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An Amazing Way Below Wholesale Deal
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"How To Turn Your Non-Performing Clickbank Account Into a Blistering Inferno of Super Sized Income by Simply Turning On a Set of Sleek Clickbank Marketing Scripts, Clickbank Software Tools and Become One of the Top Earning Clickbank Guns in Town !"

An Incredible Collection Of Clickbank Marketing Tools With
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Comes With A Surprising Very Special Twist!
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Dear Profit Conscious Clickbank Netpreneur ,

Do you like me to straight away get into into the act or should I waste your valuable with some fillers?

I think you are the type who wants things fast and furious as you value your time.

So let's cut the chase. Here is the deal. Just take a serious look at the following Four Clickbank Money Making Tools.


This is a 100% VALUE Crazy Deal  
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CB Take Over 11- Part Video Series

 If you want to quickly raid the biggest info product affiliate network on the Internet and start creating multiple streams of passive income, this will be the most important info you ever placed your hands on...


   Master Resale Rights Worth $47


Watch The Sample Video Here

"How To Become a Six-Figure ClickBank Super Affiliate And Make Money Just By Working 1-2 Hours Per Day From Your Own Kitchen Table!!"

What this informative course reveals...

  1. Video - Exploit ClickBank for the highest paying affiliate programs
  2. Video - Find the secret gems that will pay out commissions month after month
  3. Video - Why the richest Internet Marketers in the industry use ClickBank as their main income source
  4. Video - How you can get paid week after week directly into your account
  5. Video - The secret to multiplying your affiliate commissions
  6. Video - The #1 thing you need to do if you want to become a super affiliate
  7. Video - The tricks that top ClickBank vendors are using to make up to $100,000 per month
  8. Video - How to scale your ClickBank business to the 6-figure level, quickly and easily
  9. Video - Why your hunt for free traffic from Google and social media may be holding you back from making money on ClickBank
  10. Video - How to get masses of profitable traffic to any site you want... the 5 methods revealed!
  11. Video - And much, much more...

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Advance CB Paycheck Secrets 12-Part Video Series

 Create Your Affiliate Site -> Rank It No.1 On Google -> Get Autopilot Traffic -> Get Sales On Autopilot!...


   Master Resale Rights Worth $37


Watch The Sample Video Here

"The Fool-Proof Way To Get Insane Google Ranking and Solid Online Traffic... And Beef Up Your ClickBank Checks On Steroids!"

It's time to put your clickbank checks on steroids! Introducing...

  1. Video - Why Backlinking is So Important
  2. Video - Types of Backlinks
  3. Video - Your Competition Analysis Spy Tools
  4. Video - Fast Indexation Tools
  5. Video - RSS Feeds
  6. Video - Social Bookmarks
  7. Video - Blogs and Forum Commenting
  8. Video - Web 2.0 Sites
  9. Video - Articles
  10. Video - Profile Links
  11. Video - .Edu and .Gov
  12. Video - The Link Building Plan and Keeping It Organized

Click Here For More Info On Advance CB Paycheck Secrets Videos


Clickbank Niche Site Builder Software

 Finally, Find Out How YOU Can Quickly And Easily Discover High Profit Affiliate Products In The ClickBank.com Marketplace And Build Instant Niche Sites, Ready To Make Money For You As Soon As Possible!...


Clickbank Niche Site Builder

   Resale Rights Worth $97

"Create Multiple High Profit ClickBank Niche Product Sites Automatically Within Minutes And With Your Affiliate ID Automatically Embedded Throughout The Product Links"

Find Out How YOU Can Make Money In Five Easy Steps,

  1. Research and discover a hungry, profitable niche to penetrate into.
  2. Find and join rewarding affiliate programs that caters to that niche.
  3. Build one or several niche sites on autopilot, with your ClickBank affiliate links embedded.
  4. Drive targeted traffic into your niche site.
  5. And Start making money! Simple!

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Honest Reviews Of The Top ClickBank Selling Products - V.2.0

"Insiders REVEAL the honest truth with never before seen REVIEWS of some of the BEST SELLING Clickbank Products so that YOU can make the right decisions for YOUR online business."

Honest Reviews Of The Top ClickBank Products

   Master Resale Rights Worth $9.95


"Now You Can FINALLY Discover Which Clickbank Money Making Products Live Up To The HYPE And Which Ones Are Downright SCAMS - And BOOST Your Earnings With Right Information!"

The products reviewed in this special report are:

  1. Chronic Commissions
  2. Above the Matrix
  3. Instant Passive Profits
  4. Commission Blackops
  5. Instant Traffic Robot
  6. Income Hybrid
  7. SEO Processor
  8. Push Button Cash Site
  9. Bookmarking Demon
  10. Chris Farrell Membership

Click Here For More Info On Top ClickBank IM Products -2011



Clickbank Affiliate Cash

"27 Year Old Florida Man Shares The Secrets To Affiliate Marketing Success! Finally...The Insider Secrets To Making HUGE Cash On Clickbank Have Been Let Loose..."

