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Forget EVERYTHING You’ve Heard About Making Money With Videos & Read This...

Affiliate video brander : Instantly Turn Your Old Static Web Pages Into Lead Capturing, Sales Driving, Visitor-Attention-Grabbing Machines!

Now YOU Can Use The Affiliate Video Brander, The Ridiculously Easy Video Tool, To Make Your Affiliate Commissions Explode Through The Roof...And Here's The Most Ingenious Part --

You DON'T Even Have To Make Your Own Affiliate Videos!

Dear Progressive Internet Marketer ,

Expecting this to be another web page telling you that "video is hot"?

You and I ALREADY know that, so I won’t waste your time trying to convince you of something you are well aware of...

However, what I have to show you about video is very different than what you’ve been told and it will change how you think about marketing with video from this point on.

It’s not your fault, but you’ve been leaving commissions on the table unknowingly and I have to break some news to you that’s a little shocking...

Affiliate Marketers Have Been Kept Out-of-the-Loop
And Prevented From Prospering With Online Video!

You heard me correctly...

Up to this point, video has been for the makers of the videos who control them and show them to put money into their own pockets -- only.

I'm sure you've seen videos embedded on sales pages, or linked from them. Those videos were created by the product vendors to promote and/or demonstrate their products, BUT as an affiliate you could not use those videos as a marketing tool BECAUSE there was no way to make sales commissions directly from them.

That one important element was left out of the video puzzle for some reason. There was no concrete way for you to refer a sale by simply showing a video - UNTIL NOW.

In the marketing world, a lot of videos are still being used as "testimonials or talking head presentations" up to this point...

But that's not nearly the full potential of using online video - not even close.

In fact, our market tests prove that using targeted video pages helps focus the viewer 100% on the message and the content.

Your Video Powered Commissions Are Waiting!

Are you ready to stake your claim in the lucrative growing market of online video with absolutely no sweat from you?

But wait a minute...

Maybe you already know how time-consuming it is to create your own videos, and the product vendors who create videos only show them for their own use (not for their affiliates!).

Up to now you were correct in thinking just that, and your only choices were to invest a lot of time and money in learning to run expensive video tools...

OR just plain lose out on this monumental opportunity all together...

But with Affiliate Video Brander, huge video powered commissions await you... and you DON'T even have to create your own videos or mess with difficult Flash files or HTML programs, BECAUSE all you have to do is click a few buttons and our software does the rest.

Order now and harness the power of online video...

"A complete easy-to-use tool-kit that allows beginners to profit out of the box. Higher profits, less work, and very easy to do."

Michael & Eric,

Excellent work, I can see how this has made you over $40,000... Just between us, I have long known that video can make average affiliates many thousands of dollars, but there was a problem: up until now no-one had created a complete easy-to-use tool-kit that allows beginners to profit out of the box. I think you might have just solved that problem and several others too: heres why I think this is going to be a big earner for the smart affiliates...

One problem that affiliates have is that they consistently waste money on Adwords sending traffic direct to sales letters. I know from experience that video is a far more intimate medium, meaning higher conversions – in other words, you not only stop wasting cash on Adwords if you use video, but you make a lot more too... the second problem that affiliates have is content: they hate writing sales copy, and again, you have nailed that problem: now, any affiliate can create a simple video review of a product, and out-perform their sales letter competitors on adwords (its video, remember?).

In short, Affiliate Video Brander means you create a short video, pre-selling a product and make more than your competitors. No pre-selling, no writing, no need to understand any techie crap. Higher profits, less work, and very easy to do.

Like you say, this is the future...

- Chris X

"A much-needed product that will help thousands of people make more money!"

Michael and Eric,

I've been beating the drum for using video to increase profits for some time. That's why I am thrilled to see your product, The Affiliate Video Brander!

We live in a "I need to see it to believe it" world, and nothing makes it easier to demonstrate a product than video. And there is nothing better than allowing people to see a face they can connect with via a video.

This product will give affiliates the upper hand in connecting with an audience that is ready to buy and increasing sales as a result.

Congratulations on putting together a much-needed product that will help thousands of people make more money with their online business!

- Joel Comm
Host of The Next Internet Millionaire

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Now It's So Easy to Start Making Those
FAT Video Commissions...

Unlike other people's attempts to incorporate videos into marketing, there's NO distractions to the viewer when you use this video strategy. There are no unwanted outside links or running text, which tend to distract the visitor, and leech away from your sales.

