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Auto Hits Machine V.5 - with Master Resale Rights!

Turn any website into an instant success with this powerful new software!

*NEW* Mind-Blowing Technology Delivers An Endless Flood Of Traffic To Your Website Automatically At The Push Of A Button! Enjoy Unlimited Hits For Life!


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Dear Internet Marketer ,

Get Started Today!

Targeted traffic at the push of a button!  

Does anything else really need to be said? How much time and money do you spend building traffic to your website? Big-budget companies spend thousands of dollars per month. Can you really compete with that? Of course not!

But with Auto Hits Generator Software, power your website/affiliate URLs with unlimited hits on the line and a 100% guarantee. Let's get started!

Dear Fellow Ezine Advertiser,

Advertising online is hard enough
...why should you having to worry about counting each and every character on each and every line in your ad copy.  It's time consuming and frustrating.  But, most ezine publishers and ezine co-ops have a specific character length per line that YOUR AD MUST BE SET TO.

Before I continue further...
I would like you to take this gift home for free!


Just enter your email & name below. You'll also be getting an additional $1000 worth of free marketing gifts PLUS more...

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You're not trying to outsell eBay or Amazon, but you'd still like to make money and have a successful website, right? In order to do that, you need people to visit your site/URLs - and lots of them! Just in case you've been in a coma or living in a cave, this is what we call "traffic".

Of course, we all know that you need targeted traffic in order to run a successful website, but getting enough visitors to make any sales can often seem impossible. In fact, many marketers end up losing money because they spend more on traffic than they make off those who visit their website! Why is this happening? 

There's not just one reason - it's a combination of many factors.


5 Reasons Why It's Become So Hard To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Website Without Losing Money...

  • Guaranteed Traffic Companies Are Ripping You Off!
    Have you ever purchased a package of hits from a company that sells guaranteed traffic (aka wholesale traffic), only to find that you haven't made a single sale by the time the package runs out? You're not alone! The truth is that most of these companies don't actually send visitors to your website; they show your site in a small pop-up window. Obviously, pop-ups are much less effective than if a person was actually sent to your website. Plus, pop-ups will only show a small corner of your website, so visitors don't actually know what your website's about and there's very little chance that they will take the time to find out. Also, many of these companies have been known to use tools that inflate the number of actual hits being sent to your website, meaning you don't receive anywhere near the amount of traffic that you paid for.

  • Getting a Decent Search Engine Ranking is Costly!

    There are millions of websites across the internet and everyone wants a top search engine ranking. Do you see the problem? Getting a decent ranking for a popular keyword has become nearly impossible if you don't shell out big bucks. First you wait 6 weeks for your site to even show up in the search engines (unless you pay $300 for a quick listing in Yahoo), then you hope for the best. If you're not listed in the top 20 for a keyword, you won't be getting many visitors from the search engines.

  • Most Forms of E-mail Marketing Are Now Considered SPAM!

    SPAM has become such a broad term these days and will get you into a lot of trouble, even if you have not violated any laws. Most forms of e-mail marketing, including direct e-mail and bulk e-mail, are now considered SPAM by nearly everyone. You can follow all legal guidelines when sending out your mailing and still risk being labeled a "spammer". In reality, it doesn't much matter whether you think you're a spammer - it only matters what the recipient of your e-mail thinks. One safe way to market through e-mail is by building your own opt-in list, but even then people will often forget that they subscribed to your list and report you for SPAM anyway! If you are reported for SPAM, you can lose your ISP, website, e-mail account, and much more!

  • Traffic Exchanges Require Hours and Hours of Clicking!

    Traffic exchanges (also known as startpage/click exchanges) are popular because they offer a free way to earn traffic. The idea is simple - you view other people's websites in exchange for traffic. However, most traffic exchanges make you view a website for 30 seconds to earn a credit, then require 2 credits for each hit they send to your website. That's 60 seconds of clicking for just 1 hit! You could click for an hour straight and still only get 60 hits. You'll be very lucky to make a sale off of 60 hits, even after all that work!

  • FFAs and Classified Ad Sites Are a Thing of the Past!

    Believe it or not, there actually was a time when Free-For-All links (FFAs) worked. As most of you have realized by now, that is no longer true. There are so many FFA pages and automatic submitters these days that there's very little chance anyone will ever see your link - no matter how many times you post each day. Since everyone uses automatic submitters to post their link on the FFA pages, they don't ever view the page that has your link on it. Their link goes on top, knocking your link down another spot. With so many auto-submitters being used, your link quickly slides off the FFA page, without ever being seen by human eyes.

