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A High-Tech Product From

"You better believe this ! In just 5 minutes YOU can grab the Internet's newest E-Commerce Suite with fortune 500 tools such as the most powerful shopping carts, follow-up systems, affiliate program managers and ad trackers ever constructed without paying a fortune!!"

Dear Wizard Marketer ,


- Start Today!

Good day to you. This is S. Kumar here.

Let me place the High-Power, Newest eCommerce Solution System before you and the interesting fact about it is,

"I am yet to fully fathom the true potential and scope of this turbo powered marketing miracle! Still I am placing it before you for solid reasons!!"

In fact, this ecommerce solution software has fired-up many ideas in my mind. Soon I will be launching www.ecomautosystems.com and it will be a membership site. Another upcoming site of mine is www.glidingwebmaster.com which will cater to selling of many webmaster products (You won't find anything on these sites now as I want to launch them with a surprise!).

I am certain that I will make money from both of these sites -- And both will be automatically managed by the New All-In-One Solution, the powerful eCommerce Solution System!

And , you may possess this stunning software on behalf of me as you are one of my long standing valuable subscriber and deploy it to increase the success of any online business of yours. Anyone can use eCommerce Suit on any website... No matter what your products are, the size of your monthly budget or your experience level!

The development cost of this gem of a software is $10,000 - a rock solid fact and no hype at all. I know it as I am part of the team that has exclusive rights and access to this software.

But before that, what is this newest eCommerce software suite? Why am I so thrilled about it?...


The Ecommerce Automation Suite

Finally Released - The All-In-One eCommerce solution!

"Free Professional Installation Done
For The Early Bird!!"

What If You Could Use Just One Piece Of Software To...


Create unlimited number of follow-up Autoresponders and run them from unlimited number of websites that automatically follow-up with all of your prospects, customers and affiliates personalized with their own information.


Create and administer your own unlimited number of 2-tier affiliate programs and run them from unlimited number of domains.


Create shopping carts for all your products and services that allows your customers to point, click and buy all they want with one charge and with ease!


Automatically connect to your payment processor such as  PayPal, Authorize.net, 2Checkout or Paysystems instantly and swiftly.


Automatically retrieve your sales data and export them with a single click


Automatically create subscription forms,  E-Mail Capture Forms, Pop-Ups...etc with no HTML knowledge for your newsletters and mailing lists!. Just fill in the blanks and click!


Track all your ad campaign results with pin-point precision for measured profits.



Digital delivery of your products so that your buyers get your digital products in seconds.


No monthly or yearly fees. Ever!


Option to easily create a monthly income by running it as a service that allows your clients to use all these features.


...and a lot more!

Don't Need Any More Information?
Then skip the rest of this letter and...

Click Here To Order Ecommerce Automation System

Or continue... and learn all about the amazing hidden tools in the eCommerce automation suite that will whip the day lights out your competitor!


That was just an over view! There's so much more in the eCommerce Suite that I couldn't possibly list all of them here.

But know for sure that...

"Those days are over for you ! The days of sitting on the sidelines and watching so many others make incredible, huge amounts of money on the Internet!"

This fact will become crystal clear as you read carefully through the entire stuff and the full range of marketing tools (i.e. as far as I could list!).

It will be a stunning revelation for you to find that eCommerce Suite is an All-In-One revolutionary software that is destined to multiply your profits manifold! As you read these superb marketing tools, assimilate and analyze in your mind how this script can change the face and future of your online business and yourself!

Let's take a closer look at some of it's features and how it can increase the success of your business:


  Marketing Tool #1
Easy Shopping Cart Set Up For All Your Products

Actual Screenshot of Products Feature in eCommerce Automation Suite

Do you dream of escaping the daily grind in favor of running your own shopping cart and selling tons of products? be it... gift items, eBooks, audios, videos or anything! Here is a short list of supremely effective functions in the shopping cart that you can deploy in minutes.

  •  Complete Shopping Cart System - Instantly connect to your merchant
    enabling you to accept orders in minutes and start selling!
  •  Add unlimited number of products to your shopping cart. Create dynamically
     generated order pages.

  •  Merchant Defined Categories - Organize your products and services into
     neat categories that makes it extremely easy for your customers to search for
     what they want and buy them!
  •  Option handling - Allow up-sells and further simplify the purchasing experience
     of your buyer. Each product can have multiple options.
  •  Advanced Billing Options - Set up recurring billing for your membership websites.
     You may also offer split payment options for high ticket items.
  •  Connect easily to payment gateways -  Like PayPal, Authorize.net,
     2Checkout.com or Paysystems automatically. No need for you to pay exorbitant
     amounts of money for your own merchant account! Process fast, easy and secure
     credit card and eCheck transactions.

