"In Seconds , Your Keyword Search Turns Into A Treasure-Trove Of Websites, Ebooks, Tutorials, Resources, Checklists, Guides, Tips, Tricks, Articles, MP3s, Videos, Images, And More!"

"You'll Quickly Find The Information/Multimedia Content You Want Like Never Before...Stuff You Never Knew Existed OR Could Ever Imagined Would Be Available To You For FREE!"

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Hi, my name is Derek Franklin.

For the past 7 years, I've been deeply involved with technology and how to maximize its use to the absolute fullest.

I've written 5 best-selling books for Macromedia Press on the subject of Macromedia Flash.

Here are some of my books on Amazon.com.

These books have sold over 250,000 copies worldwide (a computer book is considered 'successful' if it sells just 10,000 copies), and have been translated in more languages than I can remember, including Chinese, Russian, French, German, Greek, Korean, Spanish, and even Farsi, to name just a few.

I'm very proud of these accomplishments, and I'm sharing them simply to impress upon you that my extensive experience in the information industry has taught me a lot about how the Web works, and has exposed me to concepts, tricks and technologies that most people don't even know exist.

Search Automator is the culmination of my desire to share my expert skills of finding information/multimedia content online with others, including you.

If you're interested in discovering what breakthroughs I've developed in my 'digital laboratory' as a result, and how you can begin benefiting from them today, then read on...

The Web Is Like A Huge, Multimedia Bookstore/Information Center - Grab Everything You Want !

Here's a reality that probably isn't news to you:

We live in an a society that craves information.

Information is everywhere. It comes in the form of newspapers, magazines, TV shows, movies, CDs, DVDs, Websites, ebooks, newsletters, snail mail, email, phone calls, text messages, billboards, and on and on and on.

There is more information and multimedia content available to you and I, on practically any subject, than at any other time in human history - by a long-shot, and it's growing rapidly every single day, but there are some major challenges when you attempt to locate it online:

  • It takes way too long to find
  • There's a lot of useless results (junk) you have to wade through
  • Finding something other than just Websites (such as articles, tips, ebooks, maps, videos, how-to's, guides, blogs, news stories, books, audio clips, songs, and other types of content related to the subject you're interested in) is next to impossible

These are important challenges to overcome, because in our information-crazy society, chances are that as a person or businesses, your success largely depends on information - finding it, consuming it, packaging it, and/or selling it.

After all, information is the gold of the 21st century

Information or content of various kinds is essentially what drives the Web and what drives people to it!

For most people, when they go looking for stuff online, they get it all wrong: they simply turn to their favorite search engine, such as Google, or Yahoo - they enter a query, hit search, and hope for the best.

If this is currently your approach, not only are you probably constantly frustrated and wasting too much of your valuable time, but you're missing out on an absolute wealth of great content (information, audio, images, video, and more).

Content on everything from mastering new skills and exploring your favorite hobbies, to enhancing yourself, your business, and your life, is out there - if you know how and where to find it.

Ask some of the hundreds of satisfied customers , and they'll tell you that Search Automator is a search tool unlike any other you've seen before, and is hands-down one of the best ways of discovering and grabbing practically all the content online you've been looking for.


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Search Automator - Your Search And Discovery Command Center

So what makes Search Automator so unique, and what tools does it offer for literally changing the way you see and use the Web for helping you quickly discover the content you want?

The following multimedia previews give you a small glimpse into what makes Search Automator such a breakthrough tool for anyone looking for information and other types of content online.

So what makes Search Automator so unique, and what tools does it offer for literally changing the way you see and use the Web for helping you quickly discover the content you want?

The following multimedia previews give you a small glimpse into what makes Search Automator such a breakthrough tool for anyone looking for information and other types of content online.

Want a audio/visual taste of what Search Automator is all about?
"FREE Video: See Search Automator In Action!"
If you're looking for the quickest way to learn about Search Automator, check out this FREE video - right now!

