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  Here's Is A Very Special Offer For You !!


How To Instantly Become A "Genius" ,
At Finding Hundreds Of Websites With
High PR Links Pages & Tons Of Traffic
In Your Target Market That Want To
Trade Links With You Right Now!...

"All On Auto-Pilot While You’re Away From Your Computer!"

You're About To Discover How To Save Yourself Countless Hours Of Precious Time By Cutting Your Link Partner Searches To A Mere Fraction!


You’ll Find , Top Ranking Websites That Want To Be Your Link Partners While Many Of Your Competitors Will Never Have A Clue That These Golden Links Partners Even Exist!

Unless They Read The Following Information Before You Do!

Rank Retriever
!- A Traffic Tool That Works Wonders -!


From The Desk Of:
James Jackson
Monday 11:34 a.m.

Find High Page-Rank Link Partners Today!

Dear Internet Marketer ,

Your Undivided Attention is Called for: Do You Want To Get More Traffic And Dominate The Search Engines without all those metatags, keyword density and all other confusing stuff!

The results are in, just ask any Internet Marketing Expert or Search Engine Optimization Specialist and they will tell you that trading links with relevant websites the right way, is one of the best ways to bring quality targeted traffic
to your website.

Trading Links is also one of the best ways to get your website to the top of the major search engines, boost your link popularity and Google PageRank all at the
same time.


Trading Links With The Wrong Websites Is
A Complete And Total Waste Of Time & Can
Hurt Your Search Engine Rakings!

Yes it’s true, when it comes to choosing your link partners - not all websites are created equal. There are things that you should always keep in mind before you trade links with any website.

  • The Sites You Trade Links With Should Have Quality Content That Is Targeted At Your Market-

This way you can be certain that you will receive quality traffic from all the incoming links that direct surfers to visit your website. Plus Google generally gives a higher search engine ranking to your web pages if you are receiving incoming links from other high quality websites that have content closely related to your own.

  • The Page Your Link Is Placed On Should Have A Good Google PageRank Score!

A general rule of thumb is that the incoming links pointing to your website should come from a page within your link partners website that has a PageRank of four or better. Although currently it looks as though Google may be changing the way it counts back links.

FSIDE NOTE:--------------------------------
It seems as if Google is now counting back links to
your websites even if the page you link is on has
a Page Rank of zero. Which is a great thing for
you if they leave things this way! You won't have
to worry about only linking to site with high Page
Rank don't If not Google may not count that link
towards your overall link popularity and your
website may never achieve the high search
engine position that it deserves.

So How Do You Find Quality Websites In Your
Target Market With
High PR Links Pages That
Are Just Waiting To Trade Links With You?

Option #1: Spend Thousands Of Dollars –

Well,  you could always spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars every month to have an experienced and skilled search-engine-optimization specialist build up your reciprocal links campaign for you like many of your competitors do.

Option #2: Commit Countless Hours To Do It Yourself –

If you’ve got the time and energy, you could try pecking through thousands of websites one at a time in order to uncover potential link partners.

FSIDE NOTE:--------------------------------
To be honest the long hard hours or thousands of
dollars you could spend would be well worth it.
Especially when you see your own PageRank start
to improve and your website finally climbs to the
top of the search engines.

Plus you will benefit from the traffic you get from
your partners when any of their visitors click on
your link and land at your site.

Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that both of the options above require you to give up major time and money.

The two most important things that you need in order to make your website and business grow!


What , If You Could Find A Sure Fire Way
To Uncover Your Best Link Partners Without
Putting A Strain On Your Budget & Time?

What If You Could Seek Out Targeted Link
Partners Who Have The Traffic & Page Rank
That Your Websites Need Right Now?...

"All While You’re Away From Your Computer!"

Well now you can with -
James Jackson’s Rank Retriever...

Rank Retriever

Here's Why You Need To Get Your
Hands On This Software Right Now!

Rank Retriever will allow you to...

  • Discover A Never Ending Supply Of New Potential Links Partners With High PR Links Pages At Any Time!
  • See Which Of These Websites Are Getting Tons Of Traffic That You Can Tap Into Right Now!
  • Build Up Your Reciprocal Links At Lightning Speed!
  • Automatically Sift Through Hundreds Of Websites While You’re Out Playing Golf or Shopping!
  • Quickly Get An Edge On Your Competition In The Search Engines By Boosting Your Own Page Rank And Climbing To The Top Of The Search Engines Much Faster!
  • Convince Your Top Ranking Potential Link Partners To Trade Links With You!


So, What Exactly Does Rank Retriever Do?...

  • Allows you to mine highly relevant websites and link pages from Google based on your desired keyword.

  • Allows You To Spy On Your Competitors To See Their Google Back links.

  • Saves You Time By Allowing You To Determine A Minimum Page Rank So You Don't Have To Sift Through Hunderds Of Unwanted Low PR Results. (You may set the minimum Page Rank to any number 1-through-10)

  • Shows You The Google PageRank® And Alexa Traffic Rank® Of Each Google Back link On Your List!


