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"Sell? I'm not a salesperson! I probably couldn't sell beer to fraternity boys on a Saturday night!"

Doesn't matter, because neither could Madeline.

She worked in customer service all her life. Her job was to listen to complaints, not to sell stuff.

Then she got laid off.

And then she got desperate.

Desperate enough to search for another way to make a living besides driving an hour every morning to a job she hated, working for a company that didn't give a #$%& about her.

The results of her search for a better way of life?

$378,000 per year income.


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Did you know that affiliate marketing is now a major tool used by almost all of the top companies, including...

  • Dell

  • eBay

  • Gateway

  • K-Mart

  • Gap

  • Old Navy

  • Target

  • PetSmart and

  • Walmart?

This isn't Internet marketing hocus pocus or geek speak. This is an ex-customer service rep / mom showing you how you can make money from home by selling what people want.

You do it on your own time, in a different way that she'll teach you, using your computer, the Internet and other people's products to build your online business.

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