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Sales Letter Sorcerer

Sales Letter Generator
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"Here's How You Can Create Sales Pages For Your Products - In Just Minutes!!"

This software instantly builds your own professionally formatted, ready to use sales pages for selling just about anything online...!

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Sales Page Titan

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"100 Ready-To-Go Sales Letters Targeting 100 Of The Most Lucrative Niches In The World!"

What's Included:

10 TOP Modules!
100 Ready-To-Go Sales Letters In 100 Top Niches, 100 Squeeze Pages, 50 Promo Emails, Set of JV Letters, Guarantee Pages, Order Pages, Testimonial Pages, 100 Niche Keyword List

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Sales Letter Processor

Sales Letter Generator
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"Immediately Use The Power Of EVOLUTION TOOLBOX To Accelerate Your Sales Copy Writing With Three Amazing Generators (Headline, Snippets & Templates)"

Blistering Writing Process Speed In The "Sequence Of Gurus". It's Simply The Fastest And Easiest Tool For Sales Copy Writing!

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Sales Page Generator

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"How To Create A Nicely Formatted Sales Page For Your Product In A Few Easy Steps!"

Just Fill-In-The-Blanks, Click A Few Buttons And Out-Pops Your Ready To Go Sales Letter.

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Video Sales System
(Full Video Course)

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"New Amazing Breakthrough Reveals Whopping Conversions In Sales & Leads... Now You Too Can Easily Create Your Own Hypnotic Sales Videos!"

Step By Step To Churning Out Sales Video For Maximum Profits.

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WordPress One Time Offer Plug-In

Wordpress sales page themes
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"How About Grabbing 16 Wordpress 3.0+ ready Unique Wordpress Sales Page Themes That Includes Even Blogger And HTML Versions So You Can Target Those Markets As Well!"

You are getting 16 WP themes that are 3.0+ ready. Each of them have an area in the footer to place up to 4 widgets. These can be used for many purposes. The themes that feature a "sidebar" can also handle placements of widgets.

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Janissary One Page Sales Template - HTML/CSS

Janissary One Page Sales Theme
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"This Will 'WOW!' Your Visitors And Convert Them Like Crazy Because It Look & Function Like An Awesome Sales Page!"

This is no ordinary sales page. It's modern, fresh and functional. Your Members & List Will Love It.

  • A html/css one page sales page.

  • The top menu scrolls gently to each section and easy navigation is built in.

  • Sections for your pitch, features, benefits, and call to action. Add more if you like!

  • 8 fantastic colors with buttons to match each (including psd files - create many more new colors!)

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Video Sales Letter Crusher Video
(228 MB Full Video)

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"Have You Ever Wondered How Those High Ticket Products Have Those Plain Old Videos?"

In This Video Training You Will Discover...

  • Where to get great presentation software and a cool place for DIRT CHEAP Voiceovers

  • An 8 step blueprint for your sales video

  • Player Choices from free to paid and the pros and cons

  • How to "read the mind of the viewer"

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WordPress Sales Tool Plugin

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"Brave Minisite Custom Wordpress Plugin To Format Your Sales Letter Using Time-Saving New WYSYWIG Buttons, No Coding Required!"

The Unique WP Sales Page Template To Boost Your Sales, Improve Credibility And Create A Demonic Attraction...

  • Product Sales Pages - Sell own products or PLR products with the fresh sales page look

  • Affiliate Sales Pages - Create PPC landing pages, clickbank products reviews, etc.

  • Email Capture Pages - Generate lucrative email list

  • CPA Landing Pages - Create powerful, highly converting landing pages

  • And Much Much More!

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16 Brilliant Sales Page Templates For WP, Blogger & HTML Webpages

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"Sixteen Clean Sales Page Themes That You Can Use On Your Wordpress Blogs, Blogger Blogs Or On Your HTML Pages!"

Each have a "clean" footer, meaning they are not encrypted. You can add your own information with ease. Once installed the footers are even editable in the dashboard...

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Roller Coaster Pricing Script

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"Throw A Wet Blanket on Firesales and Catch the Latest Pricing Ride!"

Roller Coaster Pricing comes with these great features...

  • Firesale - Still great for short-term interest building

  • Upsell option - For offering resell rights or an alternate higher priced product

  • Discount Offer & Discount Upsell - Everyone loves a bargain. Pick a percentage and watch sales increase!

