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Website Details:

  • A true professional website
  • 130+ graphics
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One of the best parts of the site is that you only have to edit TWO files to change the price and order url for ALL the pages! This helps you to set your site up in a matter of minutes!

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  • Where to get a FREE Money Making magazine!
  • Domain and Hosting Secrets
    • How to host more than one domain on any hosting account!
    • How to create custom error documents even if your host says 'no'!
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    • How you can sell domains without paying transfer fees!
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    • Where to get domain names for as little as $6.95/year!
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  • How you can earn up to 50% back from online purchases!
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  • Where to get premium cigarettes for less than $15/carton with FREE s/h!
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  • Services to Use!
  • Software to Use! Like a FREE office suite that gives Microsoft a run for the money!
  • Much much more!

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