  •  Manual sales entry - To facilitate single source tracking.
  •  Detailed statistics for you to analyze your business growth that include (by day,
     month, or year):
    Visitors, Sales, Conversion, income, Expenses, Profit...
  •  Sales data can be exported in CSV (Comma Separated Values, Comma
     Delimited, Excel) format -  So you can analyze it elsewhere or back it up.
  •  HTML templates area - Easily improve the appearance of your shopping cart with
     the look and feel of your website.
  •  Easily change the pricing, colors, pictures, payment processing and descriptions
     with the click of a button. Even add a thumbnail image as well as a bigger
     higher resolution image for each product!
  •  Out of the shelf shopping solutions for your customers. They just need to
     is pick the products they want and continue shopping or easily check out.
  •  Set up multiple physical shipping rates for each product based on price, weight
     or quantity
    for tangible products that automatically gets calculated when they
  •  You can set up country and state sales taxes that gets automatically added
     to your order. Multi language support.
  •  Set up customized order forms, product download pages, membership signup
     forms and thank you pages for tangible or digital products effortlessly!
  • ...and a lot more!

Watch The Video -- On Your Product Set Up Here
(Keep Your Speaker On)


  Marketing Tool #2
Set Up Unlimited Autoresponders And Super Efficient List Management

Actual Screenshot of Add/Edit/Delete Autoresponder Feature in eCommerce Automation Suite

Set up your own unlimited professional autoresponders, follow-up systems and list management functions that send out lightning fast automatic responses! Your Opt-in requests are processed this very instant and now!

  •  Create an endless number of follow-up autoresponders. Configure as many
     mailing lists as you want to suite your present and future business needs.
  •  Set up unlimited follow-up messages. Add as many follow-up messages as you
     want to all of your autoresponders! Send out sequential autoresponder
     messages. These can be courses, freebies or anything else of your choice.
  •  A Complete Mail Manager to mail out at anytime including newsletters,
     promotional messages or anything else.
    Broadcast new messages to your list
     anytime. Simply enter your message with the personalization tags (prospects name,
     etc.) and click the send button!
  •  Create precise and separate email templates. This enables you to send out
     emails automatically and instantly when they sign up for your services, have a sale,
     get a new affiliate signup, subscriptions and more.
  •  Absolute control on your email addresses. Filter your mailing lists from getting
     corrupted with freebie seekers. Block free email address providers (hotmail, yahoo
     mail, etc.) and bouncing email addresses and work with only serious prospects if
     you wish so.
  •  Personalize all outgoing email. Send customized emails with headers,
     footers and with personal information like your prospects name!
    Each can have its
     own confirmation page and can include any of the following fields as optional
     or mandatory: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Website, Company Name,
     Phone Number.
  •  Selectable cookie name/expiration. This facilitates tracking totally reliable.
  •  List/Search ALL Subscribers or only ones on a given list for better management.
  •  Export ALL Subscribers for back up. Fields include: First Name, Last Name, Email
     Address, Website, Company Name, Phone Number for back up!
  •  Automatic Subscription Form Popup Generation. Just enter text
     and color of your choice to be included into a form and click one button.
     Then copy and paste the generated code on any of your web page and
     instantly begin building your opt-in mailing lists right away! No HTML knowledge
  •  Send automatic follow-ups with merchant defined name and email address, and
     signups can be mailed to you.
  •  Automatically move buyers from prospect lists to customer lists. Stop sending
     repeat follow-up messages to a customer who has already purchased your product.
     Easily move them to your customer list where you can start a new follow-up series
     offering them back end products and services, affiliate programs,  special customer
  • ...and a lot more!

Watch The Video -- On Your Autoresponder Set Up Here
(Keep Your Speaker On)


  Marketing Tool #3
Built-In Module To Set Up Your Own Affiliate Program

Actual Screenshot of Add/Edit/Delete Affiliate Feature in eCommerce Automation Suite

Easily shoot up your sales by effectively running an affiliate program directly from your site! Ecommerce Suit lets you do this with sharp focus and on the fly! With an affiliate program your products can literally become a success overnight.

