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Free Home Business Course - Part 10


Hi ,

How can you identify home business trends for the future?

The days of unplanned dotcoms have ended but the era of Internet has just begun! Second generation Internet home business guys are wiser and smarter.

And you can be one of them! 

As the Internet connections becomes faster (and cheaper with time) through DSL, Cable, Satellite and other technologies world wide, right e-business hold unimagined potential for all of us.

Huge fortunes will be made in this century through Internet, if you Stay focused on one home business idea and plan it out meticulously.

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What is the secret of arriving at a fool proof internet home business idea that will work?

The answer is- understand long term trends!

Where does small business opportunities starts?

Opportunities start from identifying trends and translating them into home business opportunities. Read quality magazines, watch quality programs on the TV, surf quality sites on the Internet etc. This helps you to recognize changing trends...both in business and culture.

3 examples will make things more clear to you.

Trend#1: Many a husband and wife are working couples now...and the number is increasing day-by-day. Many chores usually done by the traditional wife is no longer attended to. The couples just don't have the time and energy. How can you help these couples out in your locality? Some business opportunities are child care, house cleaning, home delivery of essential commodities, Interior decoration etc.

Trend #2: Many companies are laying off people now to cut costs. This just means more freelance opportunities, commonly called outsourcing. Ask yourself which are the services these companies may be interested to outsource. It could be copywriting, legal services, billing, HRD services, organizing meetings, PR services etc.

Trend#3: Computers have got into everyone's personal and professional life. However, many businesses and individuals lack the in-house capabilities to utilize emerging technologies to the full extend. Step in here. The businesses could be web site developer, desktop publisher, graphic designer, database consultant and a lot more.

Apart from reading- talk to and observe your friends, relatives, colleagues and everyone that you meet to gauge changing trends.

Do not forget to talk to the most important person. You!


See you again in 5 days. Take care ,

Courteously -- S. Kumar

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