Clickbank Affiliate Cash

   Master Resale Rights Worth $39


"A Totally Simple System For Leveraging Clickbank To It's Maximum Potential To The Tune Of Thousands Of Dollars A Month!!

  1. Start Marking Money Fast With Simple Affiliate Programs!
  2. The Perfect "One, Two" Punch For Affiliate Products & Traffic Generation!
  3. Become A Super Affiliate Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!
  4. Fluff Free, Right To The Point Information
  5. Results Based Information Only
  6. Easy, Plug & Play Application
  7. Easily Understandable (Techie Free) Instruction

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Juggernaut - Clickbank

 Are you frustrated that so many other affiliates are making money on Clickbank but you can't even figure out where to start?

There's nothing like this knock out package on the market. You need this to get an advantage as a Clickbank affiliate.

   Private Label Rights Worth $9.97

Watch The Sample Video Here

The Ultimate ClickBank Money Making Tool Is Here! "How to Dominate 25 Hot Clickbank Niches in Less Than 23 Hours"

Here's exactly what are you are getting:

  1. The complete list of 25 super hot Clickbank products
  2. 25 Clickbank product mindmaps (.mm format)
  3. Several hundred YouTube research reports (.csv format)
  4. Use it for your own research and play Sherlock Holmes.
  5. Use it to build your list by giving away the mindmaps or reports.
  6. Use it to get easy YouTube traffic with very little effort.

Click Here For More Info On CB Juggernaut


Clickbank Cash Raider Software

"Quickly build UNIQUE Clickbank product sites!!"

   Master Resale Rights Worth $29

!- Comes With Video Tutorials -!

"Clickbank Cash Raider Creates Mini Sites With Ten Articles, Clickbank Ads, Adsense And Addthis. The Sites Will Also Have A Search Engine Which Pulls Results From Clickbank Inserting Your Affiliate Links On The way!!

  1. You can build Clickbank Affiliate sites for yourself or for clients. Your affiliate links are automatically included.
  2. You need to edit only the config.php before uploading the files to your own server.
  3. Lets easily pick a niche and smoothly build a cash pulling affiliate site on the fly!
  4. it really is that fast.


If you liked the above six products, Then...

Here is the special twist that is mentioned earlier. (i.e. if you have taken the time to read this far!)


"Additionally, you are ALSO going to grab an Amazing Collection Of   Extra 66+ ClickBank  Marketing Tools as a very special subscriber bonus if you order today!"


 66 More Additional ClickBank Tools!


Surefire Clickbank Mastery
10-Part Video Series

 "If you're not technical savvy, then no worries. Simply look over my shoulder as I show you step by step how to setup your product on Clickbank.."


Finally, Discover How You Can Sell Your Product on Clickbank And Tap Into Thousands of Affiliates Without The Worries Of Not Knowing Where To Start...Starting Today!!

   Resale Rights Worth $47

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The Clickbank Crash Course
FULL Volume From 1-15!


1) Introduction
2) The Fail Proof Clickbank Mindset
3) Your Clickbank Market

4) Google Strategies For Mastering Clickbank
5) Guide To Simple And Effective Product Creation
6) How To Create An Audio Product To Sell For Clickbank

7) How To Create A Membership Site To Sell On Clickbank
8) Aligning The Technical Aspects Of Your Business To Dominate Clickbank
9) How To Create A Video Product To Sell For Clickbank

10) How To Sell Like A Pro Online - Tips On Selling Clickbank Products
11) Clickbank Copywriting Secrets - Part 1
12) Clickbank Copywriting Secrets - Part 2

13) Clickbank Copywriting Secrets - Part 3
14) Clickbank Search Engine Optimization Strategies – Part 1
15) Clickbank Search Engine Optimization Strategies – Part 2


The 15 Part Clickbank Cash Course Series Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World If You Are Looking Into Making Some Serious Cash From The Dizzyingly Profitable World Of Clickbank!!

"Everything You Need To Know To Master Clickbank And Be A Success Right At Your Fingertips!!"-- ALL Revealed In 15 Titles!


In This Series, You Will Learn:

tick How To understand And Profit From The Potential Of Clickbank Market Place That Is Worth Millions!
tick How To Develop The Right Attitude In Everything When You Are On To Conquering This Million Dollar Market
tick How To Get Started By Choosing Your Profitable Niche.
tick How To Carry Out Seminars
tick How Create Winning E-book Products With High Profit Margins To Sell On Clickbank
tick How To Create Winning Audio Products For Clickbank That sells!
tick How To Create Stunning Video Products For Clickbank That Are Outright Sellouts!
tick How To Setup A Membership Site With Clickbank That Fetches You A recurring Income Month After Month!
tick How Setup Domain Name, Hosting And Wordpress Setup To Sell Your Clickbank Products & Products From The Market Place
tick Simple and workable Tips On Selling Clickbank Affiliate Products That Feteches Commissions Upto 75% Per Sale!
tick How To Improve Your Copywriting Skills Tuned Towards Selling Clickbank Products
tick How To Do Clickbank Product Page Search Engine Optimization!
tick And so much more!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $29.97

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Clickbank Wordpress Membership Plug-In

 "How to build a profitable clickbank membership site with Wordpress blog that virtually sells itself!"

