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While you download-- check out this!

Photoshop For Real People, !  

(20+ Hours of Online Video)

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Here is a bunch of nice training videos on Photoshop that I think you should take a look.

Some of these questions may help you on this new product.

Is it Really Easy to Learn Photoshop?

No it isn't; but it can be very easy to use Photoshop if done correctly. This is Not for Photoshop experts; but other people will think you are a Photoshop expert when they see the amazing images you create.

What Version of Photoshop Does this Focus On?

All versions from Photoshop 7 up to the newest version Photoshop CS3. There are at least 2 hours of training specific to your version of photoshop and as much as 12 hours for each class. Even Photoshop Elements users can enjoy the training because the skills and techniques covered work for it.

I'm pretty bad with computers, will I be able to use these videos?

These videos and the included training are made for newbies to photoshop. The only assumption I have is that you know how to use a mouse.

Do these videos work on my computer?

These videos will work on any computer. They work on PCís and Macís. If you can view this website right now you will have no problem with the videos.

Go! Take a look at Photoshop For Real People!

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Courteously -- S. Kumar







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