people can steal your free report/ebook without subscribing to your newsletter? You'll be SHOCKED at the Dirty Methods Internet Thieves Use To Quietly Steal Up To 46% Of Your Profits...But you'll also learn what you can do to stop them. Comes with a revealing video.

Bonus Gift #3: Fast Selling Software Package - New UPDATED Version!

(Value: $24.95)

Get 23 fast selling programs you can sell and keep all the profits from. It's so easy, it's like printing money... You have to see this software package to believe it! This incredible package Includes: Instant Unzip, HTML Compressor, IP Blocker, Link Evaluator, Site Submitter, Popup Zapper, Secret Popup Maker, HTML E-Mail Link Encyrptor, File Destroyer, Internet Explorer Blaster, MRU Wizard, Java Source Machine 1, Java Source Machine 2, Traffic Wizard, Password Manager, JavaScript Compressor, HTML Encyrptor, Fast HTML Remover, Password Generator, File Splitter, HTML Editor, Picture Gallery Maker, Instant Notification!


Super-Duper Bonuses! Special And Only From Learnhomebusiness.com

Money-Making Flashy Designs in a Box

Put life into any web page! 114 beautiful flash design templates which you can use as banners, intros, buttons in any of your web pages or auction pages. 

Just cut and paste the flash banners and intros into your web pages to create stunning effects - even if you don't know anything about flash. Save money from paying expensive flash artists. Full instructions given on how to use the product..

Retail Price $19.97

Master Resell Rights

Deluxe Web Templates

55 Professional, Highly Effective and Very Appealing Web Templates! + Step-by-Step Instructions + 4 SUPER BONUSES worth that will literally boost your web success dramatically! + AMAZING EXTRA BONUS of 13 Professional 'Gold Series' Web Templates! + EXPLOSIVE BONUS of 4 Corporate Web Templates for your enjoyment! Certificate of Complete ownership + resell rights to all of the 55 Web Templates + Bonuses.

Retail Price $47

Master Resell Rights



 - This is a massive and impressive collection of other standard graphics which can use as buttons or just plain banners! You will never have to look anywhere else for for your banner needs.


Retail Price $17.95

Master Resell Rights

Simple Site Maker
by Dave MacGregor

A real easy-to-use HTML Editor that will help you create your HTML pages without having to be a techie; a computer guru or a geek. Just keep typing, choose the functions you want by pointing your mouse and craft your web page easily. If you are absolute beginner, this is for you.

Retail Price $19.95


And...A Very Surprise Bonus!!

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It a very useful product from one of the TOP Internet Gurus. It has the potential to change your life. Period.


Retail Price $19.95
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