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BANS: Build A Niche Store  

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Start Building Your Own eBay Affiliate Empire.

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Easy eBay Store Builder



Okay, you already know that eBay is HUGE, selling 60 MILLION products at any given time.

But did you know that eBay has an affiliate program?

And that there is a TURN-KEY, super simple, mind-blowingly EASY way to tap into that affiliate program and earn hundreds or thousands per month, every month?

Frankly, I didn't have a CLUE until I ran across this...

With Build a Niche Stores, you can build UNLIMITED stores that can earn you UNLIMITED income on both new sign-ups to eBay, and on ALL purchases made within 7 days of a person visiting any one of your stores.

For example, if you live in the United States, there are over 28,000 eBay categories, and thus over 28,000 stores you can build.

[Building a store is super simple with Build a Niche Store (BANS) but we'll get into that in a moment.]

With BANS, you choose your category, or target niche, and then BANS will instantly create for you a professional, fully functional, search engine friendly website.

This site will contain all of the products listed for sale on eBay relevant to your chosen market.

Your job is to build the traffic your site gets.

As your targeted traffic increases, your site will generate more and more money for you in THREE different ways...

1. Affiliate Commissions For eBay Purchases

If your customers buy ANYTHING (even items NOT in your store) from eBay within 7 days of visiting your store, you earn between 20% and 75% of the revenue that eBay makes from the sale.

2. Affiliate Commissions For New Active eBay Members

If a new referral of yours registers as an eBay member and either makes a bid or purchases an item within 30 days, you earn a new member bonus of between $25 and $35.

3. Supplementary Advertisements

Not everyone who visits your site will purchase eBay items, but you can still make money from them with Supplementary Advertisements such as Google AdSense, Commission Junction, LinkShare and ClickBank.

And building the BANS sites couldn't be easier.


  • Choose your country...

  • Choose your niche...

  • Customize your site...

  • Market your site...

  • And then repeat the process by building new stores to target
    additional niches.


To see how easy it is, and how professional the sites look, click here...

And if you're thinking something like this should cost a fortune, you're right, it should.

Oddly enough, though, it doesn't.

The price for UNLIMITED stores of your choosing is less than what it would cost to hire a rookie website builder to build a one page website for you!

This is truly amazing.

Be sure and check out the many examples of stores that ordinary people have created using BANS... they're some of the most professional looking sites I've seen in some time.

 ....This Specially Designed Software Will Fire Up your
 Income. Guaranteed !  

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Easy eBay Store Builder


, This is a good buy. Do not hesitate. Experience it first hand!!

Courteously --S. Kumar

P.S.  Imagine if you only built a dozen stores, and each one only made a hundred or so dollars a week.

What would you do with an additional $60K+ per year???

Easy eBay Store Builder






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