!-Comes With Full Video & PDF Instructions For Trouble Free Installation-!


Discover How To Turn a Wordpress Blog into a Paid Members Site that Sells Itself In Less Than 15 Minutes
With This Easy-to-Use Plugin!!

  1. Installs in minutes! With The Lowest cost Multi-Install License ever!

  2. Teases people to upgrade membership.

  3. Redirects to a OTO page after sign-up!

  4. CBWP Member is fully automated.

  5. Zero compatibility issues. Works on all WP themes.

  6. Enables you to provide special content to RSS feeds.

  7. Widest payment options- credit card, check or paypal

   Master Resale Rights Worth $47

Click Here For More Info Clickbank Wordpress Membership Plug-In


Clickbank Cash Blog Videos

 "A Message For People Who Want To Make Money Using Clickbank And Don't Know How To Get Started..."

Clickbank Cash Blog Videos


This Video Series Will Take You By The Hand Through The Process Of Setting Up And Monetizing Clickbank Review Blogs And Give You All The Information You Need To Start Profiting From Your Blog From Start To Finish...!!

   Master Resale Rights Worth $46.95

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Clickbank Paycheck Secrets

 "In Minutes From Now, Discover How To Achieve Page 1 Rankings on Google In 3 Hours or Less… “Set It And Forget It” Style! ..."

Watch The Sample Video Here


Would It Hurt You To Build Insanely Profitable Clickbank Affiliate Sites, Suck In Free Traffic On Autopilot… And Ramp Up Your Weekly ClickBank Checks!

   Master Resale Rights Worth $47.00

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ClickBank Hop Ads Builder

 Once you discover the simple secrets inside Super Quick Clickbank Videos, you will be able to implement each video into your business quickly and easily... .



Learn The Latest Clickbank Profits 'How To' Tips, Tricks, and Techniques, By Watching Us Show You How To Do It On Video, In Under 5 Minutes Each?! ..Allowing You Save Frustration and Your Hair Whilst Increasing Your Clickbank Profits Almost Overnight!!

   Master Resale Rights $9.95

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Top 55 ClickBank Products Review Articles

 Top 55 ClickBank products including the upcoming ones and wrote custom reviews for each one.
55 ClickBank Products Review Articles

!-Ready To Go Articles-!



Announcing The NO Restriction Private Label Rights To 55 Top Quality Clickbank Products Review Articles That You Can Instantly Turn Into Your OWN And USE IN Any Way You Like!

All articles already have hoplinks to the Clickbank product, so all you have to do is to insert your own clickbank ID, rather than having to go the marketplace and finding the product link.

   Private Label Rights $47.95

1,285 Page, Clickbank-Adsense, Turnkey Arthritis MegaSite

 "You can promote the default Clickbank products given, or modify it to sell any arthritis product by making a small change in the config file.

Clickbank-Adsense, Turnkey Arthritis MegaSite

!-Ready To Go Website-!



Announcing the Amazing 1,285-Page, Turnkey, Search Engine Bait, High-Paying, Lucrative, Wallet-Fattening, Turnkey Arthritis AdSense-Clickbank Megasite!!

   Resale Rights Worth $47.95

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Instant Clickbank Store

 "And now, you can have your own easy-to-install Instant Clickbank Store! Your new website will prominently display Clickbank's top 10 selling products in each category..

!-Ready To Go Website-!


How To Fatten Your Wallet With This Money-Making Instant Clickbank Store Featuring Multiple Clickbank & AdSense Income Opportunities!

  • It's pre-built & ready to go - just edit affiliate ID's and upload!

  • It's economical - add a new profit center for the price of a pepperoni pizza!

  • It's a money maker - 2 built-in income streams to fatten your wallet!


 Master Resale Rights Worth $17

Click Here For More Info Clickbank Instant Store


Clickbank Cat Training Video Website

 "Your own cat training video site with your Clickbank & Adsense ID's embedded. Grab $10.00 - $45.00 per sale paid by Clickbank from 8 Clickbank Text Ads per page plus a Clickbank ad at the top of every page that looks like a search result!"

!-Ready To Go Website-!



Instant, High-Paying, In-Demand Moneymaking Cat Training Video Web Site Featuring Multiple  Clickbank & AdSense Income Opportunities Plus REPEAT AutoResponder Traffic

   Worth  $17.95

Click Here For More Info On ClickBank Cat Training Video Site


Clickbank Diabetes Video Website

 "Your own Diabetes video site with your Clickbank & Adsense ID's embedded. Grab $10.00 - $45.00 per sale paid by Clickbank from 8 Clickbank Text Ads per page plus a Clickbank ad at the top of every page that looks like a search result!"

!-Ready To Go Website-!