  •  Run unlimited affiliate programs from unlimited domains.
  •  Set up an affiliate program for your each individual product and service separately.
     Or you can include them all together in one single package that facilitates your
     valuable affiliates to make money for you and them from all your products
     and services at once! It's your choice customizable with eCommerce Suite!
  •  2 tier affiliate system possible! This encourages your affiliates to recruit more
    and watch your sales graph skyrocketing as they create a constant army of even more affiliates to your marketing team!
  •  Individual Product based commissions on both tiers! Adjust your affiliate
     program to use a different commissions for each individual product. Or
     simply use a flat commission for your entire product range! The choice is
     entirely yours. And easily modify them at anytime you want. This means
     your affiliates can choose the kind of products that they want to promote
     and are comfortable with.
  •  Affiliates can be added publicly or by invitation. You can make your affiliate
     program "Open" or by "By Invitation Only" for maximum control. Very handy if you
     are thinking of a Joint Venture with top marketers for an amazing product of
  •  Easily run affiliate reports. Their monthly commissions, daily/monthly/yearly
     commission payment...
  •  Automated payment of commissions your affiliates. The system can
     automatically pay your affiliates on time and keep them satisfied. Pay them daily,
     monthly, yearly or if their commissions exceeds a particular amount that you specify!
  •  Set up a minimum level of commissions for pay out. It's your choice!
  •  Email all your affiliates together with the click of a button through email
  •  Affiliate Signup and Affiliate center (including a directory of ONLY your
  •  Set the duration of the Affiliate Cookie on your affiliate's visitors computers for
     precise tracking so that your valuable affiliates benefit and trust you! This could be
     3 months, one year...
  •  Customize your affiliate "center" so it looks exactly like your own website.
  •  Quickly add new text, graphical ads or promotional materials for your affiliates
     to use instantly.
  •  Automated affiliate centre where your affiliates can log in and view, their
     commissions earned, retrieve affiliate links for various products or the single link,
     retrieve promotional materials of your products/services, view a listing of all of their
     sub-affiliates, setup tracking for their advertising campaigns...
  • ...and a lot more!

Watch The Video -- On Your Affiliate Program Set Up Here
(Keep Your Speaker On)


  Marketing Tool #4
Faultless Integrated Ad Tracking

Actual Screenshot of Add/Edit/Delete Ad-Tracking Feature in eCommerce Automation Suite

Unleash the power of advanced tracking features to know exactly what is happening on your website! Track all your sales and view in depth statistics for all of them. There are no limits to what you can do with it!

  •  Create and monitor ad trackers for every single link on any of your web pages!
     Pin-point exactly which link is making you money and which is useless.
     Completely eliminate the the guesswork from your ad campaigns and clearly know
     from where the dollars are coming from!
  •  Insert ad trackers in text links on your web pages, email, banner ads or in
     any other form of online advertising where you uses a link to your website.
  •  Carry out unlimited amount of advertising campaigns and track an unlimited
     number of click-throughs from your ad. This system is equipped enough to
     handle any campaign size!
  •  Stay informed at all times which ads are bringing you money and which are
     losers! Substituting no-profitable ad campaigns with successful ones becomes as
     easy as one click!
  •  Just like the Pro's, track your Ad campaigns accurately and analyze total clicks,
     unique clicks, conversion rates, sales amount, subscriber signups, affiliate signups,
     gross revenues and profits.
  •  ...and a lot more!

Watch The Video -- On Your Ad-Tracking Set Up Here
(Keep Your Speaker On)


4 all-in-one proven marketing tools in a single piece of software! Imagine the power & Impact you have at your disposal when you deploy these fortune 500 tools that automates your entire online business the easiest and most advanced way possible...

The truth is that you have stumbled upon one of the most powerful shopping carts, follow-up systems, affiliate program managers and ad trackers ever developed! Without doubt there is only one thing left for you to do.

 Order the eCommerce Automation Suite and deploy it as early as possible!

And most importantly, why you need to grab your copy of the eCommerce Suite today is... this is the stuff that master marketers already use and they aren't telling you about it.

If you do not use it, you're truly "obstructing your own online business growth" by withholding the all-powerful features of the eCommerce Suite! You need to convert casual visitors into paying buyers and profit from it -- today and everyday!

If you are truly serious , obsessed with growing your online business by leaps and bounds, elevate your sales and profits to the next level, got sick and tired of wasting hundreds of dollars on separate marketing tools-- then you need the power of eCommerce Automation Suite. And you need this system. NOW!

And there is one more important secret factor to the eCommerce Suit that I would like reveal to you. See that you remain undisturbed, cut all the incoming telephone calls, lock your doors and listen to this ""truly" amazing turning point!


  Amazing Bonus Marketing Tool #5
Extra Feature That Can Fetch You A Recurring Monthly Income!

"Open a membership service of your own that allows multiple clients to use all these marketing tools and easily create a monthly income of $24.95 upwards -- a cool $30,000 a year on every 100 customers!