  • Random Pricing & Random Upsell - Random price changes for your product like the stocks

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Easy WP Sales Pages

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"How To Easily Create Killer SEO Optimized Sales Pages, Landing Pages & Squeeze Pages That Google Will Love, Using The Power Of Wordpress..."

Create Professional Sales Pages With Ease Using Wordpress!

  • Preformatted Wordpress Sales Page Themes

  • You Can Have Up & Running On Your Site, Within 5 Minutes Flat!

  • The Ultimate Sales Page Themes For Wordpress!

  • 20 Themes For The Price Of One!

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Sales Intimidator

Sales Software - Sales Intimidator
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" , Use This Powerful New Software To Force Your Visitors To Buy Your Products, Spend More Money, And Keep Them Coming Back For More!"

To make more money from your website, you need to increase conversions on the traffic you are already getting. You need your sales page to sell more copies, and you need your visitors to spend more money with you.!

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Sales Letter In A Box Software

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"How To Write A Million-Dollar Sales Letter In Under 10 Minutes By Simply Filling In The Blanks And Start Pumping Out Order Pulling Sales Letters Instantly!..."

Save Time And Money By Firing Your Copywriter!

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Easy Dynamic Pricing Script

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"How To Automatically Increase Your Price After Every Sale Thus Providing An Incentive To Pay Now!..."

The price will be shown to every visitor to make sure they grab your deal as the current price! Your customers will want to purchase now to attain the lowest possible price!

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Sales Bot Generator

Sales Bot Generator

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"Unleash These 24 Hour Online Sales Agents & Immediately Skyrocket Conversions, Sales & Profits..."

Add unlimited salesmen and put them on any webpage you want. Simply add one block of code to your webpage and your salesman is ready to go to work

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Sales Page Machine

Sales Page Machine

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"Discover How to Save Time & Money By Creating Profit Pulling Sales Web Pages In Record Time Without Even Thinking Of Hiring A Professional Copywriter..."

A complete copywriting software itself which you will install on your computer. No internet connection is required!

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Frenzy Sales Motivators

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"Discover How You Can Fully Automate The Strategy That Would Literally Force Visitors RUSH To Buy Your Products..."

Add these three super tools to creates URGENCIES on your salespage and watch your sales skyrocket!

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Instant Sales Booster

Instant Sales Booster

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"A Powerful Software That Helped A 19-Year Old Marketer To Boost His Sales By Over 400% Overnight, And He Solemnly Swears (Under Oath) That His Cool Little Tool WILL Help YOU Do The Same – Or It’s Free!"

Instant Sales Booster consists of a special coupon developing technique that instantly boosts sales!

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Simple Sales Copy Builder

Simple Sales Copy

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"Instantly Generate Cash-Producing, Kick-Butt, Laser-Targeted And High-Quality Sales Copy You Need to Explode Your Profits! – All With a Few Simple Clicks of Your Mouse!"

Imagine Being Able to Produce Hot, Effective Sales Copy at the Touch of a Button!

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Sales Page Builder

Sales Page Builder

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"You Will Know The Secret To Instantly Creating Professional Sales Copy-Without Spending A Single dime on Copywriting Fees."

Learn how to create profit pulling sales copy with this Sales Software that blows your visitors away and leads them straight to your ORDER NOW link.


Sales Letter Creator

Sales Letter Creator

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I hate writing sales letters and building websites too... That's why I created Sales Letter Creator!

It built the very website that you are looking at right now!

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Sales Page Rapid Fire

Sales Page Rapid Fire

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"What do you prefer doing? Spending time with the kids, going out to eat, watching a good movie or trudging through creating a time-consuming sales page?...."

The answer, I'm sure you'll agree, is obvious. Anything but dragging your feet through sales page hell!

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Sales Page Examiner Pro

Sales Page Examiner

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"All you ever wanted to know about those most successful sales web pages... ripped apart, dissected, carefully analyzed and laid out in front of you...."

Sales Page Examiner Pro is an amazing software to tweak your own sales pages as well as to "spy" on other info-product sales pages to learn exactly how they are making their owners incredibly rich!

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Profit Negotiator

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In Just Minutes From Now You Can Experience the Raw Power That is Locked Inside Profit Negotiator and Use it To Immediately Start Maximizing Conversions, Capturing More Leads and Generating Bigger Profits for Your Business!!

