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Writing articles has many, many benefits. One of the simplest yet most powerful I call "5 Steps from Idea to Prospects and Profits."

Here's how it works:

Step One - Write Your Article

Write your article from your knowledge base and area of expertise. I always suggest writing as if you are talking to just one person. You want to make it useful so readers will benefit, yet incomplete so readers will want more.

Step Two - Submit Your Article to EzineArticles.com and other article directories

As of this writing, September 12, 2005, I've been submitting articles for only 5 months, and the results have been tremendous. It is the fastest and most inexpensive path to increased traffic, prospects, publicity and profits.

Step Three - Your Article is Picked Up and Published on a Website or in an Internet Newsletter

How would you like to create 100's of virtual relationships with people all over the world? This is what happens when your articles are published on websites and in internet newsletters.

Step Four - Prospect Reads Your Article and Clicks Through to Your Site

Just the other night my son asked me why I spent so much time "giving away your articles for nuthin'?" I then showed him the process I am showing you and he got it.

When someone reads your article and likes what you have to say, they are going to want more, and will then visit your site.

Step Five - You Get a Visitor, Prospect, Customer or Client

At the very least you will get another visitor to your website that you can convert into a prospect or customer.

More and more, readers are clicking in to my sites and at the very least become subscribers, and often become customers.

All in five easy steps.

Visit The Article Empire Coach for more leading edge tips and tools for writing articles that bring you prospects, publicity and profits. You can also subscribe to our monthly Article Empire Tips Newsletter. You are also invited to visit my Express-Start Article Writing Program for more information on the next article writing tele-seminar.




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