But there got to be a way for ordinary netizens like you and me
to drive traffic to our websites and affiliate URLs?

Here's Finally An Affordable Way To Drive Real Visitors To Your Website For The Rest Of Your Life & All You Do Is Push A Button!

Everyone should have a fair chance to drive traffic to their website without going in debt and maxing out credit cards, which is why we're proud to bring you...  

The Auto Hits Machine!

Thanks to this exciting breakthrough in traffic technology, you can have all the hits you want delivered to your website instantly at the push of a button! Never waste time or money on traffic again! This powerful new software will generate thousands of hits each day without any effort on your part! You'll finally have the time to spend on more important things than traffic, such as...

--Enjoying time with your family.
--Taking a much needed vacation.
--Visiting relatives and going out with friends.
--Finishing old projects around the house.
--Learning more about internet marketing.
--Anything that you like best; even sleeping!

Have more than one website? No problem. The Auto Hits Machine can send traffic to all of your websites at the same time! With your purchase, you'll get your own free rotator where you can enter up to 100 websites (you can add or delete a website at anytime). The Auto Hits Machine will then divide the traffic it delivers evenly between all of the websites you've listed in the rotator! Simply put, you'll have thousands of real visitors stampeding to each of your websites every day!

New to internet marketing? That's fine. The Auto Hits Machine was designed so even the newest marketer can use it without difficulty! There are no scripts or codes that you have to enter and run on your own, or hours of complicated programming. You just download the software straight to your computer and start it up anytime! Plus, we've included an instructional manual that will show you exactly how to multiply the traffic coming from your machine and maximize your income at the same time! You'll truly be amazed at all the things this one machine can do!

The Auto Hits Machine is a must have tool if:


You want to have a successful website at the push of a button!

You'd like an affordable, hassle-free way to drive traffic to your website!

You'd like thousands of real visitors sent to all of your websites daily!

You'd like to have more time to spend with family, friends, or just relaxing!

You want more visitors NOW without having to wait while downlines grow!

You'd like to spend time improving your site instead of wasting it all on traffic!

You want to automate your income and work from the comfort of your home!

You'd like to get your name out there and become your own "heavy hitter"!

You're tired of wasting your hard-earned money on advertising that doesn't work!

You want a user-friendly program that is 100% guaranteed to explode your traffic!

For your website, you need the Auto Hits Machine - PERIOD. There is not an easier, faster, or more affordable way to drive targeted traffic to your website! Not just a few little hits being sent every now and then, but massive waves of high quality traffic flowing to all of your websites at the same time! Why deal with all the stress and frustration of building traffic if you don't have to? Just turn on the Auto Hits Machine and it will begin the the work for you instantly!


"I Will Never Stop Using the Auto Hits Machine!"

I just wanted you to know that you have come up with a STELLAR product! I have already received THOUSANDS of hits to my program, built HUGE downlines, and get EVEN MORE hits by selling my own branded version of the software. I will never stop using the Auto Hits Machine! Thanks Again!

Steve Schafer
TEC WorldWide Marketing


Here Are Just A Few Of The Countless Ways
You'll Benefit From Using The Auto Hits Machine
  • Turn Your Website into an Instant Success - To make your website a success, you need a steady stream of visitors coming to your site. That's exactly what the Auto Hits Machine does, and it does it without any effort on your part! Enjoy unlimited hits forever!

  • Unlimited Traffic at the Push of a Button - Most traffic programs will make you build downlines or do heavy promoting before you begin receiving any hits from them. Not only does this take a long time, but all your advertising efforts are going towards building downlines in these programs instead of promoting your own website. NOT ANYMORE! With the Auto Hits Machine, you just push a button and it begins delivering traffic instantly!

  • Send Hits to All Your Sites at Once - Most internet marketers have more than 1 website/Affiliate URLs that they are promoting. That's why the Auto Hits Machine can be set-up to deliver traffic to as many websites as you want! Whether you're promoting 1 website or 100 websites, the Auto Hits Machine will send traffic to all of them at the same time!


"Increased My Traffic, Sales, and Profits By At Least 100%+!"

