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5 Free Spam Filter Tools That Stops Spam!

These 5 free Spam blockers will reduce the amount of ever growing SPAM in your e-mail box. Everyone has a solution here - Right from the ordinary user to the experienced Webmaster! Use these Spam filter tools to prevent from Spam cluttering your email box

Free Spam Filters For the Average Email User (POP3)

  1. BlueBottle : You can set up an 'Allowed list' and when you receive an email from an address or domain NOT on your ‘Allowed' list, a verification request is sent automatically asking the sender to verify. This is a one time verification and the sender's email address is automatically placed your ‘Allowed' list and the email is delivered to you instantly. The good thing about this service is that genuine people who sends email to you is not subjected confirmation emails like many other services. This is a free web based service the best that we have come across.

  2. 0Spam : 0Spam.com is a free, anti-spam service designed for POP E-mail accounts and now works with Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. There is nothing to download or install, and there is no need to change the way your E-mail accounts are currently setup. The service is completely web based. You can set up unlimited email accounts to prevent Spam. Open your free account here.

  3. SpamPal Any email messages that SpamPal considers to be junk will be "tagged" with a special header; you simply configure  your email client to filter anything with this header into a separate folder and your Spam won't be mixed up with the rest of your email anymore! A great free Spam blocker software. Download it here.

Free Spam blockers For the Website Owner

  1. Enkoder Form 6.0 : One way to protect yourself is to "encode" your address, The Enkoder Form will encrypt your email address and convert it to a JavaScript, hiding it from email harvesting robots which crawl the web for exposed addresses. Simply copy this JavaScript and paste it into your Web page where you want the email to appear. An easy web based Spam Killer solution. Get the Code Here.

  2. Master SpamBot Buster (CGI Script) : Master Spambot Buster stops robots harvesting email addresses from your web pages. But the script does more than that! It completely stops harvesting your email address from: Newsletters, Newsgroup postings, Discussion list postings, Instant messages, Print ads, or any other document. A through free Spam Killer in action. Download it here.

  3. NATATA Anti-Spam Encoder: This program is a free anti Spam software. It searches for email addresses either from all your web pages or a single page and encodes them all in minutes automatically. It's pure HTML encoding and no Java used. You do not have to be technically savvy to use this one. Download it here.

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