Instant, High-Paying, In-Demand Moneymaking Diabetes Video Website Featuring Multiple Clickbank & AdSense Income Opportunities

   Worth  $17.95

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Rogue ClickBank Profits
Wordpress Plugin

 "This Wordpress Plugin Will Practically FORCE Visitors To Buy Through YOUR Clickbank Affiliate Link...!

Rogue ClickBank Profits WP Plugin


"How To Get Credit For Sales Without The Person Ever Clicking On Your Affiliate Link... They Just Have To Visit Your Blog...!

   With PLR & Master Resale Rights Worth  $47.00

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10 HOT Clickbank Product's Review Sites

 "Make money just by promoting 30 top selling clickbank products with absolutely no work from you except plugging in your clickbank ID & uploading them as it is!.

10 HOT Clickbank Product's Review Sites

!-10 Ready To Go Websites-!


"Just Plug-In Your Clickbank Affiliate Id Into This Amazing Collection Of 10 HOT Clickbank Product's With 30 Product Reviews Already Written For You, Site Designed For You And All Ready To Go!!

   Resale Rights Worth $47.95

Click Here For An Example Of One Of These Amazing Sites


Clickbank Profit Criteria

 "You will be able to quickly understand how to employ simple research techniques that will help you choose the most profitable products from the Clickbank marketplace without wasting time, effort and money promoting it!


"Brand-New Private Short Course Lets You Easily Teach Your Customers and Subscribers The Basics of Choosing Profitable Clickbank Products..."

   With PLR & Master Resale Rights Worth  $7.97

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Clickbank Affiliate Reward System

 "What if there was a way of firing up your clickbank affiliates with energy and enthusiasm? This script exactly does that!"

Clickbank Affiliate Reward System

"Read On To Learn More About A Brand New System That Motivates Your Clickbank Affiliates To Make More Sales, Increases Their Earnings And Multiplies Your Profits..."

   With PLR & Master Resale Rights Worth  $47.00

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Clickbank Digital Products Demon For Wordpress

 "Are you selling digital products from your Wordpress Website?"


"A Fully Automated Sales, Thank You, and Download System for PayPal, ClickBank, and EJunkie Merchants with the WordPress Platform"

   With PLR & Master Resale Rights Worth  $37.95

Click Here For More Info On - Digital Product Demon

Clickbank Promo Tools Generator

 "Clickbank Promo Tools Generator" Makes It Ridiculously Easy For You To Create An Affiliate Page In Less Than 2 Minutes... No Matter What Your Experience Is...!

ClickBank Promo Tools Generator


Create Powerful Dynamic Affiliate Pages For Your ClickBank Products In Less Than Two Minutes And Give Your Affiliates Instant Promotion Tools In Minutes!!

   Master Resale Rights Worth $17

Click Here For More Info On ClickBank Promo Tools Generator

Instant Clickbank Store

 Got a spare domain sitting around and wondered what to do with it? Or just starting out and have nothing to sell right now! Why not spend 20 minutes and get a new website up and running with 300 Clickbank products?!

Instant Clickbank Store

!-Ready To Go Website-!



Your Own Instant Clickbank Store! Your Personal Clickbank Store In-A-Box In Under 5 Minutes With Over 300 Products And All It Takes To Customize The Whole Site For Yourself Is Copy And Paste And Find And Replace!!

   Master Resale Rights Worth $49.97

Click Here For More Info On Instant Clickbank Store

ClickbankLockPRO - Total Security

 Absolutely no technical experience required! All you've got to do is get this PHP script & let it do all the hard work for you!

ClickbankLockPRO - Total Security


Securely Sell Your Priced Products Through ClickBank Without The Danger Or Fear Of Having Your Hard Earned Money & Commissions Hi-Jacked by Everyday Common Thieves!!

   Master Resale Rights Worth $97

Click Here For More Info On CB Lock Pro

ClickBank Text Ads Generator

 CB Text Ads locates the exact keyword match of ClickBank titles and product descriptions within a document and convert them in HTM, HTML, PHP, and ASP pages to ClickBank affiliate links with your ClickBank ID automatically!

ClickBank Text Ads Generator
Comes with Superb installation Videos


Blow Your ClickBank Affiliate Commissions Through The Roof By Automatically Converting Contextually Relevant Keywords on Your Web Pages to Unobtrusive Profit-Generating ClickBank Affiliate Links!!

   Master Resale Rights Worth $297

Click Here For More Info On CB Text Ads Generator

ClickBank Download Protector

A Fully Automated Sales & Download System For ClickBank Merchants

Clickbank Tools & Clickbank scripts

"I'll Show YouHow To Stop Petty Thieves Who Pickpockets Your Profits Right From Your Back Pocket While You Remain Dumb!!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $49.97


ClickBank Multi-Item Manager

A Simple but highly effective Solution to Control & Manage Multiple ClickBank™ Products Affiliate Programs from a Single ClickBank™ Account!