Instead, our targeted pages provide only the video, active links of your choice, and an optional automatic redirect that leads directly to the sales letter or order form. Our results have shown that THIS strategy is extremely effective!

So, if you're going to send visitors to a video page, then why not use a super focused video page with a built-in call to action. A page that not only "Tells" but also "Pre-Sells", leading viewers exactly to where you want them to go.

In other words, instead of merely sending visitors to a "presentation", you're sending them to a sales-driving, commission earning machine!

With Affiliate Video Brander, affiliate marketing meets video dead-on and puts this new powerful method directly into YOUR hands.

Now YOU can use online video for REAL profit!

With the ocean of online videos being created everyday, you have access to an endless supply of video content that's ready to help you make fat commissions when people buy after viewing your branded video pages!

When I understood this principal I went and got permission to test some videos using our newly developed Affiliate Video Brander. Soon my eyes were popping wide open watching sales pour in, simply by BRANDING the product videos with my own affiliate link!

All I had to do was SHOW the video, and when the viewers went to the site to buy the product, the sale was MINE!

I didn’t even create the videos, but was paid a handsome commission just by letting people watch them. Many bought the products exhibited in the video and the sale went through MY AFFILIATE LINK which was branded along with the video.

I Created a True Win-Win Situation Where Extra
Money Was Pouring Into My Bank Account And The
Vendors Were Happy to Pay Me More Commissions!

The full benefit of using video was now in my control which allowed me to make more money, and the vendors were thrilled that I was able to use their videos to drive more sales of their products.

Order now and start making more sales...

After all, what product vendor wouldn't want their affiliates making more sales?

Essentially the vendors are getting more bang for their buck by allowing their affiliates to leverage the work that has already been done creating product videos.

Since it's such a win-win, it's EASY to get permission to use a vendor's video, which means you'll have a huge pool of products and videos to choose from.

Want Proof?

Case Study #1

Eric discovered this strategy back in March of 2006, when he become an affiliate of a program called Secret Article Converter. He found that the demonstration video on the sales page was a powerful piece of evidence, and he knew that if people watched it they'd be sold on it. The problem was that the video was just one little link on the sales page, and visitors had to go through a squeeze page just to get to the sales page. So Eric set up his own page simply with the video and his affiliate link. Case study

Instead of sending referrals directly to his affiliate link (in which case they might not even see the sales page, let alone the video), he sent them to his video page to make it 100% certain that they would see the video (and keep in mind that Eric did NOT make the video himself... it was already made by the vendor). He became one of their top affiliates, and has received a commission check from Secret Article Converter every month since then.

Commissions: $7,429.75 and counting

Case Study #2

When Eric promoted a program called CB Niche Builder, he once again found that the demonstration video was an excellent sales tool.

Eric made a page containing the product vendor's video (no work for Eric!), and sent viewers of the video to his affiliate link. This strategy helped propel him to a nice commission of over $2000.00.

Commissions: $2,347.00

Case study

Case Study #3

Michael has a lot of good case studies; here is a cool study in which Michael used a vendor's video to promote Competition Dominator... It all started with a short email he received from one of his list members who wrote:
"> Help Michael! The Link for the Competition Dominator video
> does not play."
Case study
What was happening is something common that happens when vendors show a video on their webpage; the video gets over-loaded when too many site visitors are trying to play it.

Come to think of it, if more affiliates would show videos on their own sites it would probably eliminate most of the "launch day server crashes" we've seen in the past year.

Michael knew people really wanted to see this video but they couldn't and he was losing commissions fast unless he did something for them.

So, as an affiliate for the product he contacted the vendor, and got permission to use the video.

In fact, he used the first version of Affiliate Video Brander (the test model) to see if it would save the day and he was able to download the video and brand it with his own affiliate link, and that was the big test to see if the link would work and sales would convert by showing a video at his site.

It paid off, and it continues to be a killer strategy every time he uses use it.

Commissions: $4,890.87

We have many more case studies, and we've made much more commissions than we've mentioned on this page, but we're NOT here to brag about our income. Besides, I think you get the point.

This simple system really works, and it can work for you too.

order now

It's So Easy A Child Could Use It...
Hmmm, You Got Any Kids? Maybe It's
About Time You Put Them To Work!

Using our cutting-edge new software is simple as 1...2...3!

