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Should Online Article Authors have a standard sign-off phrase in their writing? Some say yes and others say no. Let me tell you why I believe it can help you, but first let me tell what the experts say. My writing Mentor Dina Giolitto, an expert copywriter and branding consultant said that to me; ?Lance, Your signature article closing line is "Think on it," is a great tagline strategy.?

Now then, let us look as to why finishing one's articles with a tagline is a great strategy. Did you know that one of our most Famous Modern Day Presidents used a tagline after every radio show, as a sign-off, which helped him brand himself with his audiences? Indeed it is true and my tagline; ?think on it? is in fact a take off of Ronald Reagan who always wrote; ?My Name is Ronald Reagan and thank you for listening? in his one-page write ups for his radio show in California and after each radio program he was thanking his audience for listening.

I can remember as a kid I listened to Radio Mystery Theater and they had the same ending each night after scaring their audiences half to death; a door creaking sound and then ?ppplllleasant ddddreams.? The current number one talk radio show called; Coast to Coast Am has 13 million listeners and always signs off; ?Wherever you are; I bid farewell, good luck and goodnight.?

The President of the United States George W. Bush, have you noticed always ends his speeches with ?. . .and God Bless America.? His father Herbert Walker Bush use to sign off all his letters; ?all the best,? which became the title of one of his Biographies, by the way, it is a very good read and you can pick it up at any used bookstore.

After studying this successful phenomena for years, I decided that I needed one for me, I thought and I could not come up with one. It is not easy coming up with something that can work on all articles that an author may write in the future. You will have to work hard to find one for yourself like I did.

So I thought for months and then I said it will come to me, so I said to myself; ?well I will just think on it, until I come up with one.? So, I put it on my list to do. Think of a good sign off for your articles. Everyday nothing good came to me, well I had some other ideas, many of them which were decent but not what I wanted, eventually I just started writing on my list of things to do; ?Think on it!? rather than writing on my list of things to do; ?Think on a good sign off for my articles!?

Think on it took up less space on the list to write. You see, I always carry a clipboard to write my ideas on and take notes where ever I go, lately a digital recorder. Since I could not come up with a salutation, I would write an article and then at the end write, think on it. Which was a note to self; come up with a really good ending.

Eventually I just decided to use the ?Think on it? tagline, because it served two purposes, one it told me to think of a better tagline and two, it made people think of one themselves or rather think of what this article meant to them instead of me. You see? So maybe you need a tagline for yourself, something uniquely yours, but you will have to; ?Think on it!?

Currently Lance is retired at age 40 and is running an Online Think Tank Forum while traveling North America. Perhaps considering something extremely challenging to do that will exercise his mind and utilize all his experiences, observations and skills. Any ideas? http://www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs




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