Clickbank Multi-Item Manager + clickbank tools and clickbank scripts

Comes with excellent installation Videos


Go ahead and promote all your 50 of your ClickBank™ products with a list of happy affiliate partners and with individual affiliate links for each of them!
  • Promote all your items with Separate Affiliate Links with a SINGLE ClickBank Account.
  • Simply enter an item code, title, product website URL and the script will create a unique affiliate link for that item.
  • Conveniently change your Admin ID, password, ClickBank ID etc.
  • Script Installation Wizard will easily install Perl Scripts into your webhost. No manual uploading, CHMOD setting and confusions.
  • Installation Guide and Quick Start Guide.
  • And many more...

With CB Multi-Item Manager Script, create any number of affiliate links that can be used  Single ClickBank Account.

 Master Resale Rights Worth $67

Click Here For More Info On CB Multi-Item Manager


Seen Enough?...


Order Secure Now

Add To Cart


", This Time Learnhomebusiness.com Extends The Limits, Decided To Take It Further And Has More To Offer!!

It's my obsession to give you the very best of tools that you can use in your business. You also get to take home many more ClickBank Tools worth 100's of dollars in addition to the above mentioned special bonuses!


ClickBank Top-Performing Product List

What can you do if with a database of top performing 310 products from ClickBank that offers more than 50% commission?

That too all organized in a nice excel sheet with these parameters,

  • You will know what is the commissions offered for each top product
  • What is the commission percentage
  • What is the gravity
  • The name of the product
  • The product description

Stop wasting time trying to find the right affiliate products. This focused database has everything in it for you to profit from...

Free With The Purchase!

Value $69.95


Advanced ClickBank Cookie Checker

Did you know that that 20% or more of your ClickBank sales are lost due to visitors having their cookies disabled in their browsers?

This great script makes sure that you get credit for all your sales!

When a potential customer visit a ClickBank product site that you are affiliated with, the script will check if the visitor has cookies enabled. And if the cookies are disabled - the script gently tells him enable cookies and try again.

It even instructs him in a step-by-step manner how to enable cookies for all the major browsers like IE, Firefox, Netscape, Opera etc depending on which browser he is using!

...And now if you are a ClickBank seller,

Simply give this script to your affiliates and ask them to use it! They will love it.

Free With The Purchase!

Value $29.95


ClickBank PHP Redirect-Protection Script

This is one of the easiest scripts to implement and protect your digital downloads. All you have to do is cut and paste the script to your 'thankyou page' and the script solidly protects you from unscrupulous digital thieves. No setting permissions, no cgi and also works with Paypal downloads.

Free With The Purchase!

Value $19.95


ClickBank Multiple Product Hoplink Generator

"Let Your Affiliates Easily Re-Direct Customers To The Individual Product Pages On Your Website!"

No doubt, ClickBank's affiliate program is awesome! But one of the biggest disadvantages with ClickBank is that your affiliates are forced to promote just one affiliate link that will always lead their visitors to only one page on your site!

And as a ClickBank Merchant, you are forced to set up a standard single landing page where you have to list all of your products on one page. Now, what if your affiliate wants send his visitors to your top-performing product page? It's frustrating when you have multiple products for sale but the ClickBank hoplink can only go to a single page. You are in a fix here!

Fortunately, there are ways to get around this problem with an easy-to-implement PHP Solution!

ClickBank Multiple Product Landing Script Lets You To:

  • Sell Multiple Products From Multiple Web Sites

  • Create Multiple Affiliate Programs

  • Set up Individual Landing Pages For Individual Pages

  • Do All The Above With Just One ClickBank Account!

Free With The Purchase!

Value $46.95


ClickBank-Paypal Controller For Your Affiliates
(Video Tutorial Included!)

"Automatically Hide PayPal (or any non-ClickBank)
Order Button For Your ClickBank Affiliate's Benefit!"

Your affiliates hates to see another order button on your sales page apart from the ClickBank order button! Once they find that you have Paypal (or other) order buttons on the very sales page, your affiliates gets demotivated, suspects you and tend to stop promoting your site. No ClickBank affiliate likes to see their commissions lost to orders placed through another payment processor. A better way is to automatically hide the Paypal button if the referral is from a ClickBank ID and show ONLY the ClickBank order button to secure that affiliates commission.

ClickBank-Paypal Controller Will:

  • Automatically hides your Paypal order button when the visitor arrives at your site through a ClickBank Affiliate.

  • Secures the commission of your ClickBank affiliate, at the same time treat yourself to the luxury to add Paypal, Stormpay or other order buttons on your page.

  • Shows up your Paypal (or other) order buttons to visitors who have NOT arrived through a ClickBank referral.

Free With The Purchase!

Value $49.97


ClickBank Tell-A-Friend Script

"Let Your Visitors Easily Recommend
Your Website To Others While You Both Profit With ClickBank Tell-A-Friend Script!"
Live Example Here)

Use this script on your website to get your visitors to refer their friends to your website. The twist in this tell-a-friend script is that your visitors will be paid when their friends visit your website through their embedded ClickBank affiliate ID and buy your product. Providing an incentive to your visitors will sky-rocket the number of referrals you normally get. A simple and effective way to drive free, targeted visitors to your website with very little effort.

