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Blogging To The Bank 2.0

I’m pretty cynical in many ways. Especially, when it comes to people making tall claims.

But when I happened to see this guy cranking out $500 almost on a daily basis, my antenna was up! And the convincing proof he showed told a tell-tale story.

500 dollars a day sounded very “realistic” than some of the million dollar "achievers" around here claims. Now, I know that good niche sites, with blogs or not, do make 50 to 300 bucks per day routinely.

So, what Rob Benwell had to say sounded “very doable” and I bought a copy of the "Blogging to the Bank".

Here’s what I found in a nut shell:

  1. Blogging To The Bank is a manual NOT meant for purists. You can describe it as more predatory as it contains techniques that can be termed as very controversial though it gets you results.

  2. It shows simple strategies to use free niche blogs to generate adsense and affiliate commissions.

  3. It shows you to use MSN and Yahoo to build traffic instead of all the confusing Google algorithms.

  4. He warns not to post more than 3 times a day on blogger blogs. Numerous posts a day will be flagged for checking by a human.

  5. He is NOT at all advising to for robo-blogging. His advice is to use REAL content!

  6. ”Pasśonate bloggers" will find so many tips and techniques to monetize the blogs. An e.g. is what blogger templates seem to be favored by search engines.

  7. The existence of a free software that helps you identify possible niches for blogging.

  8. The 3 keyword phrases to improve indexing speed.

  9. WordPress or Blogger? (The answer will surprise you!)

All I can say is, It’s fresh. I for one definitely discovered much more on monetizing blogs by reading this manual than what I have learned so far...

Hope you too will blog your way to the bank.

Personally Verify Blogging To The Bank
Blogging To The Bank

Courteously --S. Kumar







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