Clicking here to begin viewing the video now.

Note: This will open a new window, so disable any pop-up blockers if the window does not appear.

Search Automator packs all these powerful features into a single interface:

  • One-click Access To The Most Powerful Search Technologies On The Planet - No longer are you confined to the very limited results of using only a single search engine. At any time you're just one-click away from a whole new world of information/content related to your keyword.
  • Integrated Search And Discovery Intelligence - The skills that create a professional information-master are built-in, all you need to do is click!
  • Web Searches - Find Web sites, ebooks (PDF documents), Powerpoint presentations, guides, tips, articles, resources, forums, FAQs, checklists , ebooks, newsletters, and more. You have control over the domains searched, the date-range of the content you're looking for and other options.
  • Image Searches - Find images, animations, wallpapers, maps, artwork, and drawings related to your keyword. Search specific domains, select whether you want color or black & white images, and what size images you want. Find news photos related to your keyword, Flash movies related to your keyword, and even recently posted cellphone images related to your keyword (yeah, everything makes online).
  • Audio Searches - What are you wanting: audio clips of a speech, a song you just heard, MIDI music you can sing to, CDs, lyrics to help you sing along? It's just a click away.
  • Video Searches - New to the Web (thanks to faster Internet connections) is video. With some of the new video search technologies that are beginning to hit the Web, you have access to news videos, instructional videos, historical videos, and even peoples' personal videos (that they've posted online). When researching a subject, how useful would full-motion video be? Search Automator brings it to you.
  • Reference Searches - Find articles, answers to questions, encyclopedia entries and FAQs related to your keyword(s). Discover how it works, its history, and tap into the Internet Archive (a huge online archive) for finding recordings, commercials, software, and texts related to it.
  • Word Searches - What would you like to discover about a word: its definition, a synonym, antonym, quotations it appears in, words with the same meaning, words containing the same letters? It's better than having an English professor as your assistant.
  • News Searches - The news usually contains some of the freshest content available online. Search Automator enable you to easily discover news articles related to your keyword(s) from some of the best news sources online including, CNN, Google News, Yahoo News, and Topix.
  • RSS/Blog Searches - If you haven't yet heard of RSS feeds and blogs, you will - very soon! They represent some of the most powerful information sources to hit Web in several years. Search Automator has extensive support for helping you locate RSS feeds and blogs related to your keywords.
  • Shopping Searches - Whether your search involves a person, place, or thing, Search Automator opens up a world of books, music, movies, and other products related to that search. Searching for 'sailing' - find life jackets. Searching for 'wedding' - find wedding dresses. Shopping doesn't get any easier.
  • Travel Searches - So, you're planning a trip to Rome? Or is it Hawaii? Or Sydney, perhaps? It doesn't matter! Enter the name of a location into Search Automator and you'll be a click away from travel tips, sights to see, maps, webcams, pictures, videos, and even the local weather.

