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I am sitting here in India and smiling :-)

Just finished organizing a folder named "Private_Rights" in my computer and this folder contains a set of 22 subfolders -- each with heading such as:

  1. Dog
  2. Aroma
  3. Bird
  4. Dream-Lawn
  5. Header-Graphics
  6. Land-Scape
  7. Learn&Grow
  8. LoseWeight
  9. OnlineDating
  10. PageBrand
  11. Perfume
  1. SoapManufacturing
  2. StarGaze
  3. TennisLessons
  4. Vegetable Gardening
  5. VisibleHealth
  6. Yoga
  7. eBay
  8. ChristianDating
  9. OutdoorWedding
  10. Window Gardener
  11. Craft

Now be with me and listen carefully, each of this 22 folders contains:

  1. Top-quality, Private Label Niche eBooks on that particular subject. Some folders even contain video products that I can sell!

  2. Set of quality Articles on that particular subject for Adsense income.

  3. Readymade Autoresponder messages on the particular subjects to capture email ID's of prospects.

  4. Graphics that enables me to include on these niche site.

  5. And a matching website with pre-written sales copy.

In short; I am sitting on a gold mine of 22 complete niche sites with products, articles, graphics, videos, autoresponder messages and websites!

And they are ready to be added with not much of an effort from me to my existing list of 5 secret niche sites that are already earning me Adsense and Niche Product income!

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