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My Sales Letter Graphics Pack

Sales Letter Graphics Pack

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"Here's How You Can Have A Set Of High Quality Salesletter Graphics To Boost Your Sales Without Hiring A Professional Graphic Designer Do
All The Work For You!"

Here is your chance to make your sales letter boost more sales by making it look more professional without paying hundreds of dollars every time you need an image!

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Copy Writing Power

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"How To Sell More Products By Stealing These Powerful Words & Phrases?"

Use The Power Of These 2000+ Phrases & Words To Make More Conversions!!

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Magical Words That Sell

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Sell More Products By Simply Swiping These Magical Words & Phrases!!

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Skyrocket Your Sales - The "Sales Fetching Words" Toolbox

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"Spend No Money On Advertising… Until You Discovered These Secrets To Engineer Your Campaign Into A Profit-Pulling Powerhouse…"

If you are bleeding cash, then these 'secret sales words' will give you an unfair advantage to win your customers to your side. No complicated techniques… no technical experience requires… just Plug N' Play!!

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Impact Sales Graphics

Imact Sales Letter Graphics Pack

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"Watch Your Competitors Turn GREEN With Envy As You Overflow Your Bank Account While Their FORGETTABLE Websites Repel Customers Like The Plague!"

Dazzle Your Visitors With UNIQUE And MEMORABLE Sales Pages!

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Setting Up Your Sales Funnel
(4-part Video Series)

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"Did You Know That The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Make Money On The Internet Is To Set Up A Proper Sales Funnel!"

How to automate your business and watch the cash roll in!!

 Personal Use


Seen Enough?...


"I love the Sales Letter Software and will be using it all the time."

"Dear Vince, just writing to let you know that your "Sales Page Builder" rocks, I've tried just about all the other products out there, your sales software has to be the easiest and the smartest one I've ever seen and used. 
I love the color circle inside the sales software, I just moved my mouse over it and it brings up a color chart so I can instantly choose the best colors for my site with ease.

I also love the fact that I can instantly add a popup, which I can also add an image to it, to help build my opt-in list more effectively. I can also preview my sales letter while half way through the writing - just got to love that.

I love this product and will be using it all the time."

Andy Eaton
Nottingham, UK


Dear Internet Marketer

Create Your Own Sales Page Today - Instantly!

Exceptional sales copy is a power-packed marketing tool that can generate thousands- even millions of dollars in online profits.

The marketing gurus have been using it for years on their sites-isn't it about time you gave it a try?

But what is the secret to writing compelling and effective web copy?

Don't know?

Don't feel bad , most people do not know a thing about writing sales copy.

I did not know a thing about writing sales copy when I began my first Internet business. After studying a little online and seeing the amazing results my competitors were having with their professionally-written sales copy, I decided that there must be a way to get the same quality of copy without paying a copywriter hundreds of dollars.

So, I tried writing my own-after all it was only writing-anyone could do it, right?

Boy was I wrong. I studied and studied the basic structure and fundamentals of sales copywriting but once I completed my copy, you could tell just by reading it that I lacked the confidence and the ability necessary to write the persuasive sales copy I was looking for.

Seeing the dilemma I was facing, an online partner with a little more experience in the marketing industry suggested to me that I give up and hire a copywriter. I was very hesitant to do this because the fees for doing so were so extravagantly expensive.

I finally gave up and decided to take a chance. Boy, was I surprised with what I found. The sales copy I had written transformed my measly website from just a place on the web into an instant moneymaking machine.

Ever since then, I have clearly understood the definite importance of sales copy on the web. No matter what type of product or service you are trying to sell, sales copy is the single most important element of your website.

Sales copy is the most common obstacle in a website's effectiveness. If your copy is not good, then your product will not sell. It's that simple. Persuasive sales copy is what sells products online. Period.

The problem is that many newcomers do not have the money to invest in a high-profile copywriter to write their first website's sales copy. 

This results in many new web businesses failing, and their entrepreneurs giving up completely on the web 'because it's not profitable.

This could not be farther from the truth!

So what is the answer? You could always spend years trying to learn the secret tips and tricks the professionals use to write convincing sales copy.

Or, if you have an over-abundant supply of money, you could just hire a copywriter and pay them hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars to write it for you.

But wait! There is another much simpler, less expensive alternative to either of these options.

What is it? This website.

Here, you can learn how to build profit generating sales copy effortlessly-in just a few hours of your time and without spending a ridiculous amount of cash.