Easily add a "Tell A Friend" feature to your website which allows your visitors to recommend your website embedding their ClickBank affiliate nickname ...in the process earning you money for you both!

Free With The Purchase!

Value $14.95


ClickBank -The Ultimate EShop

Distribute a brandable ClickBank inventory of Products to your users desktop, each product with your ClickBank ID embedded!. Effectively, this is a desktop version of the ClickBank Market Place where the user can conveniently search for 14600 product right from his desktop. All you have to do is, brand the software with your ClickBank ID and distribute it and the whole ClickBank Market appears on his desktop earning you commissions up to 75%!

Free With The Purchase!

Value $19.95


An Obscenely Profitable Super ClickBank Tool

180 Pre-Written Clickbank Top Performing Product's Message Sets That You Can Instantly Plug Into Your Autoresponder with Your Clickbank ID And Watch The Commission Growing -- All On Autopilot!
(With PLR Rights) *New*

In just 5 minutes you can begin increasing your ClickBank commissions and put them on autopilot.

Valuable pre-written, special messages crafted with Trance Inducing Language for specific top selling ClickBank products that guarantees an increase your ClickBank commissions for a fraction of what you would be forced to pay a professional trained in these techniques.

The email copy is written with techniques like trance inducing language will create a massive increase in your conversions, sales and profits.

These top selling ClickBank Product Message Sets can be added to your autoresponder sequence or they can be blog posts, on your website or used in your postcard marketing - automatically earning larger affiliate commissions for you.

"Your messages work harder for you when you include trance inducing language which triggers trance-like attentiveness. Instead of the one-thousand-and-one things that are going on around them every minute of every day readers feel compelled to follow your message paths. "

Just sit back and watch your Clickbank commissions soaring through the roof of your room!

With PLR & Master Resale Rights
Value $97

Click Here For More Info On 180 ClickBank Promo Message Sequence Set


Obscenely Profitable Super ClickBank Tool

Clickbank Database For The aLinks Plugin For Wordpress *New*

Instantly Monetize Your Blogs With This Importable Clickbank Database For The Free aLinks Plugin For Wordpress! A Real Stunner !

Over 1900 keywords & phrases that will automatically be turned into affiliate links when they are found in YOUR Wordpress powered posts.

Most of these are for Clickbank products and few for the Amazon module. All you have to do is log into your Wordpress admin, select aLinks Import, browse to the file I provide and import. That's it, you're monetized!

If you are not familiar with the aLinks plugin for Wordpress, it is an awesome little free tool you just plug into Wordpress and it will automatically turn keywords into hyperlinks.

Since aLinks has an import/export function that I could locate a database that had already been set up and exported. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to be the case either and I was left to do the unthinkable.

That's right, I went into the office, closed the door and living on little else other than a few naps in the chair and gallon upon gallon of coffee, I emerged days later with a database you can import directly into aLinks yourself in seconds.

The keywords and phrases in this importable database are optimized for categories like - Adsense - Affiliate Programs - Article Marketing - Blogging etc

You will also be getting Clickbank Cloaking Mod so you can make your autolinked phrases look like www.yoursite.com/go/product instead of the standard hoplink url :-)

This would make an excellent value add on to any type of blogging package you might put together!

With Master Resale Rights
Value $97

More Bonuses Until You Tell Me
'No More Bonuses' Please...


ClickBank Video Series *New*

4 Clickbank videos that ranges from basic to advanced Secret Strategies to get you started on making money with Clickbank.

Video 1: Clickbank - What it is and How you can make money with it? A thorough tutorial meant for the newbie.

Video 2: How to find good products to sell and profit from the Clickbank Marketplace?

Video 3: The closed door, behind the scene Pre-selling Secrets to sell a large number of Clickbank products.

Video 4: The supreme easy way to market Clickbank products!

ClickBank Video Series

With PLR & Master Resell Rights

Retail Price $97.00


ClickBank Profit Feeds Generator

ClickBank Profit Feeds Generator is an awesome tool that uses the power of RSS to convert ClickBank marketplace to a 24/7 source of new/fresh content (ClickBank product displays) that search engines adore!

ClickBank Profit Feeds Generator goes to ClickBank's product database, fetches product info, feeds it to your WebPages and refreshes it every hour. It displays Keyword-Targeted, Theme-related products on your site ALL embedded with your ClickBank Affiliate Link that gives you commissions from 46% 75%!

The entire process is automatic. ClickBank Profit Feeds Generator increases the frequency of search engine spider visits to your website and improves your search engine ranking.


Free With The Purchase

ClickBank Profit Feeds Generator

Retail Price $99.95


ClickAdsPro Lite

Adsense Alternative Software - Paste A Single Line Of Code On ANY Of Your Web Pages & Watch 6860 Super-Marketers Battle It Out To Make YOU Money!

ClickAdsPro-Lite-Lite is the latest script written in PHP that will help you earn huge amounts of affiliate commissions with your existing website... With Adsense alternative software Making money with Clickbank has never been easier, all without lifting a finger!