Consider These Facts

  1. FACT:  There are lot many online businesses owners who have excellent products but have no clue on how to automate their selling and marketing chores. Even if they know, they are not able to afford the exorbitant costs of each individual component!
  2. FACT: Without exception -- every big name, every successful website utilizes email, affiliate marketing, autoresponders, tracking the effectiveness of their advertising dollars, Merchant accounts, shopping cart...
  3. FINAL FACT:  All of them are looking for an all-in-one solution that they can operate easily and cheaply!

How can you profit from this desperate need
for an All-In-One solution?

bullet The eCommerce suite lets you operate your own shopping cart business just like QuickPayPro or 1ShoppingCart. An average shopping cart business generates over $447 a year per customer! Offer all the neat tools in the eCommerce automation suite to other businesses and make money for yourself through monthly subscription. You can have unlimited monthly subscriptions giving you a neat residual income.
bullet Offer free monthly subscription for the use of your eCommerce suite as a bonus or added value for purchasing your products or services.
bullet Using the eCommerce automation suite as a profit generating machine is only limited by your imagination! Just remember that you own the software and therefore, 100% of all money generated as a result of your ideas goes straight into your own pocket!

Unmatched Features -
Comparison Chart With Our Competitors.

If you doubt, there are better systems exist...just take a careful look at the comparison chart which analyzes in detail how eCommerce Automation System stand with other similar systems.

Click Here For Comparison Chart

Here's A Quick Recap...

Have you estimated how many more sales and how much more profits you can generate by using the combined power of shopping carts, follow-up systems, affiliate program managers and ad trackers in the all-in-one eCommerce Automation Suite!

Or just consider how much more free time will become available to you that you can positively devote to growing your business rather than painstakingly manage each and every aspect that could be easily done automatically for you?

Imagine what total automation can do to your online business! Automations such as......

  •  Yes! Pay your affiliates on time and with one click
  •  Yes! Your order system works like a dream
  •  Yes! Classic smart autoresponder power at your service
  •  Yes! Carry out successful ad campaigns by testing and without fear of losses
  •  Yes! No more nervous break downs trying to get it all to work together!
  •  Yes! No more wastage of money on marketing tools that empty your wallet
     and that fails when it matters most!

This suite will free up countless hours of your time and money that you can spend on marketing, boosting your sales and building relationships with your customers!

And add to it, the thousands of dollars that you will save if you can readily predict from were the next sale will be?

Those who have experienced using Ecommerce Automation System have advised me to sell it for several hundred dollars. They say it's worth every penny as it has the power and potential to turn a dying business into a flaming profit machine!

I'm not kidding when I say this. The original suggested price for eCommerce Automation System was at $597. People were willing to pay 10 times that price for the all-in-one eCommerce System and would go happily feeling they robbed me in day light!

Imagine this. If you have $597 to invest in eCommerce tools that fine tune your online business to great heights... how will you spend it?

The table below shows some choices you may make ...

Equivalent Service List Annual Cost Ecommerce Automation System
Affiliate Management Software on your server $249.00 Included
Autoresponder Software hosted on your server $197.00 Included
Top-Notch Shopping Cart hosted on own Server $349.00 Included
Ad trackers and sales calculators on your server $97.00 Included
Monthly Autoresponder System Subscription $189.00 Included
Monthly Fully Featured Shopping Cart $447.00 Included
Monthly Affiliate Management Subscription $360.00 Included
Monthly Ad Tracking Subscription $360.00 Included
Customer targeting tools $360.00 Included
Email list management $240.00 Included
Customer Center $240.00 Included
Equivalent Service List Total Yearly Cost Ecommerce Automation System
One Domain Only! $2728 No Yearly Costs And No Losses!

 The Smart Ecommerce Automation System Completely Eliminates
 Your Lost Profits!

The prices in the above table are the average price you will have to pay for each marketing tool if you were use them individually. But as it is clear to you, $597 is just NOT enough for you to purchase all of them for just one year! And most of the time it's beyond the reach of an average online business person to buy or afford them as stand-alone products!

But if you are more like me, it's NOT ONLY the lost profits that would bother me! It's getting it all functioning together from various different sources, co-coordinating them all with no control and the all the hassles associated with it! This leaves me frustrated and tired!

...And I am sure, now you realize how intelligent and wise it is to invest $597 for the
All-In-One eCommerce Automation System?

But, I Am NOT Going To Charge You
Anywhere Near $597 ...

It's beyond doubt that the powerful eCommerce automation suite is a superior and powerfully built software that will automate nearly all of your marketing chores, is packed full of proven marketing tools, skyrocket your sale graph, boost your conversion rate through the roof and have your competition reduced to bits and pieces!


