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A little news about a neat software that I bought recently...

Soon many of the Pop-Ups on Learnhomeusiess.com will give way to Pop-Ins! I recently bought Pop-In Generator and am damn impressed with the performance. It costs USD 67 and it's not at all obtrusive to the visitor. You can take look at it here:

But do not buy FROM there. Repeat, do not buy from there!

After I bought my copy, I had a couple of email exchanges with Anton Cheranev, the author, and the net result is that every Learnhomeusiness.com member can grab it for only $37! That's an instant $30 deep discount.

Do not confuse. Pop-In Generator is NOT the usual unblockable Pop-Ups that you find everywhere including at my site. This is far more advanced and the results can be quite stunning.

It Instantly grabs the attention of the visitor and holds his eyeballs like a magnet! You need to see the live-practical-demo to understand the numerous ways in which your website can profit from it.

In china they say, a picture is 1000 times effective than words. So instead of me trying to explain everything about Pop-In Generator, the best bet for you is to see the Live-Free-Demo yourself!

While at the page, just locate the box 'Check All Pop-In Generator Effects' for the demo.

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This is a good buy. Do not hesitate. Try it!

Courteously --S. Kumar

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