Amazing New Software Lets You Earn Up to 75% Commissions On Over 11,000 Hot-Selling Products Using Your Existing Website...


Clickbank Adsense
Free With The Purchase

Retail Price 39.97
With Master Resell Rights


CBAds Genie

Would you like the power to rotate targeted ads of ClickBank products on any kind of web page you like embedded with your ClickBank ID?

And would you like the ability to control the keywords to suit your site content - Even change the background and border colors to match your site's appearance?....

Thanks to this powerhouse PHP driven script you can now effortlessly promote any of the products available in the ClickBank Database automatically. This is incredibly easy to install on your site and the package includes full instructions - You'll be up and running in less than five minutes.

You can choose up to ten different ad configurations to match your site from simple banner sizes through to half page ads.


Free With The Purchase!

CBAds Genie
Retail Price 47
With Master Resell Rights


ClickBank Search Portal

Every time a visitor makes a search using your ClickBank search portal, your ClickBank Referral ID will be automatically embedded to the returned search results from 10,000+ ClickBank products.

This means, you will earn a commission for each sale resulted through the search from your website.

The merchants are offering commissions right up to 75 percent! The average is around 50% commission on each sale that you can make from one of these 10000+ top rated ClickBank merchants.

The ClickBank Automation System contains TWO powerful ClickBank scripts AND comes with Master Resale Rights. These two hot ClickBank scripts will literally put your business on autopilot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The first script is the The ClickBank Thank You and Download Page Protection script, and the second is ClickBank Search Portal Script.


Free With The Purchase!

ClickBank Search Portal

Retail Price $99.95
With Master Resell Rights

 Live Example Here

Type for the product you are interested in the above box e.g. home business



ClickBank AdWords

Easily add an excellent source of income to your website. CBAdWords makes it simple and valuable for you. This easy to install script, CBAdWords, makes it a breeze to place income generating GOOGLE© style, ClickBank© ads on your website pages with your ClickBank ID embedded into each of them! Earn up to 75% commissions by promoting ClickBank© products!

 Live Example Here



Free With The Purchase!

ClickBank AdWords
Retail Price $17
With Master Resell Rights


How To Setup And Sell On

What is the hottest selling thing on the Internet today?


This information packed ebook has everything you need to know about setting up and selling on ClickBank®. Whether you want to sell your own digitally delivered products and services, or simply sell other's.

  • Affiliate Signup
  • How Hop Links Work
  • How You Get Paid
  • Vendor Accounts
  • Creating Sales & Thank You Pages
  • Requesting A Limit Increase


Free With The Purchase!

How To Setup And Sell On Clickbank

Retail Price $9.99
With Master Resell Rights


Affiliate Marketing With ClickBank Products

Making money through affiliate marketing is one of the most rewarding careers one could ever have. What’s good about this business is that anyone can join and make their way to success.

ClickBank is an ideal place to start. Here, you can find one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the industry. This guide walks you through it.

Before you recognize it, you will start gaining profits. Believe me, the fruits of all your efforts here in affiliate marketing will be way too sweet!


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Affiliate Marketing With ClickBank Products

Value $27.00


ClickBank - Your Own Affiliate
Hop Link Generator

While ClickBank is really a great place for merchants and affiliates, they provide affiliate links that will boost clickBank's URL rankings on the search engines -- not yours!

Now you can automatically give your ClickBank affiliates your own website links to promote instead of ClickBank standard link!

If you give your affiliates the standard hop link http://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate/merchant
to promote your web site, its actually promotes clickbank's URL to the search engines instead of your URL.

Why don't you give your affiliates a link to your URL that will boost YOUR search engines ranking. http://www.yoururl.com/go.php/r=affiliate


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ClickBank - Your Own Affiliate Hop Link Generator

Value $29.97


ClickBank Ease

ClickBankEase helps you to find killer products available to promote in ClickBank Marketplace and how much (%) commission they offer etc.

With this tool, you can search Thousands of ClickBank Merchants' Products to display all the details of related items including percentage of commission offered, rank, category, affiliate link etc. and narrow down to the products that you want to promote.

Additionally, you can see a large list of related keywords and the number of searches conducted in Overture(TM) for such keywords.


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ClickBank Ease
Value $29.97


ClickBank Affiliate Protection

Protect ALL your ClickBank affiliate links with powerful encryption technology...PLUS... Double Your Click-Through and DOUBLE Your Profits!

You will also be able to 'cloak' your ClickBank affiliate links in a way that will make a particular link appear to link straight to a particular domain, whereas in fact it actually goes through your affiliate link resulting in 100% more click-through to your link.


Free With The Purchase!

ClickBank Affiliate Protection

Value $29.97


ClickBank Calculator

Start calculating your total ClickBank profits and/or commissions with this new and simple to use desktop software...

Calculates :

  • Merchant Net Profits
  • Total ClickBank Cost
  • Total Affiliate Commissions


Free With The Purchase!