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  • Health Searches - Everything from information about treating allergies and tips for getting great sleep, to the latest health news about a health topic, health videos, nutrition information and recipes.
  • Around the House Searches - Find tons of great information related to your house and home. Find answers to do-it-yourself projects (such as gardening, roofing, remodeling), discover just the perfect recipe related to an ingredient (onion, chocolate, BBQ, and others), learn about that new car you've had your eye on (Mazda 6, Nissan Maxima, Pontiac G6), and find pet-related advice, tips, articles and resources.
  • Tech Searches - Whether it's a computer question, a product review, or a piece of software you're looking for, Search Automator brings it to you with the click of a button.
  • Related Searches - One of the most powerful discovery tools found in Search Automator. For example, when searching for the term 'weddings', Search Automator's related searches feature will reveal to you all sorts of related terms you might find helpful, but may have not thought of on your own, such as: favors, invitations, photographers, ceremony, honeymoon, reception, registry, dresses, gowns, vows, showers, flowers, and jewelry, just to name a few.
  • Current URL Tools - A URL is not just a URL. Use Search Automator to quickly retrieve the current URL's Alexa ranking and other useful information that Alexa provides. Find other pages on the Web with related content to the current URL, find recent blog posts related to what's discussed on the current URL, discover archived versions of the site where the current URL resides.
  • Search this Domain - Gives you instant search functionality for virtually any site you may visit - whether the site provides a search box of its own or not! This allows you to confine your search to the site you're currently visiting.
  • URL Slideshow - Turns a series of sequentially numbered URLs (mypage1.htm, mypage2.htm, mypage3.htm, etc.) into a hands-free slideshow - set a time and press a Play button to view the pages one after the other - hands-free!
  • URL Player - Press a Play button and sit back as Search Automator creates a slideshow of your search being submitted to various search engines - hands-free! You got to see this in action to really appreciate it.
  • Daily Searches - Are there news stories you like to watch on a daily basis, want to know what's happening in your city today? Search Automator lets track this information in the click of your mouse.
  • Favorite Searches - Have a set of keywords that you like to search on a regular basis? Search Automator lets you quickly save all of your favorite search terms for easy recall later. Favorites are even intelligently categorized into favorite image searches, favorite audio searches, favorite news searches, and many more.
  • Persistent Advanced Searches - If you frequently tap into the advanced searching capabilities of the search powerhouses out there, you'll love Search Automator's ability to display advanced search options in a panel, which remains open even after submitting your advanced search, allowing to continue to refine your search with ease, until you find just what you're looking for.
  • Much more...

Download now - get free updates and an unconditional 90-day money-back

Harnessing Search Automator's Power

Now that you've seen just some of the things that Search Automator can do, its time to look at how you can harness this power in various scenarios :

  • Creating Infoproducts - The very concept of an infoproduct is that it's filled with information. If you're an infoproduct creator, and your bottom-line is dependent on providing quality products based on quality content, Search Automator is a must!

    Search Automator will likely expose to you an incredibly vast world of content related to your subject you may have never knew existed. Content that can generate new ideas for you, or that you can seek permission to use.

    Search Automator will help you take your products to a value-level unmatched by your competitors.
  • Researching Niches/Hobbies - Weddings, sailing, back pain, migraines, great sleep, wrestling, scrapbooking, Alaskan Huskies, baseball, home remodeling, are all niches that people are tapping into to make big money online, either through ebooks, membership sites, or affiliate sites.

    Great, quality information is at the heart of providing a product or service related to a niche that others are willing to pay for.

    Search Automator helps you easily find articles, tips, guides, checklists, news, and other valuable content for satisfying the wants of any niche market - even if you personally have very little knowledge of that niche market yourself.
Want a audio/visual taste of what Search Automator is all about?
"FREE Video: See Search Automator In Action!"
If you're looking for the quickest way to learn about Search Automator, check out this FREE video - right now!

Clicking here to begin viewing the video now.

Note: This will open a new window, so disable any pop-up blockers if the window does not appear.
  • How-to's - How do you remove spyware from your computer? How do you change a tire? How do you set goals? How do you build a patio onto your house? Our days seemed to be constantly filled with how-do-I's.

    You would be amazed at the number of free resources there are online to help you get the answers to your daily questions, and I'm not just talking just text-based articles either - even audio and video how-to's. You just need to know how and where to look.

    Search Automator points you in the right direction.
  • General Research - No matter whether you have a question about a product, service, health issue, place, an event in history, a band, a person, or a thing, chances are that online, someone, or group of people, has posted an answer, a review, an ebook, or or even entire Website with their experience and input about it.

    Quickly learn from others and avoid reinventing the wheel.

What will you do with Search Automator?
You decide the potential !

OK, So What's The Cost Of This Amazing Software?

Search Automator

Search Automator has taken over me over a year, and thousands of dollars to develop. As you've seen from the demos I've provided on this page, the results are a software package with unparalleled capabilities and quality.

