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Free Home Business Course- Part 3


Hi ,

Today let's talk about Writing a Business Plan:

By writing down your business plan, you get a firm grip over your own ideas and how to go about conducting your home business. Also, to get your home business started you need money. A good business plan will help you achieve both these ends.

With a proper business plan you do double the work in half the time.

Why should you write a  business plan?

  • To get a clear picture on all aspects of the business.
  • Raises questions that needs to be answered before 
    starting the business.
  • Helps you in securing financial assistance from banks/institutions.
  • To become more realistic on your idea.
  • The business plan will show your fitness level to conduct 
    it. Some times you may even consider abandoning it 
    (I felt so with my first business plan).
  • Once you are up and running the business plan will help 
    you to track whether you are on the right course or not. 
  • It forces you to analyze the competition.
  • It outlays your financial resources and assists in budgeting.
  • An objectively done business plan can finally tell itself whether 'to go' or 'not to go'

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Some online resources for business plans

BizPlanIt: Free advice on business plans, resources. They even have virtual business plan templates to assist you.

Small Business Association: Website offers a detail outline of how a business plan should be. You can download a complete self paced tutorial from here.

Microsoft: The Business Planner Template by Microsoft Excel analyzes business' current financial situation. Also Forecast the future cash flow. Download it now.

Business tool kit: An exhaustive list of resources. Many are useful to US citizens only. But still 90% are useful to anyone starting a home business.

Internet Financial Services: You're ready to get your home business started in every way except one! You need money. Either in the form of a loan or from investors or from govt. But where do you start? Internet Financial Services works with several programs and lenders willing to give people that Second Chance even with Bad Credit. You can apply for Business Loans, Personal Loans, Merchant Cards, Loan Guarantees, Auto Loans, Loans By Mail, Equity Loans, Small Annuity Funding, Credit Cards, Debt Consolidation. Click here to check out.

A business plan says: I've considered this from every angle, and I am ready to get going.

This has been a brief overview if you need more help with your business plan do a quick search on the Internet. There are plenty of real life examples available.

See you again in 5 days ,

Courteously -- S. Kumar

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