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 From: Rob Benwell

 Monday, 3.26 PM
 RE: Effective Blog Submissions

Automatic Blog Submission Software!


Dear Aspiring Internet Marketer ,

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Because there's some brand new software that will give you high quality one way backlinks for any keyword you want and all in just a few minutes work.

No! This is NOT some spam machine blaster that will fire off submissions to every directory out there! I am dead against using it, personally do not use them and will never advise you to use such software's. They bring in trouble sooner or later.

But Blog Announcer Pro is an incredible brand new software that has been loaded up with the best of the best Blog and RSS directories known to man.

It will then automate the submission process making getting one way links from PR4 and above websites a breeze...even if you're a computer dummy who hasn't worked out the difference between the 'Delete' and 'Enter' keys....

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It does not end there...

I also have plenty more high ranking blogs which earn me thousands every month in affiliate commissions.

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But the truth is, that was before using this amazing software!

After I put Blog Announcer Pro my rankings and earning's went through the roof and I was soon having $824.69 and $914.46 days.

$824.69 and $914.46 in affiliate commissions from driving free traffic using just blogs and Blog Announcer Pro.

Before we go on, let me introduce myself...


My name is Rob Benwell and I have been hailed the New Blogging Hotshot in the internet marketing world driving thousands of visitors to any site I wish within a few weeks all for free.

My ebook 'Blogging to the Bank' was a best seller and said to be a brakethrough in the blogging industry.

Now I don't tell you these things and show you my earnings to brag. I just want to prove to you that I don't just talk the talk but I'm one of the few people that can actually walk the walk.

I'm always testing new ways to increase my traffic and I'm constantly investing in new software to automate the work I have to do and...


Now You Can Take A Piece Of My Personal Software
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Blog Announcer Pro is a new revolutionary software that helps you submit your Blog's URL and RSS Feed to over 100 of the top blog directories giving you the best backlinks you could ever ask for, absolutely free of charge.

It will save you hours every week and help automate the promotion of your blog while remaining 100% White Hat.

And , you can't ignore the above shown solid proof!




From "Beta Test" To The "Absolute Best"


It seems like only yesterday when you asked me to beta test your new Blog Announcer Pro software.

Mate, weren't there dramas when you started this project?

Wow... trying to sift out the best of the best directories seemed like a never ending story! (And that's only ONE of the hurdles you had to jump wasn't it?)

To tell you the truth, I've used Blog Announcer Pro since you sent it to me, and all I can say is "Rob, your software is definitely ready to be released to the masses".

I'd suggest you sell your software for at least $297 USD Rob.

I say this because it's *THAT GOOD* and I want to make sure you only get buyers who really want results on the search engines.

I've paid a guy more than $297 USD who listed my site on a links site with a high PR ranking... that produced *NO RESULTS*.

You software produces results... it's simple to use... can be used at any time of the day... wherever I am... and I'm always guaranteed of support from you when I need it.

I hope people realize how valuable your software really is!

Your friend, coach and mentor,

David Cavanagh
Featured Speaker
World Internet Summit
2004 - 2006
Aust / USA / UK / Asia



Believe The Hype


Wow, I read your sales page first and wondered, "Is this software actually going to live up to the hype". Next I downloaded and installed Blog Announcer Pro and the very first thing that struck me was that this software is intuitive and easy to use.

But would it actually work? I put it to the test. It took me less than 10 minutes to promote my blog all over the place and I've already seen the spiders coming to visit. Great software, great idea.  I love it!"

           -- Michael Green


Here's Just A Taste Of The Benefits You'll Experience Using Blog Announcer Pro

Generate over 100 High PR One Way Backlinks to any blog you want

Grab Top Search Engine Rankings within days...Not months, but in as little as 7 days

Submit as many Blogs and RSS Feeds as you like

Gain Credibility and Trust in any market

Auto fill feature means you only have to enter your information once

Secure your first page rankings due to this strategy is 100% White Hat! No search engines spamming!

Turn on a flood of traffic to your blog virtually over night

Have hundreds of targeted visitors coming to your blog...Then you can redirect them to any website or affiliate product you want



"This is a Killer New Product"


"Hey Rob,


This is ingenious! I mean your new tool that rethinks blog

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After your hit book, "Blogging To The Bank", I didn't know

what you could follow it up with... But when I kept asking

you for more secret weapons to tell my list members about

you kept mum on it till now and NOW I know why...


*** Blog Announcer Pro ***


This is a killer new product you've got here, Rob...


Your marketing tools and strategies advance marketers to

higher levels making it easier to zoom-in on the profit

zones... And Blog Announcer Pro gives an unfair advantage

over the competition that will surely cause a stir among

bloggers, no doubt. Thanks for putting this great new tool

in our hands."