Step 1 -

Type in the URL of the video you wish to brand, and choose the folder where you want to save the files. The program will generate the files in an easy format so you can instantly upload and start profiting from the branded video.


program screen shot
Step 2 -

Enter your affiliate info so you can earn commissions as a result of showing the video! We've also given you lots of customizable features so you can make it how you want it. You can add your own text to the page, choose the color, positioning, etc. You can even enter custom META-tag info for search engine optimization.


Step 2
Step 3 -

Upload the files to your website, and BAM! You're done.

step 3

STOP Stressing Yourself Out Trying To Write Killer Sales Copy
And Wasting Your Time Doing Boring Product Reviews.

Heck, You Can Stop Writing Altogether If You Want To...

The Affiliate Video Brander gives you the ability to profit with literally a few clicks of the mouse. You use someone else's videos, let the tool do the work for you, and then profit the easy way.

Now you DON'T have to write any content when promoting an affiliate product--no more pre-sell writing--just send someone to a video that has already been created, let the user watch it, and cookie them silently before they buy the product!

Videos allow you to pre-sell the viewer so much more strongly. People habitually click off of sales letters, but they rarely click away from videos – this means drastically higher conversions and earnings!

It's HARD to WRITE an effective pre-sell page. In order to pre-sell using your words you have to strike the perfect balance between content and motivation... in other words, you have to be a hard-core copywriter. But the Affiliate Video Brander allows ANYONE to pre-sell a product, build instant rapport with the visitor, and ultimately get the sale.

Think of it as a super-charged product review page, but there's no need to write a single word of content and there's no HTML required because our software generates the page for you!

Sounds easy doesn't it? Click here to order now...

You Can Also Use It To Turn Your Own Videos Into Cash Cows!

As I've already covered, this software is designed for you to profit from online videos without you having to create your own. But if you have made your own videos, this works great for them too!

All too often I've seen internet marketers post "show & tell" style screen-capture videos where they review a product, or demonstrate their own product, and they fail to properly monetize their video by sending their viewers to the order page of the product they're demonstrating.

The Affiliate Video Brander will enable you to breathe new life into those videos by making sure you get the affiliate credit you deserve.

And if you're using videos to promote your OWN products... no problem! You can use our program to make sure your viewers get sent to your order form or wherever you want them to go after viewing your video.

Click here to order and start profiting with this tool now...


The Affiliate Video Brander Is The Perfect Tool
For Our New "Vlog & Zing" Method!

I Coined This Term (So Don't Forget You Heard It Here First). If You Thought Blog & Ping Was Hot, Just Wait 'Till You See Vlog & ZING!

First of all, what is "vlog" and what is "zing"?

A Vlog is an online video log. It's the same thing as a BLOG, except it's comprised mainly of VIDEOS instead of just text.

Zing is a term that I use to describe using voice-to-text technology in conjunction with your online media. In other words, there is a certain new technology which can automatically translate audio and video files into TEXT (it's like a robot that "listens" to video and transcribes the words), which is then indexed in a search engine.

The company currently doing this is called EveryZing (thus the term "zing"). However, mark my words: it will not be long before the major search engines adopt this technology. I predict that Google will either buy EveryZing or be forced to spend millions developing their own competing technology.

EveryZing is currently spidering the web and indexing the text of all the audio and video files they can find. I have posted videos recently and they have appeared in EveryZing's search engine within 24 hours. And yes I've already started getting FREE TRAFFIC from it.

Do You Like Getting Free Web Traffic?

Regardless of which major search engine emerges first with this new technology, THIS is one of the primary ways media is going to be indexed.

It makes perfect sense really. People go to search engines to find what they're looking for. As everything moves toward video, more users will prefer to view content in video format. And this "zing" technology will allow people to find videos that are truly relevant to what they are looking for.

This is a huge opportunity for anyone who posts videos on their websites. For example, if you post videos related to a certain product, it will become increasingly more likely that some people will find your video in their search results, and choose to view it INSTEAD of text-based pages.

As you can guess, this presents a big possibility for affiliate marketers to capitalize on this new boom. By establishing your site as an authoritative resource for videos related to your selected topic(s), you could potentially gain millions of future visitors who will be looking for relevant media.

order now

In addition to the affiliate marketing strategies presented by this new technology, it will also become a BIG factor in contextual advertising programs. You think AdSense is dead? Think again! It is almost certain that AdSense and many other contextual advertising programs will begin to use this new technology to serve ads that are relevant to the content of the video being shown on a page.