You can consider our small one time fee a long term investment because not only can you use the secret tips and information we share with you to build one website-you can literally create an unlimited supply of great sales copy for all of your sites!

These 33 Revolutionary Sales Software Tools Will Help You Create Professional Sales Page For ANY Product You Want to Sell Online!

All the sales letter creators are user-friendly. These 25 premium sales letter tools will NOT only generate premium sales copy for you in just a few hours but will also provide you with techniques to sell your products in in ingenious ways.

Don't know anything about html or how to format your sales copy on your site once it's written? We can help with that, too.

Our revolutionary new sales software not only creates the sales copy for you, it also formats it entirely for the web. All you have to do is follow the detailed instructions and simply fill-in-the-blanks. Once you have entered your information, push click and the info you input is immediately transformed into eye-popping sales copy that is sure to peak your viewers curiosity.

If you own a website and you are not yet generating the type of business you had hoped for, this product can literally change your life.

It can turn a dull, ineffective website that gets zero customers to a thriving web-based business that can bring in thousands of dollars of revenue each month.

These Ten Sales Page Builders and Sales Letter Creators are the only sales software products available as a single bundle that offers you all of these exclusive features for one low price:.

  1. Create Unlimited Profit Pulling Sales Pages For Every Product - Save hundreds of hours on creating your sales copy. No copywriting experience is necessary.

  2. Save Thousands Of Dollars Of Your Hard-Earned Money - Cut out the cost you are paying for a copywriter, and reinvest it in a more lucrative marketing strategy for your business.

  3. The Ability To Create Completely Formatted And Optimized Sales Web Pages - You do not have to know one single thing about programming in order to have a clean, professional appearance on your website. Sales Page Builder will create a well formatted sales web page for you, one that is sure to impress your site's viewers and increase your profits. All this, and at the same time the sales letter software automatically optimizes the .html code within your web page for quicker loading speeds. Your new and improved page will load so quickly, you will never lose another website visitor again.

  4. Your Website Is Instantly Ready For The Search Engines - Sales Page Builder will also automatically create meta-tags for the search engines. This means more traffic-which ultimately results in more sales!!!.

  5. Increase Mailing List Subscribers - "The money is in the list!" Sales Page Builder has a built-in hover ad generator that automatically collects email address so that you can amplify your newsletter's subscriber power.

  6. Increase Online Profits - Explode your sales conversion rate by turning more of your prospects into buyers. Powerful sales copy is the primary key to reaching out to your customers and making more sales. It is by far the most effective marketing strategy on the web. Sales Page Builder creates power-packed sales copy for you, without all the work or technical aspects of doing the writing yourself.

  7. Special Tools To Boost Sales - The sales letter software pack has some ingenious tools to force your visitors to buy your products, spend more money, and keep them coming back for more.

  8. Plus A Whole Lot More... 

"The most user friendly sales letter writing software ever!"

"Sales Page Builder is the BEST sales software I have found for generating powerful sales copy for your marketing website. This may be the absolute BEST software available at any price for writing sales letter and creating stunning websites you can be proud to upload to the web. It's amazingly simple and you can have your website up and running in less than a couple of hours!"
Steven N. Day, Sr.
Las Vegas, Nevada


How does Sales Page Builder work?

Let's take the example of Sales Page Builder software included in the package.

Sales Page Builder has a user friendly, step-by-step built-in wizard feature that will drive you to a smooth sales page creation process.

     It is really very simple.
  1. First open the software
  2. Fill-In the blanks with your product information and how you want your sales web page to look .
  3. Fill-In your payment processor information for your order link.
  4. Preview your sales page to make sure it's absolutely what you want to appear for your customers.
  5. Press the "Finish Button"
  6. Save the generated sales page to your chosen folder.
  7. Upload the generated files to your web host.

     YOUR DONE !!  

That's it.

You have just instantly created your new professional sales page in just a few short hours.

When you open these sales software's, you get to choose from many designer templates to format your sales page, then simply answer a few questions about your product, click the next button, save your created sales page, and all you have left to do is upload it to your server. And of course, you can edit and tweak the generated sales page further in your favorite web page editor for your added convenience.


Below is the screen shot of the Sales Letter Processor software


Below is the screen shot of the Sales Page Builder software


Below is the screen shot of the Sales Letter Creator software

Sales Letter Creator - Screen Shot

Below is the screen shot of the Sales Page Examiner Pro software


Below is the screen shot of the Instant Sales Booster


Below is the screen shot of the Sales Page Rapid Fire


Here is what you will receive when you
Order TODAY!


