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Free Home Business Course - Part 11



Hi ,

What are the top 10 home business ideas of the millennium?

This week lets analyze this very important topic.

1.Your very own original home business ideas

Original ideas are hard to come by! Nothing can beat it. Most of us use variations of an earlier idea and adapt it to an existing situation for profits and create home business opportunities.

But you may be different and might have an original home business ideas!

Take the case of It was an original idea to sell books online!

Here are some new home business idea generation techniques.

Self knowledge: Just know what you want to do why you want to do it.

Education: What is your education and special knowledge areas? Can you give a twist to them and generate useful ideas.

Past Experience: You are a store house of practical experience and many successful assignments have been carried out by you.

Your own expectation: Your goals, ambition and expectation of how something should be can lead you to many ideas.

Come out with an idea! The rest of the world is waiting for it and the Internet is at a click away.

Make sure that, before you buy those expensive CDs, DVDs, check out "Internet Marketing For Stay At Home Moms + A Guide To Working At Home + 3 Audios" by Clicking Here. You won't regret!

2. Online Advertising

Already 800 million is connected world wide.  Once broadband is also in place many millions more will be wired to the Net. Professionally done, advertising online is done in various ways. Some are given below.

Banners: Its a fact that banners on web pages have become less effective. Surfers no longer click on it as it is a nightmare to be redirected to some other sites from the original one. But still if you have a high traffic site, demographic hits, or can strike deals with high traffic sites you still have a chance.

Email advertising: This is the most effective at the same easiest form of online advertising available. You need to develop an opt-in email list without spamming anyone. You can send e-zines, news letters etc to these groups with an Ad interspersed in between.

Contextual Advertising:  Contextual Advertising is fast, easy and zero investment way for website owners of all types and sizes to display contextually relevant ads on their website's content pages and earn money. The ads are related to what your visitors wants from your site or matches the characteristics and special interests of the visitors you can finally monetize as well as enhance your content pages.

Google Adsense is a case in point here.

To learn more about on line advertising you may join the discussion list at

3.Selling site memberships

This will be the main feature and future of web sites!

Soon you will find that 'the free stuff' business associated with websites beginning to  to disappear! Instead 'site entry' will be based on subscriptions or on payments. 

Fundamentally, too much free is against economic principles and common sense.

Excellent content sites with paid membership for access are becoming popular. Inside the 'members only' page, the site will be loaded with software's, new information's, upgrades, marketing information's, new biz ideas etc.

The site topic can be anything from teaching to deep sea fishing, from Indian culture to parenting.

Check out this e.g. for a good private membership site.

A paid site may just be the right business for you! 

4.Digital Publishing

Mark my words! 

Digital publishing is going to take off in a big way.

Digital publishing is nothing but making information available instantly, generally by downloading from the Internet. Publications can also be distributed digitally through CDs, floppy's and other digital medias.

The biggest draw 'currently' in digital publishing is E-books, News letters, E-zines

E-books: The demand for E-books is continuing to expand! As more and more people are online the demand will only increase. E-books can be compiled easily and uploaded on to your site. Or you can send the E-book to the customer by
email for a price! No printing, No hunting for publishers etc. Another interesting factor is that most of the E-books sold on line are from unknown authors! You can also consider Audio E-books.

News letters and Ezines: Free news letters and ezines can be found all over the Internet. By the way, Ezines are online magazines with pictures, color etc while News letters are text only. A fairly new trend is customers are willing to pay for these if it contains quality, up-to-date information. 

5.Selling software

Make no mistake about it! 

Software will continue to be one of the biggest netters on the Internet. Even if you do not write programs you can sell others programs. Or, find a programmer and get programs written.

Key Note: Something Interesting here! This site tells you how to build a software empire...even if you haven't written a line of code in your life! 


As the computer literacy increases and PCs becomes house hold items Hard ware sales will increase. Any one with a computer needs consumables and this is going to be another huge market. Most of the offices-from small to big-will be computerizes in the next 5 years. So you can safely think of Hardware business.

7.Affiliate programs

Running an affiliate program is one of the easiest internet businesses because of technology. You can either start one or become an affiliate of established companies. 

Affiliate programs are similar to appointing a dealer/becoming one. Some companies give you a web site from which you can sell the assigned products and earn commission.


Computer is no longer associated with only work! 

Folks use computers to play music, games, movies and what not. And here lies tremendous business opportunities. Some are listed below.

Music: The internet is full of tools for musicians and related functions. If you are an artist you can promote your work through the internet. If you are not an artist, you can always promote some one else work. See these resources.

Games: Gaming is still one of the best netters on the Internet. People play trail versions of a particular game, get addicted to it and purchase it. You need not be a programmer. If you have a good idea hire a programmer for a cut of the pie and do it.


Who wouldn't like to travel? Can you think of an idea that can help people plan out a vacation? Or do you live in an area where people will visit if only they knew about it?

Once you are clear, have a website and promote it. Have agents all over the world booking for you.

10.Online investing

Online investors are increasing day by day! If you are a stock broker and can pick up winners you will not have any trouble in getting a steady stream of followers. 

Because of the Internet the average man has access to information about stocks like never before! And he is interested in investing. Make no mistake about it.


See you again in 5 days. Take care ,

Courteously -- S. Kumar

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