So once again, content is king. Those who are the first to capitalize on this new media by creating authoritative sites containing videos will be the ones to cash in big when these ad programs start serving targeted ads to video pages.

Let me put it like this...

If you had the opportunity to go back in time to the great American land rush of the late 1800's, would you go back and grab the maximum allowable amount of land that you could get for free?

Of course you would, and I view this similarly. This new wave of the internet is literally on the VERGE of happening, and you can STAKE YOUR CLAIM now before the big rush.

Click here to order now and stake your claim...

By using the Affiliate Video Brander, you can easily add new videos to your website, blog or vlog (and remember... you don't even need to create your own videos).

And by establishing an authoritative vlog, you have the chance to outrank even the vendors of the products you're promoting. After all, think about it... web users of this new era will be searching for VIDEOS, not for sales pages!

Unlike the here-today-gone-tomorrow hyped up marketing strategies that you've seen in the past, we've created something designed to make money for you today AND well into the future. We've predicted what will become of the internet marketing world, and we want YOU to ride the wave with us and stay one step ahead of the curve!

STOP Spending $100 On Adwords and Making $40 Back!

STOP Sending Your PPC Traffic to the WRONG Pages...

START Beating the Click Flippers At Their Own Game.

A big reason why so many wannabe affiliate marketers are losing their shirt in the PPC game is that they are sending all those clicks to poor-converting sales pages.

They think, well maybe its my keywords, or maybe I just need to send another 100 clicks, so they whip out their credit card yet again and burn another paycheck on Adwords.

Maybe they're even sending the traffic to a highly ranked ClickBank product. What they don't realize is that the reason many of those products are so successful is because there are a handful of super affiliates out there who are properly PRE-selling the product, and creating the bulk of the sales.

As I've already mentioned, pre-selling is a delicate art that in my opinion requires a top-notch copywriter to be effective. And since most people aren't top copywriters, they simply aren't good at this form of marketing.

So how can you pre-sell your PPC traffic to get the maximum conversions for the product you're promoting?

Use a video!

And of course with the Affiliate Video Brander you don't even have to make the video yourself.

The Secret of PPC and VIDEO...

Pay-Per-Click is a hot thriving market, and now with Affiliate Video Brander turned loose on the affiliate population... anyone NOT branding videos may find it even harder to compete! PPC marketers have been waiting for a super easy way to show videos to their targeted audience - and now they have it!


Click here to order now and avoid being left in the dust...

You see... showing videos to PPC audiences is a new experience that's already being done successfully by a small handful of elite marketers (like us!) but now with Affiliate Video Brander... it's going to explode!

Just think about it for a second... With video, your PPC visitors will not have to read anything to decipher what you want to show them...

They just sit back and watch with much less search friction, WHILE your branded affiliate links work hard 24-7 converting videos into commissions for you.

If you can deliver a better experience with video, then you can get paid handsomely for it-- and using branded videos with PPC can do just that!

By the way...if you DO wish to make your own videos from time-to-time, you can easily do it using the screen-capture video software that we're including for you as a fast-action bonus today. It works great for making your own product reviews.

By sending your PPC traffic to a video review page, it is not uncommon to make $40-$100 a pop for each person who views your video and orders the product. Chris "X", who makes over $1 Million per year, even recommends this exact tactic in his best-selling Day Job Killer ebook, but up until now, no-one had the tools to do it properly!

Video is a far more intimate medium than mere words on a page, which means higher trust, more authority, and better conversions. In short, you stop wasting money on PPC, and start using PPC to beat the pants off your competitors, and yes...make money on autopilot while you sleep!

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Click here to order now...

This Simple-To-Use Piece Of Software Can Put You
On the Fast-Track to Super Affiliate Success!

Let's take a look at some of the incredible features and benefits that you'll experience when you download the Affiliate Video Brander today...

Builds A Video Web Page For You Instantly!

Simple Video Process - Ready To Upload Online Easily!

Make Easy Commissions When Viewers Buy After Watching Videos!

Promote Several Videos at Any Given Time To Increase Your Commissions!

Create SEO-Friendly Video Web Pages With Full Meta Tag Personalization!

Perfect for the Vlog and ZING Method!

Perfect for PPC Traffic and Click Flipping Methods!

NO Video Creation Required...

NO Video Editing Required...

NO Video Equipment To Operate…

NO HTML Skills Required...

