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From: S. Kumar
Today's Date:
Subject: How To Sell More Internet Marketing Products Faster Than A Firesale…


Dear Internet Marketer,

Let's face it… the Internet marketing niche is getting crowded day by day.

Unless you're a big name Guru… own a list to 100,000+ prospects… raised an army of affiliates… or have superior marketing expertise to pull off a product launch, you are losing to every new player in this industry who are nibbling pieces of your lunch away.

Even if you're an affiliate, you are prone to the landmines planted by other powerful marketers who jealously guard their cash cows with plenty of money to spend on expensive PPC campaigns and a team of outsourcers to slave away the hours.

You cannot afford to spend stupid money and compete with these guys dollar to dollar. They can go red in the balance books longer than you can.

The good news is, there still another way to turn the tides to your favor… and it does not involve a single cent…

A Proven Strategy To Make Money On Every Advertising Penny You Spend

Regardless of how much you spend for advertising, your results are largely determined by the way you structure your sales message. This could be your ad, squeeze page, sales letter, follow-up emails, or even your blog posts!

The point is… if you can capture your prospect's attention and keep it, escalate their buying interest, tap into their deep wells of desire, and get them to complete the buying transaction…. You're well ahead of the curve in generating massive profits.

This means, you can win the game without competing dollar to dollar with the big boys, just by saying the right things.

And the best part is…

All the work has been done for you. You never have to look at a blank page and bleed from your eyes looking at it. Just copy and paste, and then wait for the money to arrive in the bank.


Announcing… "Skyrocket Your Sales" The Operational Manual Of Sales Switches!

Skyrocket Your Sales

Before we continue, you must understand…

- This product is NOT about illegal, black hat tactics that will get you in trouble
- This product is NOT going to cost you a single penny more to use
- This product is NOT outdated, rehashed information that no longer works
- This product is NOT a temporary fix that works only for a few months
- This product is NOT for lazy people who don't care if they made money

"Skyrocket Your Sales" is filled with power words and phrases proven to raise higher response from customers. Flip "Skyrocket Your Sales" open, plug in any power word of your choice, and stand in awe as you watch your sales climb with more ad clicks and sales order than you could possible imagine.

"Here's Why It's Right For You..."

"Skyrocket Your Sales" was designed for marketers who promote Internet marketing related products. Every tactic revealed is geared towards pushing your customers closer to a sale.

While most products sold in the market teaches you how to get more traffic, advertise better using pay-per-click campaigns, and write compelling sales copy… "Skyrocket Your Sales" is the only product which gives you proven sales angles that works on Internet marketers.

Here's A Sneak Preview Of What You Will Get

Sell The Sizzle! 20 powerful benefits that strikes the chord of every marketer you sell to.

21 tested words and phrases proven to resonate with the core desires of Internet marketers.

26 hooks you can use to sell traffic generation related courses

Running out of ways to say "residual income"? Here are 22 different ways to tempt your customers like waving $100 bills in front of their face.

60 + 8 ways to tap into this emotion of revenge to sell more. Any customer who is in business for any period of time will respond to this hot button.

29 ways to be seen as the authority. People want to surrender responsibility and their choice to a thought leader, use this to lead their buying choices to your products.

89 tactics to tempt your customers to sample your product

48 pleasure points you can press… and your customer will buy from you willingly, even if your price is downright ridiculous.

17 pain points to influence your customers away from.

36 benefits you can use on any marketer who wants to save money (that's practically 99.2% of the group)

24 power words to use in your copy... gets them interested... adds more dimension to your proposition... and takes it up a notch until they buy your product.

Eliminate objections by repeating this list of magic words.

69 magic-transformation phrases. This subconscious and covert technique gives the impression of instant results in your sales copy. No one likes to work, so people have to buy your product to make results happen instantly

24 words to dimensionalise the results you offer with your product.

40 framing words to induce the buying trance. Use this in calls-to-action and you'll sell more.

How to make your product a no-brainer decision. Hint: Substitute as many employees as possible.

And much, much more


"Read This Before You Buy..."

If you and I were just talking… you might have some questions.

You might be thinking right now…

"Couldn't I just hire a copywriter to do all this for me?"
Of course you can! In fact, a good copywriter is probably the wisest investment you can make to improve your sales. However, solid sales copy don't come cheap and you can be charged anywhere between 4-5 figures for decent sales-pulling copy. But if you can't afford that now, then you can use these hot buttons to pump profit into your bottom line until you can one day engage the service of an A-list copywriter.

"How's this product different from any other books?"
Fair question. While there are hundreds of books out there that teaches you how to drive traffic, advertise on PPC, and other sales techniques, none of them gives you a list of proven hot-button words to sell the sophisticated and highly skeptical Internet marketers who knows every trick there is in the book.

That's why this product is themissing puzzle. There's no guess work. Just weave in the proper word, and when that hot prospect turns up to you at that right moment, the opportunity will be handsomely harvested! Think about all the money poured into the drain for not making full use of what you got.

"Is this a scam?"
It's good that you have a healthy level of skepticism. After all, there are just too much junk sold today by wannabes who sell lies and paint pipe dreams but knows nothing about making money. My ebook is a culmination of in-depth research and on-the-field testing. This list of hot-buttons MUST work. Why else would all the successful marketers, the ones raking in the most money, keep using them?

"But why should I trust you?"
I won't waste time convincing you to trust me without a demonstration to prove my worth. At this point, it's okay for you not to trust me until you try out the book and prove to yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt that my claims are all true. Which is why I offer an unprecedented…

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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S. Kumar

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