  1.  ...All The Way To The Full Thirty Three complete sales enhancing software's that are super easy to instantly install and use.

  2. Unlimited Sales Letter Creation - There is no limit as to how many order pulling sales pages you can create for your website and auctions.

I could easily charge you $597 for these Nine sales software's, but for a limited time you'll get Sales Page Builder with an amazing low price of JUST $17.00!


Click Here to Order All 25 Of Them
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(Here's what online business owners are saying about
Sales Page Builder)

"Vincent, this is a newbie's dream come true! Your software will effectively help a newbie create his/her first sales letter site in as
little as 5 minutes!"
David Zandueta
Manila, Philippines

"I am thrilled to have this software at my disposal!"

Wow! That’s about all you can say about this software. You would never think that something so easy to use could produce something so professional and effective! As the owner of a business that specializes in ad-copy, I am thrilled to have this software at my disposal! With this one piece of software my packages to my customers just got a whole-lot better! Thank you for such a wonderful piece of software!”

Paul Counts
Prescott, Washington USA

"I highly recommend this product!" 

"I have used many sales page generators and had given up finding one I could really be happy with. After trying Vincent Abrugar's Sales Page Builder, I now have a great tool to help make the type of sales pages I need for my business.
This product enables one to include all the essential components necessary to make a detailed, captivating sales page! Easily installed, Sales Page Builder takes you step by step through the process and makes those professional looking pages you must have to make sales. I highly recommend this product! "

Alton Hargrave
Warren, Texas USA


Order The 33 Sales Page Builders Today and 
You Can Claim $1069.97 worth in FREE Bonuses!

Sales Page Builder Tool Box cannot be found or bought in your local software store, and it is exclusively available on this website. Because of the High Demand of these software's, the price will not stay at this ridiculously low rate much longer! 

So, I am urging you to order today.

The next time you visit the site, the price for these astonishing new products will likely be raised to the original price of $597. Order now and take advantage of the huge savings we are offering for a limited time.

Take action now, while you can still receive the ultimately powerful Sales Page Builder and Sales Letter Creator software's at the $17.00 INCREDIBLE DISCOUNT before I come to my senses and change the price.

$17.00 is such a small investment when you consider how much it will increase your revenues-even within the first week! 

These 33 sales software's is all you need
to take your small online business into a higher level!

And You Get Master Resale Rights Or Private Label Rights To 24 Of Them For You To Sell And Keep 100% Of the Profits To Yourself!

Yes Kumar! This is definitely what I have been looking for. I am eager to get my hands on this powerful software. I fully understand that I will..

Don't miss out...order now!



To Your Online Success,

S. Kumar

P.S.   Are you wondering if this site is built using Sales Page Builder? Yes, this site is created using the software! I added a touch of formatting using my favorite web page editing software to polish it, but this entire website was constructed originally using Sales Page Builder.

Requirements: Sales Page Builder and Sales Letter Creator Software' works with all versions of Microsoft Windows operating system. The software is installed directly on your desktop, which means you can use the software without an Internet connection.

Remember, with the "no questions asked" total refund guarantee, there's no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose. There is no reason you cannon begin using Sales Page Builder today. 


Order Sales Page Builder Software's Today!


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Sales Funnel Setup - Video Series

Discover How To Create a Proper Sales Funnel That Will Automate Your Resell Rights or Product Sales Pages...

This video series will show you how to take any resell rights or affiliate sales product, and set it up so that it is ready to sell.  

After you view this video series, you'll be able to take those resell rights products you have collecting dust on your computer and turn them into automatic cash generating machines.

!- Brand New Video Course -!

 Resale Rights & Website

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22 Secret Hot Buttons

"Discover The 22 Insider Sales Techniques Secrets The Expert Copywriters Are using Right Now that has their Prospect's Rushing To The Order Page Like Bees To A Honey Comb, Every Time!"

How much do you think owning the 22 sales techniques knowledge base is worth to you? Hundreds of dollars? Thousands? More? !

!- Now With 36 Audio Series Course + PDF eBook -!


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A-Z Of Effective Sales Pages

DON'T DELETE YOUR ONLINE EMPIRE JUST YET! Spruce Up That Sales Page and Start Selling Now!

You'll Learn the fine art of persuasive copywriting and make thousands of more dollars in conversions, sales, affiliate enrollment and pay per click income every month! 