NO Learning Curve Whatsoever!

Just Fill-in A Few Boxes and Click A Few Buttons To Brand A Flash Video

Start Making BIG Commissions With the Power of Online Video!

We've barely lifted the lid and people are already
raving about this ground-breaking software...

"You've just put a powerful tool into the hands of affiliate marketers, even if they have never built a web page before."

Michael & Eric,

Thanks for turning me onto your new Affiliate Video Brander video tool. I just tested it and it works perfectly.

You've just put a powerful tool into the hands of affiliate marketers, even if they have never built a web page before. I was amazed at the total ease of creating a branded video page by simply filling in a few boxes and buttons.

I can see how affiliates will be able to make easier commissions when they brand videos with their own affiliate links using these high-converting video pages.

I didn't even need to look at your instructions to process a video as it was branded before I knew it.

I think AVB is going to rock!

- Rob Benwell

"Do not handicap yourself by passing up the opportunity to own and use this tremendous tool."

Because I have been making video training videos for years, I knew the value of this product the moment I first saw it and purchased it without delay.

Using videos for training purposes for both a major hosting/software company and my own training websites, I am convinced of the value of video for both training and promotion. People today have been raised with video games and TV and they are not satisfied with written text. They want to see action.

Affiliate Video Brander will allow anyone to use video to enhance their promotions and increase their profits. Do not handicap yourself by passing up the opportunity to own and use this tremendous tool.

- Chet Hastings

"...users of Affiliate Video Brander will massively outperform anyone else trying to make affiliate sales!"

Could you guys have made this any simpler? NOT! This tool is super easy and incredibly powerful.

I predict that users of Affiliate Video Brander will massively outperform anyone else trying to make affiliate sales!

- Rick Butts

Click here to GET THIS SOFTWARE now...

"The combination of videos and affiliate marketing is powerful and I know this first hand. It definitely helps to increase sales conversions."

Hi Michael,

It's so easy to use your Affiliate Video Brander, and I can see how powerful this can be for Affiliate Marketers. It definitely takes the guesswork out of how to embed affiliate links around a video, especially for any newbie.

The combination of videos and affiliate marketing is powerful and I know this first hand. It definitely helps to increase sales conversions. Now, AVB users can go one step further by using their own videos, or Private Label Videos to increase their affiliate commissions. It's simple and easy to use. Great work!


- Stephen Luc

"Immediate results... I would definitely recommend this product to anyone."

I've just purchased this must have product and I am seeing results with my affiliate products sales already.

Eric you have a winner!

-James Redmond

"This product will project your sales through the roof!"


What I mean is that any marketer who fails to take advantage of this product is not only 'CRAZY' but a downright poor business person.

This product will project your sales through the roof. Get it NOW!!!

-Tony Hillman

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"I recommend it to anyone including new internet marketers out there."

I never thought this was going to be so easy! Well, I am impressed with its simplicity.

I would recommend it to anyone including new internet marketers out there. This is great!

-Harib Shaqsy

Click here to get this incredible software now...

"...Now I have no need to search for the ideal Video Package, you've got it!"

Amazingly simple! You people are brilliant.

I have just started on a project (SiteCellar) which is going to be incorporating Flash Video and other technologies so the launch of your new Video Product is excellent.

Now I have no need to search for the ideal Video Package, you've got it.

Well done.

-Charles Johns

"I always wanted to figure out a way to take my vidoes and make them brandable for others."

Hey Eric,

I have used these techniques of creating my own personal videos for affilites products, and I can certainly say it has been a secret cash creating weapon for me.

But I always wanted to figure out a way to take my vidoes and make them brandable for others. What you have created will not only allow me to do just that; but making this easily doable for the "average Joe" is awesome!

- Scott Foster

"This tool is really going to help me increase conversions. Two enthusiastic THUMBS UP!"


Whenever I look at software of any type I can very quickly tell if the developer really understood that technology is supposed to simplify our lives. You have outdone yourself with Affiliate Video Brander. It is elegant, simple and downright powerful. Your software really empowers a marketer and is going to change the face of affiliate marketing...

The language of the internet is slowly changing to audio and video. I get super excited thinking about how many quality products I can promote using the developers video with my affiliate link embedded in it.

This is long overdue and very, very cool.

This tool is really going to help me increase conversions.

Two enthusiastic THUMBS UP!

Congratulations on creating a really nice product.

