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Hi ,

An online video component is such a hot tool that has proven to boost up your profits and conversion up to 317 percent!

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"How can a layman like you and me be expected to come up with such expensive professional videos that will cost hundreds of dollars per production?"

Here is where Ray Douglas's innovative new video service fits in like a glove to achieve a conversion of up to 317 percent for us...

An Jay Douglas is the man behind the video infomercials that see in the sites of top Internet marketers like John Delavera, Mike Filsaime, Russell Brunson, Brad Callen, Matt Callen, Jeff Alderson, Michel Fortin,
Ryan Deiss, Keith Baxter.
.. and others.

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As a smart marketer, if you "think through" the above page, you will find that...

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  2. Each video will have your *protected* Clickbank Affiliate ID automatically embedded in it.

  3. You can upload these videos to your blogs, website and send links in email campaigns. Once the video stops playing, the visitor is automatically directed to your affiliate page for that product. Cool!

  4. You can upload them to video sharing sites for maximum mileage.

  5. You can use these videos as squeeze pages.

The potential is only waiting to be tapped. Just "think through" the page given here, and you will discover the hidden revenue potential:

Clickbank Squeeze Page Videos...

To add icing to the cake, here are two more hidden benefits which I think even Jay is not aware of.

  • The hard research involved to dig out the top 10 performing products from Clickbank for promotion is cleanly eliminated for you. It becomes Jay's head ache. All you have to do is receive them along with the videos embedded with your Affiliate ID and make money.

  • 10 videos every month means -- you have one top CB product with videos every 3 days to promote and profit.

And all this happening easy and nice with no video production cost for you and in the least expensive way.

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Clickbank Squeeze Page Videos


Have a great day!

Courteously -- S. Kumar

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