I'm sure you would agree that information is the gold of the 21st century, and with Search Automator, you'll have access to it in a way you've never had before.

Remember, you'll (legally) discover tons of online information/content that others don't know exist, or even how to find.

I'm not kidding when I say that some of those who have experienced using Search Automator have encouraged me to sell it for several hundred dollars. They say it's worth every penny because it turns the Web into their personal information/content candy store!

While I'm flattered by the immense value they place on it, I felt a more reasonable, affordable price was in order. My original feeling was something less than $100.00.

After giving it a lot of thought, and in an effort to get the word out on this groundbreaking software, I'm offering it at a very special, very low introductory price:

Get Search Automator today for the special, introductory price of only $67.00 $47.00!

Why so little?

Quite frankly , because I want to get it into the hands of as many people as I possibly can - if I can save you some money, and at the same time get exposure to my business with the wide-spread use of Search Automator, we both win!

Also, I've always seen real long-term value to over delivering to my customers, something I believe this software offer does - without question.

If you order today, In addition to saving you nearly 30% on your purchase of Search Automator, I'm also going to give the following FREE BONUSES:

*** These are all my own original products/bonuses, and are available exclusively with this offer. My #1 goal with everything I do, including these bonues, it to provide only top-quality information/resources. ***

In addition to all of these bonuses, as you'll see next, I've taken the steps necessary to make sure you continue to be satisfied with Search Automator, long after you purchase it today...

FREE Updates & Money-back Guarantee!

Search Automator taps into some of the most powerful search technologies in the world, and those technologies are constantly improving and growing in abilities and functionalities - powerful new search technologies are constantly being launched, and previous technologies enhanced.

This means that with an occasionally few tweaks here and there, Search Automator can begin to incorporate these advances for your benefit, making Search Automator an even more powerful tool than before!

As a customer of Search Automator , you'll be given access to updates, at no extra cost.

Also, here's my unconditional, money back guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee
Take Search Automator for a good test drive.

I'm so sure you'll love it that I'll give you my 100% unconditional, 90-day guarantee!

I mean, if you're not absolutely amazed by Search Automator, and the way it will literally transform your information business, then simply return it for a full refund.

I'll give you all your money back and we'll still be friends.

You've got nothing to lose!

Order Securely Anytime Day Or Night

Within minutes , you can be harnessing the incredible power of Search Automator.

After you place your order, you'll be taken to a download page where you can download your copy of Search Automator so you can begin using and benefiting from it immediately.

Search Automator is Windows compatible software (There currently is not a Mac version - sorry!).

System Requirements Include (most computers fit these requirements):

Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Minimum 500 mhz processor
Minimum of 1024 x 768 screen resolution

Get Search Automator For The Special Introductory Price Of $47.00
Search Automator - Order Now!

PayPal Accepted!

I hope you thoroughly maximize the power of Search Automator in your information business! If you ever have any questions, comments, or feedback, please share them with me by emailing me,

Best Of Success!

Derek Franklin
[email protected]
Simply Brilliant, Inc.
4626 Donington Drive
Bloomington, Indiana 47401

P.S. You can't really appreciate the power of Search Automator without taking it for a 'spin'. If your business revolves around information, I urge you to at least give Search Automator a try. The great thing is , you can without any risk. Just ask for a refund within 90 days if you're not 100% satisfied.

Don't miss out on Search Automator - THE Search And Discovery Powerhouse!

"...adds a level of sophistication and specificity that I've not seen before! "
"Search Automator is an exceptional tool.

I too am an information junkie and Search Automator both extends the range of what can be searched for but adds a level of sophistication and specificity that I haven't seen before.

I am amazed at how powerful Search Automator is. Not only does it provide an easy to use, feature rich interface that allows me to search multiple engines but it also allow me to refine my searches by selecting specific file types from .doc, images, Power Point and more.

Not only will this tool save me valuable time but the quality of the search results is exceptional."

Noel Springer

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