- System Requirements - Important -

* Operating System (S) - Unix, Linux, FreeBSD
* Application Environment - PHP version 4.1.0 or later
* Web Server - Apache 1.3 or later
* Database - MySQL 3.23.32 or later
*PHP Version 4.1.0 or later
* Access to cron jobs
*PHP Safe Mode is Off

** Professional installation recommended.

Installation can be arranged. Questions? Need support? Please send an email or visit ourSupport Forum.


!- And Some Very Special Bonuses For You -!

Mega Bonus #1: Free Step-By-Step Video Tutorials Of eCommerce Suite That Takes You Through Every Step (Value $197):

You will be provided with a full set of instructional videos on how to run your ecommerce automation system flawlessly. These specially designed videos shows you exactly what you need to do and is accompanied with an easy to follow narration style.

The Videos Include:

  1. Video On Admin Functions. Overview, Members, Email Members, Filtering, HTML Templates, Email Templates, View Logs.
  2. Video On How To Set Up Your All-In-One eCommerce system
  3. Video On Product Management. How To Edit, Add And Delete Products
  4. Video On Sales Management. How To Manage Your Sales, Add, Edit, Delete, Export And Import Data.
  5. Video On Affiliate Management. Add, Edit, Delete, Commissions, Payments, Links, Ads And Sign-up links.
  6. Video On Autoresponder Set Up And Management
  7. Video On Subscriber Management
  8. Video On Various Tracking Tools & Methods

Super M
ega Bonus #2: Free Unlimited Upgrades For Life

The eCommerce Suite is continually evolving with outstanding new powerful features - the associated costs running into thousands of dollars for these new features!. As one of the early customers, you will get all future upgrades. FREE!


As I Said Earlier, I Am NOT Going To Charge You
Anywhere Near $597 For The Entire Suite...

This software is the result of years of research and experience and by far the best and the most extensive suite of automation tools ever created. All the killer marketing tools that you require is boiled down in to a single software and the key essentials of eCommerce Suite are easy to learn and easy to apply immediately.

Hope you remember when you tried to invest $597 (see the above table) simply did not take you very far...

Simply grab eCommerce Suite for only $197 today! Much less than the tools for sale mentioned in the table above -- except they don't come anywhere near to providing you with the turbo power the eCommerce Suite will.

I am sure , that you will recognize it's an absolute steal at this price when compared to the total freedom, empowerment and control on all aspect of your online business that the eCommerce Automation Suite will provide you for the rest of your life!

Is it a fair deal?

Grab Ecommerce Automation System today for the special, introductory price
of only $597.00 $197.00!

YES! I want instant access to download the eCommerce Automation System! The No-Risk Proposition ensures that I can try it for 30 days then let you know if I don't like it. I will be issued a prompt and courteous refund. Order With Complete Confidence Now. Since I am ordering Today, I will also receive 2 free bonuses worth $297 given below: 

  1. Free Video Tutorials That Takes You Through Every Step (Value $197):
  2. Free State-Of-The Art Installation On Your Server
    (Value $100)! *Limited To First 25 Buyers Only*
    25 15 Copies Left!
  3. Free Upgrades For Life!

Order Secure Now - $597.00
Only $197 Today  for Everything
(Credit card/Online Check)

Order Ecommerce Automation System
for ONLY $197

Grab One Of The Finest Software Ever To Hit
With An Outstanding Service Offer


PayPal Users

Are You Prepared For
Total Market Dominance?

In my case, I am getting ready. Remember, in the beginning of this letter I mentioned about two of my new sites under development using eCommerce Automation System.

I am getting ready to take my business to the next level with these powerful marketing tools that my hard earned money has ever bought me! If you are like me, then you know what you must do this moment. Don't ever put this off to a later date. Do it right now... Grab it right now... this very second, while your mind is still thinking about it and churning out new ideas.

With the passing of every second, every minute, every hour you are loosing sales and profits! Each of these seconds, you are paying someone else for one or all of these tools separately unnecessarily. Lost time is lost money. Lost time cannot be recovered. So without wasting anymore seconds, Grab your personal copy of eCommerce Suite this very instant and deploy it at the earliest!

To Your Resounding Success

PS:  Take advantage of Introductory Offer!. This special introductory price of $197 is not guaranteed past today. So hurry and order now before the cost of the 'eCommerce Automation System' goes back up to $597! Act Now!

PPS: Extra Bonus Alert! When you buy now, you will also be earning two more super scripts as surprise bonuses!



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