Michael Nicholas,



Save hours of your time that can be spent else where in your business or enjoying yourself

Cuts the need to work or pay for backlinks... Easy as 123

Chose any title and description you want giving you complete control

Make any blog the Top Blog in any market you wish

Slash Your PPC Costs... Now you have no need to pay huge pay per click costs when you can get traffic for nothing

Submit to as many directories as you like...Choose just a few if you're going after easy key phrases

Instantly see the success of this powerful tool

See your RSS distribution spread like wild fire gaining you thousands of readers to your blog giving you an EXPONENTIAL effect

Increase your traffic within  hours after using Blog Announcer Pro

Plus much, much more



"Listed in Google, Yahoo and MSN in Less Than 48 Hours"

"Being an avid user of Rob's "Blogging To The Bank" principle I couldn't wait to get my hands on Blog Announcer Pro and test it out on some of my blog sites.

Now I am a complete virgin when it comes to submitting RSS feeds, never done it and never wanted to. ALL THAT HAS CHANGED NOW.

After just running 1 of my new blog sites through Blog Announcer Pro it was listed in Google, Yahoo and MSN in less than 48 hours.

Only 1 week later and I now hold the 1st page of MSN for my main keyword and 1st page of yahoo for some of my smaller keywords.

Rob I am nothing short of impressed and will certainly add this into the list of must use tools when promoting my sites."

Marc Lindsay


What's This Instant Traffic Switch Worth To You?

With this incredible software you have your very own switch to turn on targeted traffic on demand. How much would this be worth to your business?

If you look at the example of how this increased my business and shot me from $200 per day to over $914 in a single day you can see the power this must have tool has.

If you get results as half good as mine your going to see an extra $350 per day.

Well, that adds up to $2450 per week. Now imagine that for the month. This software has the power to hand you over $9,800 extra every month.

Now I'm not going to charge you $9,800 or anywhere near even though it would still be worth every penny.

I've also looked all over the market and seen nothing else like this breakthrough software. There's a couple of RSS submitters that don't work any more flying around but that's it. Nothing that even has 10% of the power of this. That's why I'm thinking of selling Blog Announcer Pro at around $300.

However because this site is still in the pre launch process I'm going to give you a 84% discount if you order by midnight . That means if you order today you'll only be paying just $47.. That means if you order today you'll only be paying just $47.

After that I plan on rolling this software out to the public and will need to raise the price because I  want to keep this software exclusive so it remains as powerful as it is today. I'll have no option but to put the price up because at $47 the orders will be flooding in.

When you really think about it, $47 is a drop in the ocean compared to what you could be making using this fantastic tool to get top search engine rankings and a ton of free traffic.


Order Right Now And I'll Also Throw In These Bonuses Worth $292 Absolutely FREE !

To make sure you succeed I'm going to throw in a few extras worth $292 but in order to receive these you must order right now because I'll be removing them once I release this to the public.

Bonus #1 - Free Future Updates ($195 Value)

Once you purchase Blog Announcer Pro you'll also get any updates and upgrades to the software which I make. I may add new features and tools to make it even more powerful.

Bonus #2 - Step by Step Instruction Video ($97 Value)

I'm going to throw in step by step videos that show you how to get the most out of Blog Announcer Pro. You can just watch and repeat as I guide you through the full process.

Now even though this is still in the pre launch stage and it's not on sale to the public yet I'm still going to give you my...


60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

If you don't think my new Blog Announcer Pro software is everything I say it is, and if you're not 110% satisfied with my program and think I've told you a whole stack of BS just to make a quick sale, then tell me within the first 60 days and I'll refund every cent of your money with No Questions Asked.

I'd be ashamed to take your money !


The only thing you can lose is your future search engine rankings - so grab a copy of Blog Announcer Pro software right now!


Now you know this all works and I'm even giving you some amazing bonuses and a huge 68% discount. All there is to do is whip out your card and place your order before this limited offer is gone forever. You'll get instant access so you can start using Blog Announcer Pro today.


No Risk Acceptance Form

Yes Rob, I want to increase my traffic and automate my Blog submission process using Blog Announcer Pro.

I also want to guarantee that I get the two bonuses totally free by ordering today,

I realize that if I leave this offer the price may increase and the bonuses may get withdrawn so I want to place my order right now through a secure server and receive instant instructions on how to download 'Blog Announcer Pro' along with the bonuses.

As soon as your payment is authorized (this usually takes less than a minute), you will be given instructions on how to download your software and the accompanying bonuses

Click Here To Download Now


Yours in success

Rob Benwell
Creator of Blog Announcer Pro

P.S. Remember , the faster you decide to order your copy today, the quicker you'll start seeing your blog listed in search engines such as MSN, Google, Yahoo and more... so what are you waiting for... order now.

P.P.S. I'm giving you the ultimate tool to help you generate high quality links back to your blog and give you an unfair advantage in the search engines. This is one of the best ways to drive targeted visitors to your sites for free so please click here to get instant access today.

P.P.P.S. Blog Announcer Pro also comes with LIFETIME UPDATES! As soon as I find the software needs to be 'tweaked' a little, then I'll redo the software and send you a BRAND NEW copy... FREE of charge!

It's just like buying a car and the company sending you the latest model every few months... and it doesn't cost you a damn thing ! Grab it now!

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