You'll also learn the Tricks of All of the Greatest Gurus When It Comes to the Grand and Daring Art of Shameless Self Promotion...

 Resale Rights & Website

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Writing Effective Sales Letters

"How To Write High Response Sales Letters In Just 25 Minutes & 6 Quick And Easy Steps That Work Every Single Time - Even If You've Never Written One Before!"


Proven Power Packed Sales Letter Techniques Easily & Quickly Emulated

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How To Triple Your Sales With The Truth About Backend Sales

"How To Increase Your Profits 10 Fold In Just 15 Days By Discovering The *Whole* Truth About Backend Sales!"

Why, why why? Probably the most important part of this course is that it tackles the why issues with you, as well as the how's.

 Master Resale Rights & Website

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Timeless Sales Strategies

“How To Leverage On Powerful Online & Offline Strategies To Boost Your Sales”

In the 21st century, times have changed and it isn’t easy to anticipate the demands of your clients or customers. We know because we went down that road before and we can testify that it isn’t easy whether you are online or offline.

Full Lid Blown...For These Times!


Value $19.97

Order Page Magic

Can You Name this ONE Ultra Simple Marketing Strategy That Increased Sales Up to 41% – and Do You Know Why?

It’s Not What You Think...!

Here's the lowdown. OrderPageMagic is an easy-to-use software program that creates scientifically proven-to-convert order pages. This is not your run of the mill page creation software. OrderPageMagic creates custom made pages.

Value $29.97


Instant Product Profits

This brand new report 'Instant Product Profits' shows you how to step by step how to:

  1. Generate Hundreds Of Hot Product Ideas That Will Sell.

  2. Create Instant Products With The Minimum Of Effort.

  3. Add MASSIVE Value To Your Products and Increase Your Profits In Just Minutes.

  4. Legally Protect These Killer Products From Would Be Thieves.

Retail Price $97
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Action Pak Gold Photoshop Action Scripts

Use this software in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop (not included) to create stunning graphics for your web-site including:

  • Beautiful headers 
  • Stunning backgrounds
  • Profit pulling order buttons
  • and more!

You also get complete instruction pdf on how to do it in a step-by-step manner!


Retail Price $49.97
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The 3-Minute Headline Creator

A simple way to create Headlines. Type in a few words, click a button and instantly create over 100 profit pulling headlines in less than 3-minutes!

1. All you do is type in your benefit statement which I'll show you exactly how to create.

2. Click a button.

3. Then click another button and instantly generate over 100 headline combinations for you to choose from!

That's it!

Retail Price $27
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(The Brandable Version)


Mailing List Secrets

Discover How YOU Can Profit From Your Mailing List With Every Way Possible - From The Moment Your Subscriber Visits Your Lead Capture Page Until He Receives E-mails From You - At Cult Status!?

  • How to get targeted subscribers into your mailing list.
  • How to develop trust and relationship between you and your subscribers.
  • How to get your subscribers to  open your E-mails.
  • How to get your subscribers to buy from you instead of from others.
  • How to create a mailing list system that works without any guesswork.
  • How to understand your subscribers' needs and interest!


Retail Price $37
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Paperless Copywriting

"Do You Want to Learn How to Write Million Dollar Sales Letters?

"Paperless Copywriting" is a collection of training modules comprising eBooks, reports and other resources. The modules are as follows:

Module 1: Writing the Sales Letter
Module 2: Words That Sell
Module 3: Swipe File and Templates
Module 4: Autoresponder and E-mail Copywriting
Module 5: Advanced Copywriting
Module 6: Classic Copywriting Resources

Retail Price $97
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Altogether you get 18 products, and that includes full reprint rights


Basic Copywriting For The Web

"Harness the power of effective website copywriting and attract thousands of new visitors to your website!

...Why is web copywriting differs from print media copy?...And how do you acquire this skill with minimum sweat?

  1. How to plan your Copywriting
  2. The Best Way to Write Efficient
  3. Headlines
  4. Text link formatting
  5. Know what to focus on!
  6. And there’s so much more!

Retail Price $18
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Window Maker Smart - Lite

"It's Time You Said NO! to Boring Old Links Opening In a New Window!"

  1. Creates Pop Up Windows That Don't Suck! No more tiresome links leaving a trail of new windows only to make your visitors swear at you.
  2. Display websites and images professionally. Either you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, after viewing what Smart Window Maker can do for you, you just simply can't deny, that it'll make your links look fresh!
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Sales Page Secrets

"Discover the Single most Important Skill you can Ever Learn in Marketing!