I've been using AutoHitsMachine now for several weeks and found that is has been easy to setup with very clear directions. AHM has dramatically increased my traffic, sales and profits by at least 100%+. It is the easiest way to drive traffic to your site and it sure beats bulk mail or posting to "safe" lists with their inherent risks. Also, you have provided great and timely tech support and updates when needed. Thanks for producing such a great product which itself also has income producing benefits.

Chris Guli


  • Save Time and Money Daily - Thanks to the Auto Hits Machine, you'll no longer have to spend your valuable time and money building traffic. With all the hours you'll save, you can spend more time with family, friends, relaxing, or doing whatever it is that you enjoy most! You'll also have more time to spend improving your website and learning more about internet marketing - without all the stress and frustration of trying to build traffic!

  • Explode Your Sales and Income - With all the traffic being sent to your website(s), you'll be making sales 24 hours per day! If you're promoting a MLM or similar program, you can fill your downline in no time and watch your income grow forever! The Auto Hits Machine will work with any program as long as you have a website!


"My Newsletter Subscribers Have Increased Drastically!"

I have been using the Auto Hits Machine for a little more than 2 months now and let me tell you, this is great software. I start the software every night before going to sleep and let it run all night. I am able to generate between 600 and 1000 hits to my rotator every day, which is over 20000 hits a month! Totally FREE and Automatic!!! It's amazing! My Newsletter Subscribers Have Increased Drastically. This is the best software of it's kind I have ever tried. I love it! Keep up the good work.

Luc Maltais


  • No Scripting or Programming Required - You don't have to enter any codes or be an expert programmer to use the Auto Hits Machine. The software is hassle-free and runs by pushing a button. Just in case you have trouble understanding how the Auto Hits Machine works, we've included an instructional manual to guide you.

  • Help Your Downline Members or Affiliates - If you are building a downline or run your own affiliate program, use the Auto Hits Machine to help those members get referrals! You can either send traffic to their websites using your Auto Hits Machine or have them purchase an Auto Hits Machine of their own. Imagine if everyone in your downline was using the Auto Hits Machine to get unlimited hits! Your earnings would go through the roof!


"Greatest Software For Anyone Who Needs Traffic!"

This is the Greatest software for Anyone who needs traffic that I have seen in quite a while. All you do is plug in your start pages and watch them accumulate credits for you. Easy setup and the ebook that comes with it is a wonderful tool that I refer back to constantly. Wow! You even get resale rights and the choice to brand your copy. What more could you ask for? I just had to take a minute to write and say Thank You! I would recommend this software to anyone promoting on the internet.

Tina Browning


  • Run on Multiple Computers at the Same Time - Do you own more than one computer and want to run the Auto Hits Machine on all of them? No problem! Just download the software to each computer and start it up! You can run the Auto Hits Machine on all of your computers at one time, or use them during separate times while the other computers rest!

  • Blow Away the Competition - While your competition is spending all their time trying to scrap together a few hits, you'll have a steady flow of customers visiting your website and buying from you! Your competition will be left in the dust, and the smart ones will decide to join forces with you, meaning your business will continue to grow stronger!

  • You Have Full Control Of Traffic - Do you want the Auto Hits Machine to send traffic to your website(s), your business partner's website(s), or somewhere else? It's your choice! Also, you decide where the traffic is coming from, how much traffic you want, and much more! The Auto Hits Machine can be turned "on" or "off" at any time. If your server can't handle all the traffic that is being sent, just turn off the Auto Hits Machine and give your server a rest.

Just imagine what unlimited traffic could do for you! All the stress and headaches of internet marketing will be gone as your sales shoot through the roof! Besides enjoying instant success with your current websites, you could use the Auto Hits Machine to rapidly build downlines in your favorite MLM programs, get countless sign-ups for your safelist/ezine, generate thousands of leads, and a whole lot more! Never before has there been such an incredible opportunity on the web! Just push a button and let it go to work while you enjoy all the extra time and money you've saved!

You'll Receive Everything Listed Below
When You Order The Auto Hits Machine TODAY!!

  1: The Auto Hits Machine Software - Experience the power of unlimited traffic with this breakthrough software! Just downloaded it to your computer (or all of your computers) and start it up to begin sending a flood of targeted traffic to your website!

  2: The Auto Hits Machine Manual - Use this guide to download the Auto Hits Machine software to your computer. Also included are lessons on how to make the most of your Auto Hits Machine, maximize your traffic, automate your income, and more!

  3: Full Resell Rights - You get full rights to sell this software and make 100% Profit! We've included website templates for you to use, instructions on how to set-up your website, and plenty of promotional tools to attract customers!