ClickBank Calculator
Value $9.97
With Master Resell Rights


Exploiting ClickBank For
Faster Profits

Discover How The Richest People In Marketing "Work" The Clickbank System By Reading And Following The Step-By-Step Rules Set Out In This Groundbreaking & Very Analytical Report...!

  • Create generous affiliate commissions for yourself whilst at the same time getting others to generate them for you too!
  • A how-to-manual that reveals to you how to exploit Clickbank and it's money-making potential from every single angle!
  • Measure how much your affiliate business will cost you in time & money and is it  worth promoting certain Clickbank products


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Exploiting ClickBank For Faster Profits

Value 37
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Exploiting Clickbank


ClickBank SEO Script

Empower Your Affiliates With The Power They need To Sell More Of Your Products!!


  • Pre-sales pages.
  • Create membership sites to promote groups of clickbank products for your affiliates.
  • Use it to promote multiple clickbank products - even if they aren't yours. Grow your mailing list as you give them access.
  • Promote other things on the pages the users create!

Free With The Purchase!

ClickBank SEO Script

Value 19.97
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On Clickbank SEO Script


Earn Your First 100 With

Earn Your First $100 Online, Then Repeat The Process As Many Times As You Wish And Change Your Life!

  • Step-by-Step instructions and details of how to avoid the traps that many new marketers fall into
  • How to make sure you find the right products to profit from and the tricks the professionals use to spot the best products
  • How to get buyers to give you money without even realizing you're selling anything

Free With The Purchase!

Earn Your First 100 With Clickbank

Value 29.97
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On First 100 With Clickbank


ClickBank Wealth Guide

Follow A Proven System That Will Show You Exactly How To Make A Fortune With ClickBank!

  • Quick Start Warm-Up
  • Surefire Cash Strategies
  • From Beginner To Pro
  • Create a virtually indestructible campaign
  • Take It To The Next Level!

Free With The Purchase!

ClickBank Wealth Guide

Value 29.97
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For More Info On CB Wealth Guide


Clickbank Sales Notifications (via email) Script

As an affiliate marketer do you have the compulsive habit of logging into your Clickbank account several times a day just to check your sales stats?

Break free from this typical behavior of affiliate marketers forever!

Now you can track through automated emails  send to you:

  • Initial sales
  • Recurring billings
  • Cancellation of recurring billings
  • Refunds


Free With The Purchase!

Clickbank Sales Notifications (via email) Script
Value $19.97


ClickBank JV Offer Script

Here’s a trick when selling through ClickBank!

This Simple Script that lets you offer EXCLUSIVE special prices to your VIP JV partner's subscribers and his customers!

This means more sales to you through active participation from your JV associates!


Free With The Purchase!

ClickBank JV Offer Script
Value $19.97


ClickBank Worker

Clickbank Worker is the One and Only ClickBank free analysis tool that absolutely all the ClickBank vendors and affiliates have been using to compare and analyze the sales data for maximal profit.

"You can be sure that ClickBank Worker is the most authoritative sales data analysis tool in the world. You CAN make BIG MONEY on ClickBank.COM with it, and we say this with absolutely certainty.


Free With The Purchase!


Web Value 19.97


ClickBank Direct Payment Page Generator

This software creates a page that sets your cookie without hitting the sales page

Now you can create your own sales pages for other people's Clickbank products instead of using theirs

This is handy when the copy sucks or they have sales page / autoresponder leaks!

!-Ready To Go Website-!


Free With The Purchase!


Web Value 19.97


ClickBank Babies Website

Your own Baby site with your Clickbank, Amazon & Adsense ID's embedded.

Grab $10.00 - $45.00 per sale paid by Clickbank from streaming Clickbank Text Ads per page, auto-content through RSS syndication... ALL done on autopilot!

!-Ready To Go Website-!


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ClickBank Babies Website

Value 19.97
With Master Resell Rights

Click Here For Live Demo Of The Site


Begin to use the...
Power Of
Complete ClickBank Tools!

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That was a long list! Isn't it?

In A Nutshell: To Put In Very Simple Terms, You Take Home...

  1. Click Bank Take Over 11-Part Video Series

  2. Advance CB Paycheck Secrets 12-Part Video Series

  3. CB Niche Site Builder Software

  4. ClickBank Affiliate Cash

  5. Honest Reviews Of The Top ClickBank Products

  6. Juggernaut - Clickbank

  7. Clickbank Cash Raider Software

  8. Additional 66+ ClickBank tools as special subscriber bonus if you order within .

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At $49.97/pack, this has to be one of the best, if not the best investment you can make online.  You are getting valuable master rights products and private label rights and source code that you can use and sell how you wish but once you have accessed it then it is yours.  If this policy concerns you or that you genuinely feel $49.97/pack for everything on offer here is a 'risky' investment then again PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE!

Earnings disclaimer:  Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and it's potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can write their own check in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques. We do not purport this as a “get rich scheme.”

Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions.

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Any and all forward looking statements here or on any of our sales material are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else's, in fact no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from ours ideas and techniques in our material.



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