You will discover the 9-Step winning formula..

  1. Headers
  2. Your Headline
  3. Sub Headlines
  4. Opening your Letter
  5. Features and Benefits
  6. Bonuses
  7. Guarantee or Not
  8. Walk Your Customer through Order Process
  9. Getting Effective Testimonials

Sales Page Secrets

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20 High Quality HTML/CSS Sales Page
Templates With PSD's

"These Sales Page templates are ONLY available right here for download,

  1. 20 Professional Sales Page Templates
  2. 20 Photoshop Designs for Editing
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"The Psychology of Selling: How to Create Profit-Producing Sales Letters by Getting Inside Your Customer's Head!"
By Bryan Kumar

You will discover:

  1. Supercharge Your Sales letter by Making a Few Simple Changes...
  2. The #1 Reason Why Most websites FAIL to Make Any Profits... And, How YOU Can Join the Few Who Are Making Serious Cash Daily!
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The Psychology of Selling

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Sales Dynamite

"21 Proven Ways To Explode Your Sales Through The Roof... Exposes!"

  • 21 ways to boost your sales, no matter what product or service you're selling!

  • How to place opt-in boxes strategically to double or triple your sales

  • How to writer powerful headlines to attract visitors and make them buy

  • A cool little way to make extra sales without much effort

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How To Build Effective Sales Funnels

"Ever Wondered How To Boost Your Sales? Having Difficulty With Getting Your Customers To Pull Out Their Credit Cards And Making A Purchase? Been Struggling With Generating Enough Leads? Wondering How You Can Convert More Leads To Sales?"

Learn how to make your business more successful!

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Sales Letter Secrets

"Discover How To Create Super Responsive Sales Letters That Sell, In A Few Simple-To-Follow Steps That Work Every Time. - Even If You Never Wrote A Sales Letter Before..."

A guru copywriter reveals his secrets and gives you a PROVEN template to write a winning sales letter that will "FORCE" visitors to buy your product every time....

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Your 8 Reports Comes With PDF, .DOC, and MP3 Audio Source Files!

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Learn to Quickly and Easily Make Your Own Mini Sites in Just 30 Minutes! Without Being a Web-Techie, Buying Expensive Software or Paying Huge Web Design Fees And Start Creating Multiple Streams of Passive Income that Print Money on the Internet 25 Hours a Day - Non-Stop!

Download #1 - 100 MB Video series on How to Create Your Own Professional-Looking Mini Site Using Free Software:  This series of videos will show you how to create your mini sites without having to spend a lot of money. And after this, you will be churning-out mini sites after mini sites and no time at all with minimal cost.

Download #2 - 10 Professionally-Designed Mini Site Templates: Now you don't have start from scratch. Take from any of the 10 templates available from the Download Area and create a minisite in no time.

Download #3 - Mini Site Strategies & Case Studies: Learn from minisite strategies and case studies by the best info-marketers around. Contributing authors include

  • Reviving a Dead Product
  • Building a List of 6,000 Subscribers
  • Build and Left Alone - and Still Profiting
  • Press Release and Mini Sites
  • SEO Strategy for Content Mini Sites
  • Mini Site Marketing and Baseball
  • Making Money with Leads

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Guarantees / Refunds:  This package does not come with a refund guarantee attached.  I know most people seeing this offer fully understand why I can't include a refund policy.  Once someone has downloaded these products I have no way of knowing what happens to them.  This offer isn't like a software program I need to guarantee that it will work.  It's a business opportunity for serious people - So I would urge anyone who thinks they may want a refund or needs some kind of guarantee with this to NOT buy the package and leave the license for someone else who will make money with it.

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Earnings disclaimer:  Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and it's potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can write their own check in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques. We do not purport this as a get rich scheme.

Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions.

Materials in our product and our website may contain information that includes or is based upon forward-looking statements within the meaning of the securities litigation reform act of 1995. Forward-looking statements give our expectations or forecasts of future events. You can identify these statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. They use words such as ?anticipate,? ?estimate,? ?expect,? ?project,? ?intend,? ?plan,? ?believe,? and other words and terms of similar meaning in connection with a description of potential earnings or financial performance.

Any and all forward looking statements here or on any of our sales material are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else's, in fact no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from ours ideas and techniques in our material.

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