- Harald Anderson
Search Engine Optimization Renegade

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As you can see, this is a REAL DEAL program with the potential to put your affiliate earnings into overdrive.

I'm sure you KNOW that online videos are here to STAY. So why wait another day to start raking in the profits from this hot new phenomenon?

To summarize: It's powerful, it works, and it's guaranteed to put you on a brand new platform ready to crank-out higher commissions!

Let's look at what you'll be getting with the Affiliate Video Brander today...

The Affiliate Video Brander  Software

This is the main attraction; the powerful program that is going to revolutionize your business. Plug it in, and start making money showing simple videos online!

The software runs on Windows (including Vista), and is push-button simple enough for anyone to use.

software box

Tutorial Video & Support

Get the most out of your Affiliate Video Brander by following this simple step-by-step video guide to success. You'll be well on your way toward maximizing your profits with the power of online video.

We're also providing FREE support in case you run into any problems.

Software box


Bonus #1: The PPC Video Report
  $47.00 Value

PPC report


Bonus #2: CamStudio IM Edition PLUS Tutorial Videos
  $97.00 Value

Using this screen capture and flash video creation software, you can create your own brandable videos!

Let's say you have a product or service. You can use this program to make a video demonstration of it (no camera needed!) and allow your affiliates to use the video as a tool to drive traffic to your site. Or you could simply use it for your own promotions.

With this system, you can record your video (and audio) and automatically produce a flash-embedded HTML file ready to put on your web site in just one step!

Similar programs sell for as much as $300, and that's why we wanted to include this for you today. Remember, we're giving you the complete toolbox for affiliate marketing video success!

video tutorial
Includes video tutorials!

And what really boosts this bonus value is we had a complete step-by-step video tutorial created that shows you how to make desktop videos using Cam Studio Internet Marketer's Edition, and you won't find it anywhere else. Just watch this tutorial and you'll see how easy we made it to start popping out your very own videos in no time flat!

Bonus #3: FTP Made Simple - Ebook AND Tutorial Video
  $97.00 Value

As I've already clearly explained, our software is push-button simple and we believe anyone can use it.

But if there is *anything* technical at all about using our system I suppose it would be the part where you upload your files to the web.

That's why we've included Michael's very own special report: FTP Made Simple, along with an easy-to-follow video tutorial showing exactly how to upload your files to the web using FTP.

So now, regardless of your technical ability, there is NO REASON for you to be afraid of trying our Affiliate Video Brander!

Click here to order now...


video tutorial
Includes video tutorial!

By now, I hope you see the value of this program, and how it can impact your business starting immediately. When it came down to choosing a price for this new program, we faced a dilemma...

On the one hand, we don't want everyone to get their hands on this software. On the other hand, we do want to give a fair opportunity to those who take their business seriously but might be struggling on a tight budget.

So here's what we've decided to do...

As an introductory special offered exclusively to our friends like you who were personally invited by us or one of our partners, we're giving you the opportunity to pick up this program at a fraction of its value. Considering the features of this program, we could be selling it for over $250... but today you can have it for a ridiculously low price.

We know we are offering a tremendous bargain, and we believe that you will increase your profits by adding the Affiliate Video Brander to your business.

You'll Receive Our Complete Affiliate Video Success Package
Containing All The Tools AND Training To Start Making Money
With Online Videos Starting Immediately

Software box
$247.00,$147.00, Only $27 today!

Click Here to Order Before the Price Goes Up...

This is a one-time fee with no monthly costs!

We are also limiting this sale to relatively small number of copies. If we reach the limit, we will END THE SALE IMMEDIATELY, which could be at any minute. In other words, if you leave this page and come back later, it might be gone!

Order today before we raise the price!

YES, I want the Affiliate Video Brander!

Yes, I want to grab this very limited offer!

Yes, I want instant access to this software.

Yes, I want it now while it's only $27!

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PayPal Users


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Try it risk free today! We believe in this program so much that we're giving you the complete system and all the bonuses at our risk, not yours!

We're willing to do this because we believe it will truly help your business. If you're not satisfied with the program, just let us know within 8 weeks of your purchase and we'll refund 100% of your purchase.

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Last Minute...
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Guaranteed Past


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Video Web Wizard

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Niche Video Empires


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Brand New 75 Minute Video Series Takes You By The Hand And Shows You How To Create A Viral Video Blog In Less Than One Hour Using Only Free Resources!

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Video Marketing Profits

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Web Video Tactics
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