  4: Free Pop-Up Killer - It is best to use a pop-up killer with the Auto Hits Machine in order to keep the software running smoothly. We've included a free pop-up killer that you can download and use anytime! Just turn it on anytime you use the Auto Hits Machine and then you can leave it on for pop-up free surfing or turn it off; whichever you prefer.

  5: Website Rotator - Rotate up to 100 websites for use with the Auto Hits Machine. Since you are probably advertising more than one website, the Auto Hits Machine will send traffic to all of the websites that you list in this rotator! Plus, you can add or remove websites anytime!

  6: Screensaver Traffic - Does your computer need a break from the Auto Hits Machine? That's fine! We've included software that works as a screensaver and sends hits to your website just for leaving your screensaver running! *This tool is not quite as effective as the Auto Hits Machine since the traffic is of lower quality, but it's still a good option for extra hits.

  7: Unlimited Income - We'll show you how to use the Auto Hits Machine to make an unlimited income! Make thousands of dollars every month without any extra effort on your part! To increase your income even more, you have full resell rights to the Auto Hits Machine, meaning you get 100% commissions for every sale!

What Is It Worth To Have All The Traffic You Want
Delivered To Your Website At The Push Of A Button?

Can you really put a price on unlimited traffic?:
Traffic is such a valuable commodity and the success of your website depends on it. So what in the world do you charge for a lifetime of visitors sent instantly at the push of a button? Well, let's see what the wholesale traffic companies would charge you by using the example below.

What Traffic Companies Would Charge:
Say you purchased 1,000 hits per day from a popular wholesale traffic company. For this example, we'll say that the traffic company charges you a flat rate of $5 for every 1,000 visitors ( a very conservative estimate of what an actual wholesale traffic company might charge). So that's $5 per day multiplied by 365 days in a year. You'd end up paying a total of $1,825.00 per year for just ONE website! Why waste all that money when the Auto Hits Machine will deliver unlimited visitors to all of your websites for life at a FRACTION of the cost?!

HUGE Savings with the Auto Hits Machine:
Since the wholesale traffic companies would charge you $1,825 per year for just one website, you'd be getting a deal if you purchased the Auto Hits Machine for the same price. Don't worry, though, you're NOT going to have to pay anywhere close to $1,825 per year. Like I said earlier, I believe everyone should have a fair chance to drive traffic to their website for an affordable price. Auto Hits Machine is currently priced for the rock-bottom, one-time fee of only $99! That's unlimited traffic being sent forever to all of your websites for just $99! You won't find a better deal anywhere!


Auto Hits Machine Box Small Special Introductory Offer:
Save 70% Off The Regular Price!
Regular Price = $99.00

Now Only = $29.97!


This Deal Just Keeps Getting Better and Better...
By Ordering Now, You'll Also Get Over $514 In FREE Bonuses!

Even though you are already getting the best deal on the web by ordering the Auto Hits Machine, I'm going to make it even better by including these 5 amazing bonuses worth over $514! These aren't just outdated e-books like many sites offer; they are valuable tools and reports that will increase your sales and help you become an expert marketer!


8 Super-Duper Bonuses Worth $514! Special And Only For You!
Web Page Personalization Script!
(Value $97)

"Go beyond personalizing the email messages in your autoresponder!
...Extend it to even personalizing your WebPages in real time!" 

This is a super-simple script that personalizes your web page, calls your  subscriber by his name and makes him feel good when he reaches your web page by clicking the links from your email messages! Your subscriber is 1000% inclined to buy from you, when he actually sees his name appears on the web page where he is directed to from your emails. You can make his name appear wherever you want on the entire web page.

e.g.: , If you are a subscriber of Learnhomebusiness.com, notice how I address you on this very same page!

And it takes less than 2 minutes to insert the code! This is a guarded script but you can have it for free!

Mark Joyner's 
Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript

Access this outstanding report that experts agree is the best writing on the topic of internet marketing ever! Learn exactly how multi-millionaire Mark Joyner, the "Tiger Woods" of internet marketing, increased sales for his products by 412% or more. All of the easy-to-use ideas in this 50 page report are based on scientifically verified marketing tests conducted by statisticians and marketing analysts hired by Mark. These aren't just theories and guesses - these are *specific* things you can do right now to increase your sales and they have all been *scientifically* proven.

Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript

Retail Price $179

Desktop Search Engine Submitter

New software that you can use to submit your website to all the top search engines directly from your desktop! At the click of a button, your URL will be submitted to the top 40 search engines all across the worldwide web. Convenient and easy-to-use, this software is perfect for both affiliates and webmasters alike. There is no limit to how many URLs that you can submit. The software is automatically updated with the latest search engine information every time you use it! 

It also helps you choose the right keywords and descriptions for your website by taking the information you input and preparing it just the way each search engine wants.


Desktop Search Engine Submitter

Retail Price $49.25

Ad-Blaster Software

Blast your Ad to 2.5 million sites every day automatically using this astonishing set-and-forget technology! Just push a button and explode your sales by 2500% or more! Drive hordes of visitors to your site immediately... (we're talking TARGETED visitors here... these are people who have an interest in your site and want to find out more!) Advertising on millions of websites means huge masses of targeted customers. AdBlaster takes the chore out of advertising. It automates all steps, allowing you to focus on more important things… like your website itself. Anyone who wants to advertise needs AdBlaster!! 

Ad-Blaster Software

Retail Price $39.99

Easy Resell Plus Software

Easy Resell Plus software makes customizing mini sites quick and easy! Anytime you purchase a product with resell rights, you are usually given a mini site or template to use for selling the product. Easy Resell Plus will help you set-up your resell sites in seconds and makes customizing a breeze! This amazing new software will automatically update the payment links in any mini site, ready for you to take payments.

Easy Resell Plus Software

Retail Price $37

Master Resell Rights

Ezine Success!

Discover exactly how to use the most closely guarded techniques to cash in on the most effective eZine advertising ever invented! This amazing e-book is jam-packed with all the information you'll ever need to know about ezine advertising and maximizing the results of your ezine ads. Learn how to get at least 5 times the results that you would get from a single solo ad for a fraction of the cost! 15+ Chapters of tips and secrets! 


Ezine Success
Retail Price $19.95
Master Resell Rights

Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter

Most ezine publishers and ezine co-ops have a specific character length per line that your ad must be set to. If your ad is not formatted, they reject your ad or have you re-submit it in the correct format. With 'Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter' you will no longer have to worry about your ezine ad format, counting each and every character and line. The software literally does the formatting for you. 

Ezine Ad Formatter
Retail Price $19.95
Master Resell Rights

Unlimited Lifetime Updates!($99.00 Value) 

We'll make sure you stay up to date on all the latest news, features, and upgrades to the Auto Hits Machine. This valuable bonus will ensure that you get the most out of your Auto Hits Machine and keep it running smoothly for life! You'll be notified by e-mail anytime there is an important update so that you never miss out on any future additions or bonuses! *To receive this bonus of unlimited updates, please make sure to register after you have downloaded the Auto Hits Machine.



This software will pay for itself over and over again every time you use it! Don't forget that you make also 100% profits on every sale you make, so your cost is covered by selling just ONE! With our 100% guarantee, there's no excuse for passing up this incredible opportunity. Use any of the secure payment processors listed below to download the Auto Hits Machine now!


Auto Hits Machine - Unlimited Traffic At The Push Of A Button!

YES! I want instant access to download the Auto Hits Machine and begin using it right away! The No-Risk Proposition ensures that you get 100% money  back guarantee for 30 days and if for some reason you want the refund kindly send us an email. You will be issued a prompt and courteous refund. Every penny of it -No questions asked. Order " Auto Hits Machine V.5 "  With Complete Confidence Now. Since I am ordering Today, I will also receive 8 free bonuses worth $514 given below: 


  1. Web Page Personalization Script - Value $97

  2. Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript - Value $179

  3. Desktop Search Engine Submitter  - Value 49.25

  4. Ad-Blaster Software - Value $39.99

  5. Easy Resell Plus Software - Value $37

  6. Ezine Success! - Value $19.95

  7. Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter - Value $19.95

  8. Unlimited Lifetime Updates !  - Value $99.00
Yes! I understand that the $29.97 I will pay today is done with absolutely no obligation and no commitment. If I'm not 100% convinced that this total collection will be of At least 10 times worth the money I spend, then I will simply tell you and I will be issued a prompt and courteous refund -- no questions asked -- and I may still keep the 8 gifts worth $514.

Order the Auto Hits Machine Now!

Order Secure Now - $99.00
Only $29.97 Today  for Everything
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download information with $514 worth of valuable bonuses!

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To Your Enduring Success,

Courteously -- S. Kumar


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