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Here Is A New Arrival
, !- Recommended-! 

"How To Triple Your Conversion Rate
In Less Than 30 Minutes...!!"

Personally Verify It Here...
Easy Web Video Software

Hi ...

Suppose you had to triple your conversion rate in exactly 30 minutes, or you would die.

Could you do it??

You could if you had followed one of my earlier messages.

If you missed it, let me recap...

You've no doubt heard of John Reese.

John is known for testing EVERYTHING online.

He took a site that was performing well, SHORTENED the sales letter, and ADDED video.

His sales immediately TRIPLED!

Then he did the same thing to the rest of his sites.

Sales increased every single time.

So, the only question becomes, what is the easiest, fastest way to add video to your sites?

There are several complicated ways to do it that take technical knowledge and expertise, with less than terrific results...

...and ONE way that is fast, easy and foolproof...

Here are a few questions I received on Video 2 Flash, also known as Easy Web Videos...

Q. "How long will it take to add a video to my site?"

A. Start to finish, including shooting your video, should take less than 30 minutes.

Once you've used Easy Web Video one time, you'll be able to add videos to your site in less than five minutes, not including the time it takes you to create the video.

Q. "I just bought a home study course on how to add video to my
websites, and it's really complicated. Is this any easier?"

A. Yes! With Easy Web Videos, you can have your video online in less than five minutes, with NO technical knowledge required!

Q. "I had to shrink a video to get it on my site, and the quality is awful now. Would this help?"

A. Yes! Easy Web Videos transfers your video into Flash format, greatly reducing the file size WITHOUT reducing the quality, and it does it automatically.

Q. "I've placed YouTube videos on my site, and now YouTube has removed those videos. Do I maintain full control of my videos with Easy Web Videos?"

A. Yes! Your video will be on YOUR site, not hosted on another
site that's simply linked to yours. You retain full and complete
control of your videos.

Q. "Does my visitor need Media Player or Quicktime or one of those players to view my videos?"

A. No. Your video will play directly on YOUR website, so your visitor will never leave your page or need a player to view it.

Q. "Can I see actual examples of videos created with Easy Web Videos?"

A. Yes. Go to...

Easy Web Video

...and you'll see several videos there. Also, if you read the many testimonials, you'll see that there are links to other sites that also use Easy Web Videos.

Q. "Are there buttons the viewer can use to pause and restart the videos on my site?"

A. Yes. There are 8 different player styles to choose from. Go to Easy Web Video

...and scroll down to the video of the two children. Underneath them, you'll see the styles.

Q. "Are updates included?"

A. Yes, you get free lifetime upgrades. In fact, the software has already been upgraded FOUR times, with new features added every time. It just gets better and better!

Q. "Can I edit my videos?"

A. Yes! A video editor is being included as one of the bonuses right now.

With it, you can cut out parts of the video, add text, change the audio or add narration.

You can also add sound effects, add still pictures, use cool transition effects, and fade in and fade out.

Q. "Is there a monthly cost to all of this?"

A. No! You simply pay the one-time fee, and you can use the
software forever, on as many videos as you like.

And remember, you get free upgrades for life!

 ...And now there's NO excuse NOT to use it, when it's so brain dead
 simple! Guaranteed!  

Personally Verify It Here...
Easy Web Video Software


This is a good buy. Do not hesitate. Experience it first hand!!

Courteously --S. Kumar

P.S. Did you notice the first bonus?

It's a real life teleprompter, just like the professionals use!

You'll be able to read off your computer screen as the teleprompter rolls, so you never have to take your eyes away from the camera when you're making your next video.

Think how professional you'll look...

...just like a newscaster!


Go here for details...

Easy Web Video Software






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