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While you download-- check out the info below on "how you can drive visitors to your sales page - Forcibly!".


  Here Is An Educated Recommendation
  From Me
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  Screw Guru-style Copywriting, Do This Instead...

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Video Pop-In Genius

Hi ,

First, there was the "mini-site," the online version of the sales letter.

Copywriting wasn't just important on these traditional mini-sites...

...great copywriting was CRUCIAL.

Then came the pop-ups, pop-ins, slide-ins, pop-unders, pop-overs and other website pastry... ;-)

...all meant to grab attention.

I think you know how visitors feel about those things these days...


Then there was audio.

Depending on how high your visitor's speakers were set, unexpected audio could scare the ____ out of him.

Not a good way to start a sales presentation.



How do you grab your visitor's attention in a polite, warm and friendly way that makes him WANT to stay on your site?

How do you instantly build rapport and trust with a complete stranger who's never been to your site before and doesn't know you from Adam?

There is only one way...

Video, of course.

Video Pop-In Genius

But not just any video.

Video that plays automatically, smack dab in the middle of the screen.

Video that is so smart, the moment the scroll bar is used, the video moves to the side, so it's not in the way of the sales copy.

Video that mooooves with the page, so it stays ever present to the side of your sales material, building rapport but not being intrusive or overbearing.

Now that's SMART video, also known as Video Pop-ins...

(Not to be confused with MARY Poppins ;-)

Here are some questions I received on Video Pop-ins...

Q. Does video really boost response?

A. Yes! Studies have shown that video and text can produce 89 percent better results than text alone.

With Video Pop-ins, you DON'T have to be a Super Ad-Copy Guru to be successful on the web.

It's almost like cheating :-)

Q. Can you customize your Video Pop-in?

A. Yes! You can customize the look of it, and even put your HTML and/or subscriber opt-in form above, below or next to the video.

You can also choose the entry and exit directions and speed of the pop-in, the size of the pop-in, the pop-in's location on your page, shadows, border, and more.

Video Pop-In Genius

Q. Is it difficult to use?

A. No. Just choose your video, choose your options, paste the code into your web page(s) and upload the files. Full instructions included.

Q. What if I don't have a video camera?

A. No problem. Included in your Video Pop-in package is Instant Video Suite, which has everything you need to get started... even if you don't have a video camera.

See the bonus section for more info on this and the other BIG bonus that is included.

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Video Pop-In Genius

Courteously --S. Kumar

P.S: One last thing you need to know... order now and the $247 package is only $67. Come back later and it's $97.

And they are NOT kidding about this.

Video Pop-In Genius






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