Wait There Is More...

  • Allows You To Search For Link Partners By Entering A Specific Keyword Or Just Enter A Specified URL To Grab Links From!
  • When Doing A Keyword Search You Will Be Able To Collect All The Back links Of The Top 1-to-1000 Websites For Any Of Your Target Keywords At The Press Of A Button!
  • Displays The PageRank Of The Of Each Back link URL It Finds!
    (Possibly Where Your Link Will Be)
  • Tells You If Your Targeted Keyword Or Keyword Phrase Is Found In The HTML Title or Description Of Every Webpage Of Your Search Results!
  • Saves You Time By Only Returning Results With A Specified Minimum Page Rank That You Determine!
  • Shows The Alexa Traffic Rank For Each Listing!
  • Ignore Feature Allows You To Remove Any Listing That Your Choose!
  • One Click Removal Of Several Unwanted Listings That Point To A Singular Domain..
  • Searches Through The Actual HTML Code Of The Webpages Listed in Your Results To Find Contact Email Addresses!
  • Offers Several Sorting Choices So You Can Quickly See All The Most Important Results Within Your Results!
  • Searches Through The HTML Code of Each Back link URL's Home Page And Lists The META Title And Description!
  • Automatically Saves Your Projects Every Five Minutes So You Don’t Lose Precious Data!
  • Just Click on A Back link URL In Rank Retriever And That Webpage Will Automatically Open In Your Default Internet Browser!
  • Just Click On An Email Address In Any Of Your Listings To Automatically Open A New Message In Your Default Email Program!
  • Creates Unlimited Projects With An Unlimited Number Of Listings!
  • Reload Any Saved Project And Restart Right Where You Previously Left Off!


Here's A Very Detailed Look At The Screen Shots Of Rank Retriever...

Rank Retriever_screenshot2

Rank Retriever_Screenshot1

Rank Retriever_filemenu
Rank Retriever_editmenu
Rank Retriever_viewmenu
Rank Retriever_ignore


Now Here's Why Rank Retriever Will
Take Your Link Exchange Marketing
Efforts To
The Next Level ...

Rank Retriever Will Search Down
To The "Next Level" And Perpetually
Find You More Potential Link Partners
Until You Press The Stop Button!

SIDE NOTE:------------------------------------
Be sure to carefully read the information below so
that you'll fully understand just how you will be
able to find an ABUNDANT supply of targeted Link Partners and JV Partners with Rank Retriever's...



Here's How Rank Retriever Does This...

When You've Got The Deep Search Option Selected...

  1. Rank Retriever Will, Invisibly Lock On To The Top Level Home Page Of Each Back link URL Listed In Your Results! (Also Known As The "Top Level Domain" Name)

  2. Next Rank Retriever Will, Collect All The Back links To These Top Level Domain Names Based On The Search Options And Minimum Page Rank That You've already Selected!

  3. Then Rank Retriever Will, Repeat This Process FOR EVERY NEW LISTING That Is Added To Your Database Of Results. This Will Happen Over And Over Again, Continuously Uncovering New Potential Link Partners For You Until You Hit The Stop Button!


This Software Is As Easy To Use
As A Basic Search Engine!...

So, Why Not Put Rank Retriever To
Work On All Your Websites Right Now!



NOTE: There Is A Very Important
Feature That I Left Out Of The
Information Above...

Rank Retriever Now Has An Export
To HTML and .CSV Feature!

See A Exported HTML File Here

Q: But why is this so important?...

Q: What can you do with this data?

A: Other software programs have been using data such as this to create highly optimized search engine content pages.

A: Create special reports/ebooks of the best sites to link to or JV with in a certain niche?

A: Use your imagination! :-)


Rank Retriever Comes With An Iron Clad
90 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with this software I’ll happily refund the full purchase price of Rank Retriever. Just send me an email within 30 days of your purchase and your refund will be processed immediately.

It’s as simple as that!...

Click Here To Order Now $67
(Includes Quick Start Instruction Manual)

Wishing You Success
James Jackson

Rank Retriever_footer



YES! I want instant access to download Rank Retriever and begin right away! The No-Risk Proposition ensures that I get 100% money  back guarantee for 30 days. If for some reason I want the refund, I will be issued a prompt and courteous refund. Every penny of it -No questions asked. Order "Rank Retriever With Complete Confidence Now.

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begin to employ the...
Power Of
 Rank Retriever !

, Rank Retriever will pay for itself over and over again every time you employ them! With our 100% guarantee, there's no excuse for passing up this incredible opportunity. Use any of the secure payment processors listed below to download: Rank Retriever!


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YES! I want instant access to download the 'Rank Retriever'! The No-Risk Proposition ensures that I get 100% money  back guarantee for 30 days and if for some reason I want the refund, I will be issued a prompt and courteous refund. Every penny of it -No questions asked. Order " Rank RetrieverWith Complete Confidence Now. Since I am ordering Today, I will also receive 7 free Special Bonuses worth $427 given below: 


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