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Like to come up with your own video sites with no knowledge about video production...

...and without producing a single video by yourself?

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 Dynamic Video Site Generator

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Easy Web Video Software

Hi ...

Ever since I informed you about Easy Web Video Software...

It's no surprise to me that MANY people are grabbing this indispensable tool, especially after reading how John Reese recently TRIPLED the conversion rate on one of his already high-performing sites by SHORTENING the sales letter and adding video.

But I know of at least one person who STILL is skeptical that simply adding video can have such a dramatic impact on sales...

...so here's PROOF , taken from your own day to day life...

1. Compare the traffic at your local video store versus your library. How many cars come and go in an hour at your video store? 100? 150?

I know my video store is as busy as Walmart.

Now look at the traffic at your library. How many cars come and go in an hour? 20? 30? 50 at the very most?

And your library is FREE, while the video store CHARGES over $4 per rental!

Wouldn't you agree that based on this alone, more people would rather "watch" than "read?"

2. Imagine you walk into a department store, and right in front of you is a table with someone demonstrating a new gadget that can peel an apple in 5 seconds flat.

Next to her table is another table, piled high with competitors apple peelers, but no one is demonstrating any of them.

Now maybe you weren't even in the market for a new apple peeler, but regardless of whether you were or not, which peeler are you most likely to buy...

...the one being demonstrated by the friendly lady?

Or one of the peelers just sitting there on the next table?

Yes, I know, the lady is live and in person.

But when someone visits your website, video is as close to "live and in person" as you can possibly get (short of knocking on their front door yourself.)

And when your product is just "sitting there" on your site, as opposed to being DEMONSTRATED by a real person in a video, well, can you see the difference it makes?

It's huge!

3. Here's another real life example...

You see a magazine ad for the latest kitchen gizmo. How likely are you to buy it?

Yet when you see that same kitchen gizmo demonstrated on an infomercial on TV, what happens?

Suddenly, you WANT the knife that can cut through tin cans. You don't even know WHY you want it, and it doesn't matter.

You just want it, BAD!

By the time you finish that infomercial, you're either dialing the phone, visiting the website, or seriously thinking you're the biggest dope in the world for NOT buying it.

That's the power of video! Infomercials sell BILLIONS of dollars worth of products.

Magazine ads don't.

That's why you almost never see full page magazine ads anymore for stuff you have to send away for or order on a toll free number... they simply don't work well enough to pay for the ad.

4. Here's all the proof you should need...

I know you know who Mike Filsaime is.

But did you know he recently made $100,000 in sales...

...without a sales page??

All he used was a web video.

And he made that $100,000 in ONE week.

Then he promoted his Seven Figure Code using video...

...and made $15 million in sales.

Are you getting the picture?


5. Okay, back to our skeptic who isn't sure that adding video to his sales site will triple his sales.

Frankly, I don't have a clue if it will triple his sales or not.

What I do know is that video sells stuff.


Now, if your product is crap, or your offer is lousy, then frankly no sales technique is going to help very much.

But if you've got a good product at a good price, with a good offer targeted to the right people, I'll eat my hat if adding an interesting and relevant video to your site won't increase your sales.

Maybe you won't sell three times as much.

Maybe you only make one extra sale per day or even per week.

Do the math and see how much money that would be to you.

Then multiply that by the number of products you're promoting now, and the number of products you'll be promoting in the future.

Kind of a no-brainer, don't you think?

And of course, there's an 8 week unconditional money-back

So what are you waiting for?

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Easy Web Video Software


...and see for yourself how easy it is to use Easy Web Videos.

Courteously --S. Kumar

P.S. If you sell a $20 product...

...and you make just ONE extra sale per day...

...that's another $7300 per year...

...with NO extra effort beyond the 20-30 minutes it takes to
shoot the video and add it to your site.

Easy Web Video Software







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